God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 552

Inside a government office in Gui Ning City, Wei Ning Guo summoned all the important members to announce some news.

Hearing the news, everyone heaved a sigh of relief. Yue Zhong was still their leader, and the only one they could place their trust and hopes on. If he were to die, then all that he had built up would instantly crumble. When they heard that we was alive and well, all those with some ambitions quickly killed off their insidious thoughts.

Yao Yao had an anxious expression as she asked: “How is Sis Qing Wu?”

To Yao Yao, Yue Zhong was important, but Ji Qing Wu held a higher position in her heart. In order to save her, Ji Qing Wu had nearly sacrificed her own life.

“According to Leader’s report, Ji Qing Wu had suffered life-threatening injuries, and is currently recuperating by his side. In order to recover, she would need another 4 months’ time.” Wei Ning Guo was after all a good soul, and due to his loyalty to Yue Zhong, he did not dare offend his women. Although Yao Yao was young, she was beautiful and a natural Evolver to boot. She was also one of the earliest comrades of Yue Zhong, and was already the vice-captain of the 1st Elite Battalion of Long Hai City. He could not afford to brush her off.

The apocalypse had shattered all forms of norms of the past society, as long as one had the wisdom and strength, even a kid could become a leader or a high-ranking officer.

Yao Yao looked at Wei Ning Guo and immediately said: “I want to go to Yama County. Wei Ning Guo, I want a Thunder Fighter to go there.”

Yao Yao’s strength caused her to be more direct when handling matters, and she seldom beat around the bush. Even if Wei Ning Guo was the highest authority in Gui Ning, she was as blunt as ever.

Wei Ning Guo immediately agreed to her request: “Sure! I’ll arrange for 4 of the Thunder Fighters to accompany you to Japan.”

Yue Zhong had obtained the 12 Thunder Fighters from the Kingdom of God, but he lacked the necessary manpower to drive them all. In the entire Guang Xi Region, there was only maybe 4 decent pilots. They were all Enhancers with the Vehicle Driving Specialization skill. These was why they could operate the mechanical beasts.

Hu Yi looked towards Wei Ning Guo expectantly and asked: “What instructions did Boss have for us?”

After the huge expenditure of ammunition, they had stopped all forms of fightings. There were only small scale assaults on the surrounding zombie groups around. This caused Hu Yi, Zhang Xue Wang and Zheng Ming He as the commanders of their respective battalions to be bored. Only through fighting would military men show their might. They hoped for a huge fight to raise their merits.

Wei Ning Guo replied softly: “Leader told us to rest for one more month. After the ammunition is replenished, we will focus our attention northeast, to clear a way between Long Hai City in the Hunan Region and Gui Ning City. Specific tactics to be decided by the army.”

Although Guang Xi still faced the threat of over a million zombies, Yue Zhong’s aim was to clear the northeast region. The moment they established the connection, Yue Zhong’s faction would leap in strength, making using of the connecting rails and combining into a complete base.

Now, the Hunan and Guang Xi regions were still separated. By connecting them, the research and talents could be shared.


Not long after the meeting concluded, 4 Thunder Fighters lifted off from the underground city, and in a flash of light, flew towards the direction of Japan.

Within the 4 Thunder Fighters, there were 100 Enhancers, each of them at least Level 40. At the same time, there were 20 Evolvers among them as well. They were all elite and loyal soldiers that Yue Zhong had trained specially.

This was a terrifying strength. With the 4 Thunder Fighters and the 100 fully-equipped Enhancers could raze an entire faction of 10,000 people to the ground.

Yue Zhong had made use of the broadcast station to establish a radio communications back home and finally heaved a sigh of relief. He did not, however, squander his time on enjoying himself with the women. Instead, he got to work training the Chinese soldiers as well as the new Evolvers by his side.

Early the next morning, inside the accommodations, an alarm blared out incessantly.

The moment the alarm sounded, a number of men and women rushed out from their rooms neatly within 20 seconds. Each of them carried large bags, and swiftly gathered at the parade square.

