God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 550

“Baka!! Go to hell!” The Japanese soldier was enraged and used the butt of his rifle to smash the stomach of the skinny survivor, causing him to kneel down, his body bent over in pain.

(Baka = Idiot)

“Daddy!!” The child who was grabbed immediately shouted shrilly.

“Go to hell!” The Japanese soldier laughed cruelly and stabbed at the male survivor with his rifle, penetrating his abdomen and stabbing at the intestines.

The little child immediately wailed with bloodshot eyes, her voice heart wrenching: “Daddy!! Daddy!! Daddy!! No!!”

The man whose intestines were slashed lifted his head to look at his child, reaching out as though to grab her. He loved his child very much, and wanted to look at her once more before he died.

“Daddy! Daddy!! Daddy!!” The kid cried out as she struggled madly like an injured beast. Her screams were pitiful, and caused one’s heart to clench in sorrow.

The 200 Chinese survivors lowered their heads silently, not bearing to watch the scene. The soldiers were cruel, and if they were to speak up, they would definitely be killed. In this apocalypse, human lives were treated like ants. In Japan, the Chinese led lives that were wretched.

There was a lot of right-wing movement prior to the apocalypse, and there were many anti-Chinese sentiments.

Many wished they could rid their nation of the Chinese. However, as there was still society norms and measures in place, no one could just brazenly indulge in their exclusion nor xenophobic behaviour.

However, after the apocalypse happened, the Chinese in Japan became the lowest life forms. Many of the Japanese were already cruel enough to their own people, needless to say, the fate of the Chinese that they hated.

“Chinese dog, die!” The Japanese soldier watched the struggling little kid and licked his lips somewhat excitedly, before pointing his rifle to the middle-aged Chinese man’s head and pulled the trigger.

Following the loud sound of firing, a bullet hole appeared in between the brows of the man. His eyes lost the light of life, and he crumpled to the floor. His vacant eyes were still staring in the direction of the child.

“Daddy!!!!” The child watched the cruel death of her father and wailed out in a heartbreaking scream, her eyes losing all will, and she stopped struggling as well.

“Hahahaha!!” The Japanese soldier immediately threw the rifle in his hand to one side and reached to tear the clothes of the kid.

Just as his hands were about to come in contact with the child, there was a gunshot, and the right hand of the Japanese soldier was immediately blasted.

“Ah!!! Ah!!” The soldier screamed at the sight of his missing right hand and the immense agony.

Right as the gunshot fired, the rest of the Japanese soldiers who were raping the other women immediately became alarmed, and turned their head to the source of the gunshot.

At the entrance, Yue Zhong walked in with a frosty expression.

Yue Zhong looked at the soldiers who were pointing at him with their rifles, his eyes blazing with a strong killing intent: “Put down your weapons, or die!”

Shimazu Mina walked out from behind Yue Zhong and swiftly barked out in Japanese: “I’m the Shimazu Clan’s princess, Shimazu Mina. I order you all to put down your weapon. This person here is my fiance, and your future leader. Pointing your weapon at him is a huge crime!”

Although she looked demure and harmless, in truth, she was an extremely capable person.

If she wasn’t a girl, Shimazu Fuji would definitely have passed the reins of the family to her. She could feel that the rage of Yue Zhong would cost the lives of all the Japanese soldiers here.

Under her orders, the Japanese soldiers hesitated a while before lowering their weapons. They did not dare refute the orders of the princess of the clan.

“Baka!!! Go to hell!!” The soldier who was injured by Yue Zhong charged at him in his blind rage.

Yue Zhong raised his right hand to grab onto the face of the Japanese soldier and threw him down like a broken rag doll. He then stepped on the back of the soldier, exerting a mountain-like pressure.

He looked at the scrawny kid, and asked coldly: “Rascal! Do you want to avenge your father?”

The little kid understood vengeance, and the originally soulless eyes of hers stirred, as she immediately knelt in front of Yue Zhong and shouted in Chinese: “I want!! I want revenge!! I want revenge!! Uncle!! Please help me!!”

