God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 547

Tanaka Shiro handed over a photo album and a tablet to Yue Zhong and said: “Yue Zhong-sama, we’re willing to give you a thousand ton of food, 10 beautiful virgins, 1 ton of fuel, 2 off-road vehicles. At the same time, as an expression of goodwill, our Shimazu Clan Leader would like to offer his daughter, Shimazu Mina’s hand in marriage. This are her pictures and videos.”

Yue Zhong flippee the album casually and checked out the tablet, and saw what Shimazu Mina was like.

She was a girl of about 14 to 15, and wore a faded yellow skirt and white cotton top. Although her figure was petite, she had explosive measurements, boasting a C-cup bust, fair skin, and an extraordinary aura. Her looks were graceful and refined, and when she smiled, it was truly charming.

Yue Zhong did not skip a beat and continued: “Add another 200 rifles and 20,000 rounds of ammunition!”

Tanaka Shiro replied: “Sir, I can only promise an additional 10 rifles and 1,000 rounds. However, we can provide 20 more virgins. As long as you agree to the alliance, we can still send more virgins from today onwards.”

In this apocalyptic world, firearms were more important and precious compared to virgins. The Shimazu Clan was willing to hand over virgins rather than firearms to prevent Yue Zhong’s military might from increasing.

Yue Zhong had no intentions of expanding in Japan anyway, and he directed the topic to his true aim: “Alright. I agree to those terms. However, I heard that you guys have a broadcast station. I would like to use it, there shouldn’t be a problem right?”

Tanaka Shiro celebrated silently: “No problem! The details will have to be discussed at Yama county though, so we would like to invite you there. The broadcast station is there.”

Yue Zhong turned to Waichi and Shohei, giving an order: “Alright! Waichi, Shohei, I’ll follow Tanaka Shiro to Yama County. I leave this place to you guys.”


Waichi and Shohei were overjoyed and quickly bowed respectfully.

After making his arrangements, Yue Zhong organized 40 Enhancers of Level 20 and above into 2 groups, handing command of each group to Muto Shin and Ida Kyoko respectively. He brought Shiroyuki and Asami with him on the journey to Yama County.

Although the Shimazu Clan was known to control Yama County, in actual fact, they had conquered a small town nearby as their base. There were over 500,000 zombies gathered within Yama County and the Shimazu Clan had no way of taking care of them.

The town that was the Shimazu’s base of operation was called Sakura Town. It used to hold over 30,000 people, hence it wasn’t a problem for the 10,000-strong Shimazu Clan.

Prior to the apocalypse, Sakura Town was known for its hot springs, which had now turned to a huge giant spring. There were 6m-tall walls constructed around the town, surrounded by long rivers as well. The entire place had become some sort of fortress.

When Yue Zhong and the rest entered the town, they saw many survivors busy constructing defences. Men, women, the old and young alike, they were all hard at work. In order to face against the impending horde, everyone was working hard.

At this time, it was about lunch, and Yue Zhong could see the survivors lining up orderly to get their food.

Out of curiosity, Yue Zhong walked over to take a look, and discovered that the survivors were having porridge and wild leaf.

“The Shimazu Clan’s resources should be thin as well.” Yue Zhong eyed the food and the weak-looking survivors and came to a conclusion.

The problem of food was a large one that all factions had to face since the start of the apocalypse. Yue Zhong had managed to fight battle after battle because the number of survivors he had was less by over a 100 times. With enough resources from prior to the apocalypse, they were able to sustain themselves.

“Let go of me!! Let go of me!!” Just as Yue Zhong was observing the survivors, he heard Shiroyuki’s voice from the side.

Yue Zhong frowned and turned, only to see a few youths with dyed hair and strange clothing surrounding Shiroyuki and Asami. The leader was a blond hair punk with piercings in his ears and nose. He was currently grabbing Shiroyuki’s hands.

Muto Shin looked at the youth and his eyes flashed with a hint of fear, leading his men to face off against the rest of the youths.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with an icy look and he strided over.

Tanaka Shiro looked at the youth and called out to him anxiously: “Arai-kun! Quick let go of the woman! She’s Yue Zhong-sama’s woman!”

The youth was called Arai Fuji, and he was the successor to one of the 3 strong factions with the Shimazu clan, the Arai Clan. He had a good background and was an Evolver to boot. His level was above 45, and was a strong expert in the Shimazu Clan. Due to his strength, he had fearlessly snatched Shiroyuki from Muto Shin’s side.

