God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 549

Inside a large hall, an old but fit man of about 56 years old, with a short buzz cut and weaing a kimono sat on a tatami. Beside the old man, there was a beautiful young lady in a kimono kneeling and grinding tea leaves.

The old man looked at Yue Zhong and there was a slight smile: “I’m Shimazu Yuji. Yue Zhong, I’m very pleased to meet you here. Please! Sit!”

“How do you do!” Yue Zhong eyed this leader of the Shimazu Clan and sat down comfortably. He was not used to the Japanese style of kneeling.

“This is for you!” The young beauty served cups of tea to both Yue Zhong and Kyoko.

“Thank you!” Yue Zhong received the cup of tea and placed it one side without drinking it. He might be strong, but he wasn’t entirely impervious to poison. There were all sorts of mutated plants in the apocalypse and he would die if he was poisoned as well.

Shimazu Yuji pointed to the young girl and said: “This is my daughter, Shimazu Mina. Mina, go greet your husband.”

Shimazu Mina came in front of Yue Zhong and bowed elegantly, before speaking in a graceful manner: “Yue Zhong-sama, this Miss is lacking in many areas, I seek your guidance in the future.”

“Good! Get up!” He nodded slightly at Shimazu Mina, before turning to face Shimazu Yuji: “Shimazu Clan Head, is there something important for calling me here?”

Shimazu Mina adjusted her position slightly, kneeling beside Yue Zhong like she was already his wife. Since she had been brought up with certain etiquettes, she was clear on what she had to do.

Shimazu Yuji looked at Yue Zhong and smiled with affection: “You still call me as Shimazu Clan Head? Isn’t ‘Father-in-law’ better?”

Yue Zhong chuckled: “Shimazu Clan Head, I reckon that it’s only right that I call you that after we have gone through with the rites.”

Even if it was a political marriage, getting Yue Zhong to suddenly call a stranger his father-in-law was strange.

Shimazu Fuji looked at Yue Zhong and his smile slowly receded, only to be replaced by a serious look: “That is acceptable. However, even if there was a reason for your actions, wiping out the Arai clan was too much.”

Yue Zhong did not miss a beat and asked: “Well things had happened like that. Shimazu Clan Head, what do you intend to do?”

Shimazu Fuji’s face was full of smiles again as he suggested: “The Arai Clan was an important strength in our Shimazu Clan. The zombies in Yama County would invade soon. Having lost the Arai clan is equivalent to losing a huge part of our strength. Yue Zhong, I hope that you can take your men to help protect this town. If you can promise me this, the past matters will be treated as a misunderstanding!”

Since the Arai Clan was wiped out by Yue Zhong, Shimazu Fuji was naturally filled with anger. However, as the Clan Lord, he could not just allow anger to cloud his judgement. If they could get the assistance of Yue Zhong, then, their battle prowess would increase to a terrifying level. As long as they could deal with this threat, they would be able to expand further in the future.

In the face of such a critical situation, Shimazu Fuji was unwilling to make an enemy out of Yue Zhong whose strength was truly unfathomable.

Yue Zhong’s eyes narrowed and he stated his conditions: “Sure! But, I want all the Chinese survivors in the Shimazu Clan.”

After coming to Japan, although Yue Zhong had recruited Shin and Waichi, they were not trustworthy yet.

Yue Zhong had no means of seeing through the thoughts of a person, but he was extremely clear. The Japanese were only submissive to him because of his strength. If something were to go wrong, then they would definitely betray him at the first moment. This was why he wanted to have the Chinese survivors in the Shimazu Clan.

There was a strange glint in Shimazu Fuji’s eyes, as he spoke: “The Chinese survivors? Sure! I can give them all to you. Mina, go lead him to the Chinese survivors.”

Shimazu Mina stood up and brought a whiff of fragrance as she revealed a beautiful smile to Yue Zhong: “Yes, Otou-sama! Otto-sama, please come with me.”

(Otou = Father. Otto = Husband.)

Yue Zhong returned Shimazu Mina’s smile and followed the beautiful lady out.

The moment they left the room, Shimazu Fuji’s expression sunk, as the wrinkles on his face became more pronounced. His eyes held a dangerous and grim look.

After a while, he regained his composure, and spoke to a shadow in the corner: “Yamada, what do you think?”

From the corner, a person wrapped tightly in black stepped out, only his eyes were visible. A ninja from the legends stepped out and appeared beside Shimazu Fuji. This ninja-like person was the trump card and strongest assasin of the Shimazu Clan, Yamada Ichiuma. His level was above 58, and he was an Agility-based Evolver.