Yue Zhong handed a .54 to her and said: “As long as you swear fealty, this gun is yours! Take it and fire at this scum here, your wish will be fulfilled.”

The kid received the gun and immediately pointed it at the Japanese soldier.

“Baka!! What do you think you’re doing?!” The rest of the soldiers shouted out in alarm and raised their guns, not willing to see their comrade being killed.

Yue Zhong swiftly raised his hand and fired consecutively, as a few rounds found their target in the soldiers’ heads.

A number of the Japanese soldiers immediately fell down dead, bullet holes in their heads.

Shimazu Mina witnessed dozens of the soldiers dying at Yue Zhong’s hands and her face fell, immediately kneeling in front of Yue Zhong and pleaded: “Stop!! Otto-sama, please calm down!! Please calm down!!”

Every death signified a decrease in the Shimazu Clan’s strength. Furthermore, Shimazu Mina did not want to see any more conflict between this terrifying Chinese man and her subordinates.

Yue Zhong’s action of killing those Japanese soldiers in a split second shocked the rest of the soldiers, as they eyed him with renewed fear and horror, not daring to make any movements.

Seeing them all recoil in shock, Yue Zhong stopped, and his gaze landed on the kid.

“Beast! Die!” The kid screamed at the Japanese soldier with rage and squeezed the trigger while gritting her teeth.

Following the gunshot, a bullet hole appeared in the head of the Japanese soldier.

The kid was also injured by the recoil of the gun, falling down on the floor. However, she gripped it tightly and stubbornly, her eyes filled with a savage bloodlust.

At the next instant, the kid turned pale and vomited. After throwing up a bout of her stomach acid, she crumpled to the floor, her body flushing red.

“Fever?” Yue Zhong shot forwards and felt her forehead, feeling a burning temperature.

Yue Zhong carried the smelly and dirty child, handing her to Kyoko: “Kyoko! Go take this rascal back to clean her up, then arrange for her to rest. Give her some medicine.”

“Yes!” Kyoko hugged the child and left.

After settling the issue of the kid, Yue Zhong turned to face the other 200 survivors in the prison.

There were about 50 men and the rest, women and children. In this apocalypse, as foreigners, men were more likely to be killed, and as long as women were not too ugly, they would be caught as tools to be used.

Yue Zhong eyed them with a complicated gaze, saying: “I’m Yue Zhong, from China. If you’re willing to swear loyalty to me, follow me. As long as you’re loyal, I will feed you and give you your dignity. You will live your lives with pride. Those who are willing, stand on my left. Those who aren’t, you can stay where you are, or stand to my right. I’m giving you 20 seconds! 20…”

Hearing his words, the 200 survivors glanced at the Japanese soldiers with fear, not daring to move immediately. They feared that it was a trap, that they would fall into the tiger’s mouth upon leaving the wolf’s den.

Yue Zhong saw this and his heart sank. He never imagined for them to be so weak-willed. He had come to rescue them, and these bastards were still hesitating.

When he reached 5, one man gritted his teeth and hurried stood by Yue Zhong’s left. The man’s action stirred the rest, as a number stood up and immediately went over.

After his countdown, Yue Zhong threw the rest of the survivors who stayed, including Jin Li, with a complex but grim look. There were 60 of them who stayed or stood on his right.

“Let’s go!” Yue Zhong eyed them coldly, before turning around to leave.

Shimazu Mina walked by his side and pointed to those who stayed, asking: “What do we do with them?”

“Deal with them how you like. They have nothing to do with me.” His eyes flashed with a cold and ruthless look. Since they were willing to stay on as slaves and dogs, he didn’t want to force them otherwise.

Jin Li looked at those who were leaving and her shrill voice rang out: “Don’t trust him! That Chinese is lying to you! Only the Japanese are good people!! The Japanese are better than the Chinese!!”

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