God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 548

“Kill all of the people!” Yue Zhong’s eyes blazed, and he activated his Shadow Steps. His speed instantly soared, exceeding a Type 2 Lightning. He disappeared and appeared right in front of Motoki Shiro in a flash, slashing at him.

Yue Zhong’s speed had vastly surpassed that of a Type 2 Lightning. Even some weaker Type 3 Mutant Beasts might not be able to contend with him. That single slash of his was as fast as lightning, and Motoki Shiro did not even have time to react nor cast his own ability. His head was separated from his body in a shower of blood.

“Who is this guy?”

“Lord Motoki had been killed in just a second!!”

“Is he a demon?”

Seeing the strongest expert of the Arai Clan taken out in one strike, the soldiers present felt a chill in their hearts, and lost their will to fight in an instant.

Initially, if these 20 Level 30 Enhancers were to give their all, even if they were ultimately disposed of by Yue Zhong, they would still be enough to create some trouble for him. However, in that display of strength, they immediately fell on their knees, without a single shred of their courage or confidence.

“Clan Lord-sama, things are bad!! Yue Zhong is killing his way in! Lord Motoki Shiro has been killed by him in a single move!” One servant ran into a bedroom and reported anxiously to a middle-aged man. This middle-aged man was precisely the patriarch of the Arai Clan, Arai Onikiri.

Arai Onikiri’s face fell as he threw the 12-year-old girl in his embrace onto the floor, shouting: “What?! Motoki Shiro is dead? How is that possible?!”

Motoki Shiro was the top expert of the Arai Clan, and Arai Onikiri just couldn’t believe that he would be killed by someone else.

“He’s dead, you’re next.” Yue Zhong stepped in at this moment, his gaze traveled from Arai Onikiri to the little girl beside him whose body was riddled with bite marks and eyes were devoid of emotions. Yue Zhong’s killing intent intensified.

Arai Onikiri frowned and asked Yue Zhong without his usual overbearing tone: “You must be Yue Zhong! I’m Arai Onikiri of the Arai Clan. This is the first time we’ve met. We have no grudge, why have you suddenly charged in to kill my clan members? This is the Shimazu territory, do you think you’ll get away with this?”

Yue Zhong stepped forward and his blade swung down, causing the head of Arai Onikiri to soar through the air. A hot shower of blood sprayed everywhere, dying the room red.

Yue Zhong looked at the headless corpse and spat coldly: “You talk too much. Today, I’m using your head to establish my position.”

“Don’t kill me! I’ll let you do what you want. Please don’t hit me. Don’t hit me! I’m a dog! I’m a bitch! Rarff! Rarff! Rarff!” The little girl saw Arai Onikiri’s corpse and fear flashed in her eyes. She crawled towards Yue Zhong’s feet like a dog and pleaded while barking.

Arai Onikiri was also a pervert, and loved to torment young girls. It seemed that this young girl was one of his victims.

Yue Zhong eyed the little girl, noticing that her eyes were large and her skin was fair. Her body was frail and small, and her limbs looked like they would break at any moment. Her features were delicate and her bust was already well-developed, looking like a pair of buns. She was a pretty loli.

Yue Zhong looked at the trembling girl and frowned before using Japanese: “Stand up!”

“Hai!” The girl got up shakingly, looking at Yue Zhong with fear.

“Put on some clothes and come with me!” Yue Zhong threw her a set of clothes before turning around to leave the room.

The girl received the clothes and stood silently behind Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong asked: “What’s your name?”

The Japanese loli began to speak: “I’m Ogura Reiya. 12 this year. 5 days ago, my mother and I were captured by Arai Onikiri. After 5 days of training, I was sent today to service Arai Onikiri-sama. I haven’t been here long, and wasn’t humiliated yet by Arai Onikiri-sama, before you appeared, Sir.”

“Where’s your mother?”

Ogura Reiya’s face turned pale and her expression instantly became depressed, as tears welled up in her eyes: “She’s already dead.”

Ogura Reiya’s mother had provoked Arai Onikiri, who had ordered for her to be tortured to death. Little Reiya had seen her mother’s death with her own eyes, that was why she had lost all spirit, and was forced to become like a dog for Arai Onikiri.

As Japan was well known for its AV, there were many positions of ‘instructors’. In fact, these instructors were similar to the ancient China’s mamasan or pimp. It was just that with the modernization of society, such roles were much lesser now.

Yue Zhong took the information in and spoke mildly: “The dead are already dead. The living have to continue living. Move on!”