Ida Kyoko, Sakura Shiroyuki, Amano Asami, Yuan Tian Gang, Muto Shin, Ogura Reiya and Feng Yu Bing stood amongst the soldiers and looked at Yue Zhong quietly.

Yue Zhong stared at everyone present and ordered loudly: “Carry your equipment! Let’s move out!”

After that, he hoisted a 100kg bag onto his bag and started to run out.

The rest hoisted their bags and followed quickly.

This was the morning run of 10km in the wild. If it was before the apocalypse, not many would be able to withstand such a intense workout. However, because of the threat of death, everyone managed to tap into their potential and forced themselves to the limit.

Furthermore, most importantly, after training everyday, he would allow them all to consume Type 3 Mutant Beast Meat, strengthening their bodies.

After 15 days of rigorous training, every single one of the survivors had been pushed to the brink of death and back, yet their physique had swiftly soared, reaching levels that exceeded even special forces of before the apocalypse. This was possible only because of the intense training and the miraculous Type 3 Mutant Beast meat.

Ogura Reiya was different from the other lolis. She could withstand the tough training. She did not detest the training unlike other women, and instead, volunteered to take part. She knew that with just her strength alone, it was not enough to control her own destiny. Furthermore, Yue Zhong had given her the chance.

Shiroyuki and Asami could not compare to Reiya. They were after all trained to be more feminine and to serve, if it wasn’t for the fact that they had become Evolvers, and Yue Zhong’s forceful request, they would not want to be part of the hellish training.

After the morning run, Yue Zhong would then lead the Chinese to hunt zombies. Yuan Tian Gang, Muto Shin, Feng Yu Bing, Ida Kyoko were appointed as captains and they used weapons to weaken the zombies, allowing the other Chinese survivors to become Enhancers.

Yue Zhong had a number of equipment that he obtained from the corpses of the Takama-ga-hara soldiers from the Liger hunt, and handed them to his men.

Under such training and enhancement, the entire group of about 100 survivors rose to become Enhancers of above Level 15.

Amongst them, Kyoko, Yuan Yian Gang, Shiroyuki, Feng Yu Bing, Asami and Reiya all become Level 30.

These 6 could level up faster was because Yue Zhong found a territory of a 100 Type 2 evolved zombies, allowing them to train against them. That was why they could level up so quickly.

Only with resources, and the carry of an expert, a faction could easily make use of any group of high-level zombies to groom an Enhancer of above Level 30.

Training these people to be Level 30 was easy for Yue Zhong. However, the Level 40, 50 and even 60 mark were extremely difficult. After all, the higher one went, the more difficult it was to level. This was why Takama-ga-hara could only deploy a group of Level 30 Enhancers as a hunting team.

Inside a small town, Kyoko led a number of soldiers in killing zombies. Yue Zhong was waiting quietly outside. The Type 3 zombies inside had been annihilated by him, and the ordinary zombies were simply not a match for the 5 Evolvers and their elite soldiers.

One soldier suddenly ran up to Yue Zhong: “Leader, there’s movement from the zombie horde!”

“What, the zombie horde is moving?!” Yue Zhong’s expression turned when he heard it, and he ordered: “Convey my orders, everyone is to return and prepare to retreat.”

“Yes!” The soldier quickly rushed off.

At this time, propeller and motor sounds rang in the distance, as a number of Thunder Fighters rushed by overhead in the skies.

“Those are Thunder Fighters! There’re 12 of them, these must be an assault team of the Kingdom of God!!” Yue Zhong saw the aircrafts and his face fell.

He already knew that Yao Yao was on her way with 4 Thunder Fighters, yet the sudden appearance of 12 could only mean the Kingdom of God.

Looking at the direction they were flying towards, he came to a conjecture: “That’s the direction of Yama County, the Shimazu Clan!”

“Convey my orders! Everyone is to gather at Point 1. Without my orders, no one is to actively go out to fight!” Yue Zhong left this line of instructions and he sprinted by himself towards the direction of the 12 Thunder Fighters.

Yue Zhong had trained Kyoko and the rest up in order to gain a unit he could trust and use. However, with his strength, they were still not a match for him. Against the Kingdom of God, they were not going to be much help either. A single elite troop could wipe them out.

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