Yamada Ichiuma was the strongest expert of the Shimazu Clan, and he had contributed greatly to them.

He spoke in a cold and harsh tone: “Sir! He’s extremely strong! Furthermore, he was vigilant at all times. If we were to clash, I would only be able to last 5 minutes. If it were an assassination, I only have 30% confidence of succeeding.”

“Only 30? Too little!” Shimazu Fuji frowned. He disliked the fact that there was a foreigner with immense strength running about amok.

Yamada Ichiuma’s evaluation of Yue Zhong was extremely high: “This is also under the assumption that he’s at his least cautious state. Only then there’s a 30% chance. If he were to maintain vigilant, I wouldn’t even be able to get within 20m of him.”

Yamada Ichiuma had assassinated numerous experts. He had killed his fair share of Mutant Beasts and high-level zombies. That was how he was capable of comprehending the pressure Yue Zhong gave him. It was an intuition molded by experiencing countless battles.

Shimazu Fuji waved his hands: “Dismissed!”

“Hai!” Yamada Ichiuma swiftly disappeared into the shadows again.

Shimazu Fuji pressed a button by his side and a beautiful Japanese woman appeared, kneeling by his side.

Shimazu Fuji eyed this beauty and ordered: “Noriko, convey my orders! Tell everybody of the Shimazu Clan to not offend this Yue Zhong. Try to become friends with him.”

This beautiful Japanese lady was called Iwa Noriko, and she was one of the beautiful women kept by Shimazu Fuji after the apocalypse. She was dignified and well versed in customs, and was one of the overseeing members of the Shimazu Clan.

“Hai!” Iwa Noriko bowed respectfully and left.

“Since we can’t afford to make him an enemy, we can only try to be friends!”

After Noriko left, Shimazu Fuji’s sullen voice resounded softly in the room.

Inside a warehouse that was converted into a prison, 30 Japanese were currently keeping guard over the prisoners.

“Crawl faster!! Crawl faster!!”

“Fuck!! Bitch No. 1, you better fucking crawl faster! Otherwise, you can forget about eating!”

Amidst the cruel laughter of the Japanese, 6 women with scars all over their bodies were crawling on the ground, scrambling to reach a white line on the ground.

All around the prison, there were over 200 Chinese survivors with wooden expressions.

This was one of the programmes, Horse Run, that pit the women survivors against one another in a race. The last 2 contestants would usually be fed dirty water and scarce dog food. And the front 4 would be fed normal water and scarce dog food.

As the Japanese laughed, one of the naked women rushed past the finishing line, and fell to the ground. As she gasped for air, she croaked out in Japanese: “Water! Food!”

One of the Japanese kicked out at the woman with a savage glint, before taking off his pants and started to pee on her face: “Stinking bitch!! You can crawl so fast, you cost me to lose a cigarette! Since you want water!! This is for you!! Open up!! Drink it all!!”

The Chinese woman whose looks were considered decent opened her mouth numbly, accepting the revolting pee.

The Japanese man roared out in laughter: “Hahaha! Look! Everybody, this woman actually drinks pee!! The Chinese are truly wretched!! What a bunch of sluts!! They’re just like dogs! No, they’re worse than dogs! Haha!”

The rest of the Japanese laughed out as well. Tormenting the women was their source of entertainment, after all, many would go insane from the apocalypse.

There was a woman amongst the survivors that listened to the laughter around. Her name was Jin Li. She was a Shanghai student who was enamored with the Japanese culture. She always felt that the Japanese were better than the Chinese, and had intended to marry a Japanese. After she graduated, she moved over to Japan in the hopes of living her dreams.

However, the Japanese man that Jin Li was seeing soon swindled her out of her money, selling her to the adult industry. Jin Li had no friends nor family to rely on, and was reduced to a wretched state.

After the apocalypse set in, while the lands were filled with zombies, she relied on selling her body to rely on experts. She managed to survive like that before ending up in the Shimazu Clan as a toy.

5 Japanese went to the cell and took off their clothes before proceeding to rape some of the women.

“Get the hell out!” One of the soldiers walked among the survivors and his eyes suddenly lit up, as he grabbed a young girl of about 11 to 12. The child’s face was full of dirt and grime, her hair messy, and there was even a putrid smell about her.

“Let go of my child!!!” A skinny male survivor screamed out as he shoved the soldier away.

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