After all, he had seen his fair share of stories. Reiya’s story was just one of too many.

Reiya wiped her eyes and looked at Yue Zhong, speaking innocently: “Hai! I understand. Today, you saved me. From today on, Ogura Reiya is Sir’s slave and bitch.”

Reiya had experienced the cruel nature of the apocalyptic world. She knew that only by relying on an expert, would one be able to live on. After all, living like a slave of an expert was much better than living like an ordinary survivor.

“Alright!” Yue Zhong could tell what Reiya was thinking but he didn’t reject her. In this world, even if he did not allow her to be by his side, she would rely on others. Those without strength would have to live like that.

After Motoki Shiro and Arai Onikiri had been slaughtered by Yue Zhong, the entire Arai family collapsed. There were many experts and elite soldiers, but the moment Muto Shin raised the decapitated heads of their leaders, the rest of the elites immediately surrendered.

There were a few stubborn ones, so Yue Zhong made short work of them.

Not long after, the Arai Clan settled down. However, there were numerous corpses lying about, and fresh blood dyed every part of this lavish dwelling. Many of the Arai Clan members had been tied up as captives and were kneeling on the ground.

Outside the Arai Clan, an entire armed battalion, together with 36 armored vehicles, 12 tanks and 12 assault helicopters had surrounded the premise.

This was the trump card of the Shimazu Clan. It was a modern army. The Shimazu Clan had managed to bring the town under its control and established itself as a major power because of their equipment. Just their elite battalion alone was enough to deal with many Enhancers.

Prior to the apocalypse, although Japan was not allowed to have aircraft carriers or nuclear weapons, their self defence forces were pretty well equipped.

The troops had surrounded the Arai Clan’s premises, but did not charge in. Instead, they were facing off against Muto Shin’s forces.

Right at this time, Yue Zhong walked out of the villa, and his cold voice rang out: “What’s the meaning of this? You want to start a war with me?”

The moment the soldiers saw Yue Zhong, every one of them felt a chill. They could not help but raise their weapons against him. Their intuition told them that this man was dangerous.

Yue Zhong’s eyes narrowed and he leaped forward, his killing intent billowing towards the sky: “You guys dare to raise your weapons against me! You want to force me right? Good! Let me show you what a massacre is!”

The dozen of elite soldiers closest to him were immediately affected by Yue Zhong’s powerful killing intent, and involuntarily stepped back. Their faces were pale.

Right at this time, Tanaka Shiro came running out full of perspiration as he shouted: “Stop!! Yue Zhong-sama! We don’t mean that! Please, calm down!”

He was extremely clear about Yue Zhong’s terrifying temper. The experts in the Arai Clan were numerous, but had been easily controlled by him the moment he charged in. Even Motoki Shiro had been sliced in one move. Such an expert was sure to have numerous trump cards. Even if in the unlikely scenario that the Shimazu Clan brings him down, they would have to suffer incredible losses as well.

If such a thing were to happen, Tanaka Shiro knew that the Shimazu head would not let him off. As for the deployment of the elite forces, it was to show their might, the Shimazu Clan had no intention of actually attacking Yue Zhong.

“Lower your weapons!” Tanaka Shiro shouted out.

The soldiers immediately lowered their weapons.

“Hmph!” Yue Zhong scoffed coldly, and kept his Black Tooth Blade back on his back. He had no intention of fighting to the death with the Shimazu Clan anyway. After all, if both sides were to really fight, other than Yue Zhong, the rest would definitely die.

Tanaka Shiro walked towards Yue Zhong and spoke respectfully: “Yue Zhong-sama, the Clan Leader would like to see you. Please follow me.”

Seeing for oneself is better than hearing from a hundred others. Tanaka Shiro had finally seen how terrifying Yue Zhong was, and he became even more respectful. The Japanese were a proud race, but they knew when to yield. In the case of World War II, the Japanese had only surrendered after the 2 bombs had devastated a huge part of their nation. They had then become docile. Of course, if America became weak, then it would be a different story.

The Shimazu Clan was located at a deep part of Sakura Town, in a huge but ancient-looking estate. Many of the rich and powerful liked to live in large and spacious but traditional buildings. Of course, in places like Tokyo, where land was scarce, it was harder to have such luxury. However, such building architecture and design would be common in the smaller towns.

Under Tanaka Shiro’s guidance, Yue Zhong and Kyoko walked through a number of corridors and passages before arriving at the centre of the mansion.

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