God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 551

The Japanese were better than the Chinese. This thought had long since become the only truth to Jin Li. If this belief crumbled, she wouldn’t have sold her body initially to work in Japan. All her actions leading up to her marriage with the Japanese would also have been meaningless. Even if she became just a piece of meat to be toyed with, she would hang on to that motto. Furthermore, she hoped that the Japanese soldiers would treat her better if she stood up for them. At the very least, they might give her clean water and bread.

“Baka!! Shut up!! Stupid bitch!! Damn piece of meat, who allowed you to speak!!” One Japanese soldier immediately lashed out viciously, smacking Jin Li in her mouth. He was afraid that her words might anger that killing devil and hurried to shut her up.

Jin Li rolled on the ground, a few of her teeth knocked out. After being treated mercilessly, her belief and support was decimated and crumbled instantly. She finally lost her mind and turned into a maniac, muttering: “Japanese… superior, I want to marry… a Japanese…”

“Save me!! Yue Zhong!! I’m willing to follow you!!”

“I’m willing to swear loyalty! Save me!!”

Those who were hesitating previously looked at Jin Li and her wretched state, and a chill came over their hearts. They hurried to plead with Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong looked at them, his eyes indifferent as he left a statement: “I only give one chance. Since you guys didn’t cherish it, don’t blame me.”

“Let’s go!”

Yue Zhong turned around and together with Shimazu Mina, they led the survivors out. The survivors followed closely for fear of being abandoned. In Japan, they had only this guy in front of them left.

“Haha! Get down, raise your asses!!” The moment Yue Zhong and the rest left, the remaining Japanese soldiers immediately went straight to torturing the survivors that were left behind. They wanted to vent their frustration, fear and anger of the deaths of their comrades on these damn Chinese people. Only by doing so would they feel like they have regained some form of control of their lives.

Shimazu Mina was efficient and quickly arranged for accommodations for Yue Zhong as well as the other survivors. She even got people to send water and bread to the survivors.

As the survivors bit into their food and drank their water, every single one of them shed tears. It was just simple bread and water, but to them, it was the greatest meal they’ve ever had. After all, they had been at the mercy of the Japanese soldiers in the prison, and were even forced to consume urine, and expired dog food.

Yue Zhong asked the first man who joined him: “What’s your name? Your occupation before the apocalypse?”

The guy was an average-looking male, with a knowledgeable look and scholarly aura. He heard Yue Zhong’s question and immediately replied: “Sir, I’m called Yuan Tian Gang! I used to be a senior engineer in the field of optoelectronics.”

(Optoelectronics: Branch of technology concerned with the combined use of electronics and light.)

“A senior engineer in optoelectronics?” Yue Zhong’s eyebrows arched slightly. This was a rare talent, if he had this man on board his research team in Gui Ning, the development of the laser gun technology would likely be propelled.

Yue Zhong continued: “Amongst the rest of them, are there any men like you?”

Yuan Tian Gang pondered a moment before shaking his head: “Not that I know of! There should only be me.”

Yue Zhong then spoke: “En! I will assign someone to train you guys in combat. From now on. Whatever you all were in the past, work hard towards becoming a soldier. Go tell the rest, let them make their mental preparations.”

Yuan Tian Gang replied with respect, feeling a chill in his heart: “Yes!”

Yuan Tian Gang was extremely clear that in this current society, scientists could not compare to farmers. To a weak faction, a scientist was not as useful as a soldier.

After hesitating a while, Yuan Tian Gang approached Yue Zhong: “Sir, there’s something else!”


He was somewhat uncomfortable as he continued: “Among us that were captured into the Shimazu Clan, there’s an expert in the field of kinetics, and an expert in the study of composite armor. They were both taken by the Shimazu Clan. I’m not sure if this news will be of use to you.”

“Kinetics! Composite Armor! Did the Shimazu obtain some technological blueprint?” Yue Zhong came to a conjecture when he heard those words.

Yue Zhong chuckled lightly and handed a vial of Evolving Liquid to Yuan Tian Gang: “Good!! This news was vital to me. I appreciate the loyalty, and I will definitely not disappoint those who are loyal. This is an Evolving Liquid. After consumption, you will become a powerful Evolver.”