Arai Fuji roared with laughter as he made to grab Shiroyuki’s breasts. He liked big-breasted women: “Yue Zhong, that China man? China dog?! What an idiot, he dared to come here, he’s practically seeking death! I will kill him later, and take in all his women. Such a beauty, only I have the qualifications to enjoy!! Hahaha!”

Just as his hands were about to land on Shiroyuki’s breasts, a flash of a blade swung by, and his right hand was removed cleanly from his arm, fresh blood splattering.

“Ah!!!” Arai Fuji could not help but screamed out.

“Go to hell! Your women will be mine!” Yue Zhong’s gaze was icy cold as he swung his Black Tooth Blade, and Arai Fuji’s head was immediately chopped off. Fresh blood splattered everywhere, dyeing the ground red.

Yue Zhong then pointed to the dozen of youths who had followed Arai Fuji and barked: “You fuckers, get down on your knees. Serve me, or you can die!”

This was Japan. It was not in China where Yue Zhong was unwilling to kill. However, the moment he acted, nothing could stop him.

Muto Shin immediately translated his words into Japanese.

“Kill him! Avenge Arai-kun!!”

“Everybody, charge together!! Kill him!!”

6 of the youths immediately shouted and charged at Yue Zhong, activating their abilities. They charged at Yue Zhong with a speed of about 6 to 7 times that of Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong’s eyes narrowed, and he brought down the life-taking Black Tooth Blade a few more times, instantly slicing the assaulters in two. Their body parts flopped to the ground in huge showers of blood.

“Demon!! He’s a demon!!”

“Demon!! He’s a demon!! Too scary!!”

“Don’t kill me!! Please!! Please don’t kill me!”

The rest of the youths immediately got down on their knees and pleaded for their lives.

“Take me to the Arai clan!” Yue Zhong pointed at them with the Black Tooth Blade and barked out an order.

“Yes!! Sir!! Please come this way!!”

The youths stood up and began to lead Yue Zhong towards the Arai Clan.

Tanaka Shiro’s face was pale white as he tried to advise Yue Zhong: “Yue Zhong-sama! The Arai family is one of the 3 strongest factions in the Shimazu Clan! Please reconsider, don’t be rash! Let me go and discuss this with the leader. Please maintain your calm and do not antagonize the Arai family any longer!”

Arai Fuji was was a natural Evolver and he was just executed in cold blood by Yue Zhong. This was enough grounds for both parties to have an irreconcilable grudge. When he thought up to this point, Tanaka Shiro felt his head hurt. He had already guessed that Yue Zhong was not to be provoked, but he never expected that Yue Zhong had actually killed the Shimazu people in their own territory.

Yue Zhong’s gaze was extremely icy as he walked over towards the Arai Clan: “Is this the way the Shimazu Clan welcomes its guests? I came here out of goodwill to be your ally, and there’re people already intending to kill me and steal my women. Am I that easy to bully? Tanaka Shiro, save your breath! Today, I’ll wipe out the Arai Clan!”

“Damn it!! How did it come to this, I need to report this to Shimazu-sama!” Tanaka Shiro’s face fell, and he hurried towards the direction of the main Shimazu house.

“It’s this place!!” One of the youths that submitted pointed to a luxurious place and told Yue Zhong.

“Charge in! Kill all those who don’t kneel to surrender!” Yue Zhong shot forward like an arrow and killed the 2 guards with a swing of his Black Tooth Blade before shouting out the vicious order.

“Charge in! Kill all those who don’t kneel to surrender!” Muto Shin followed in with bloodshot eyes. He was extremely clear that he had allowed Shiroyuki to be snatched, which caused Yue Zhong to be extremely unhappy. If he didn’t perform better, his position beside Yue Zhong would definitely plummet.

Yue Zhong charged into the Arai house and immediately felt a sense of danger. He leaped towards the left.

A sniper bullet fired at where Yue Zhong was, if he had been the slightest bit slower, his brain might have been penetrated. Apparently there was a sniper protecting the family. Their position was not simple.

Yue Zhong lifted his head towards the direction of the sniper and shot out a ball of Devil Flame. It instantly incinerated the entire bunker, turning the sniper inside into ash.

“Who are you people, you dare attack the Arai Clan?!” Motoki Shiro, a Level 56 expert came charging into the villa, leading 20 Enhancers of above Level 30. He roared furiously when he saw Muto Shin and the rest massacring the people in the Arai Clan.

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