“Many thanks Sir! I will definitely serve you with my life!” Yuan Tian Gang knew that Yue Zhong didn’t need to resort to any tricks to kill him. Upon receiving the liquid, he saluted Yue Zhong, before dumping the contents into his mouth.

The moment the liquid entered his body, he also fell into a feverish state.

“Kyoko!! This is an Evolving Liquid. Drink it and you’ll become an Evolver.” Yue Zhong beckoned for Kyoko and handed her a vial as well.

Ida Kyoko received it and held it firmly, bowing once more to Yue Zhong and said: “Thank you for your gift, Master!”

In this apocalypse, immense strength was everything. Kyoko knew the value and preciousness of the Evolving Liquid in her hands. If she brought this out to sell, it would be enough to exchange for an entire city. Evolvers were after all, a different tier from Enhancers.

After gifting Kyoko with the Evolving Liquid, Yue Zhong also gave 2 others to Shiroyuki and Asami, allowing them to transform.

Yue Zhong lacked powerful subordinates now, and there were only 500 vials on his hand. However, in one night, he had 5 more Evolvers at hand. Their loyalty was the only big question now.

Yue Zhong was unwilling to squander the precious liquid on the Japanese men. This was because he found it hard to trust them.

Inside a room in the Arai Clan, there were 2 pretty maids in kimonos waiting to serve.

The moment Yue Zhong stepped into the room, he saw a number of beautiful lolis of ages 9 to 15 kneeling and speaking in unison: “Welcome home, Master!”

(There were a few other terms of address like Brother, Uncle, Daddy, Big Brother)

These lolis were all kept by Arai Onikiri as play toys. There were all beautiful, and amongst them there were 2 of his biological daughters. They had become Yue Zhong’s spoils of war as well.

Ogura Reiya wore a white shirt and yellow skirt, and a pair of white and pink shoes as she ran up to Yue Zhong and kneeled: “Master! You’re back! Welcome home!”

Yue Zhong eyed those lolis, his brows arching: “Dismiss them!”

Ogura smiled sweetly at him, before turning around and ordered the rest in a wooden expression: “Yes! All of you, dismissed!”

Under her orders, the rest trudged out somewhat unwillingly. Although they were young, they knew the cruelty of the current world. Without someone strong to rely on, their fates were likely unbearable.

Yue Zhong walked over to the bed and saw a short-haired girl with beautiful features and fair skin lying on the bed.

Yue Zhong frowned: “She’s a girl?”

Ogura came up and replied: “Yes! She’s a little girl.”

The girl struggled a while before she opened her eyes, disoriented. She then looked at Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong’s sensitive perception could tell that the girl was different. His gaze narrowed and he asked: “I’m Yue Zhong. What’s your name? Have you evolved? What’s the skill you’ve obtained?”

“My name is Feng Yu Bing. I’ve evolved, and am a Spirit-based Evolver. My skill is Ice Manipulation!” Feng Yu Bing looked at this man who helped her exact revenge over her father’s murder and stretched out her hands to exhibit her ability.

Yue Zhong looked at Feng Yu Bing with an excited look: “Good! Yu Bing, from now on, you’re my subordinate. I will train you up to become a proper soldier. You must know that in this world, those without strength would be trampled on. Only by obtaining strength, would you be able to protect the ones you love and the things you treasure.”

Feng Yu Bing was a natural Evolver, and her natural ability was stronger than those used the Evolving Liquid. After all, natural Evolvers were favoured by the heavens, and as long as they undergo proper training, they would become elite soldiers.

Feng Yu Bing looked at Yue Zhong and nodded her head silently. Her life was saved by this man, and her vengeance was made possible by him as well. She had no other wish in this life except to repay this man.

Together with Feng Yu Bing, Yuan Tian Gang, Kyoko, Shiroyuki, Asami also became Evolvers. They manifested abilities alongside their evolution. Yuan Tian Gang became a Spirit-based Evolver, and his skill was Mechanical Manipulation Specialization, allowing him control over any machines. Kyoko was an Agility-based Evolver, with a Second Order Agility Solidification. Shiroyuki and Asami were both Agility-based Evolvers as well, both of them awakening the ordinary High Speed Movement ability.

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