God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 72

Chapter 72: Firearms Control

[TL: No, you aren’t crazy, there is no chapter 71. It does not exist. I don’t know why.]

“Congratulations, you advanced to level 17. You’ve received 2 attribute points. Please distribute.”

After those two level 17 bulls collapsed, two balls of light left the bulls and entered into Yue Zhong’s body. In the ocean of his mind he thought of the sweet sounding level up noise.

“One point agility! One point Strength!” Yue Zhong quickly chose.

In the world of martial arts, only the fast do not break. If speed quickly reaches the extreme, it is extremely scary. If Yue Zhong didn’t use the Shadow Step skill just now, suddenly increasing his agility, he couldn’t have easily taken care of the two level 17 mutated bulls.

[TL: I’m switching to mutated instead of variant for the beast names]

Dropping those two mutated bulls, Yue Zhong walked over to their side. He saw the two long and extremely sharp horns on huge bull corpse. His heart fluttered. He walked across and started using his sword to cut off the bull horn.

The mutated bull’s skin was extremely tough and pliable. He broke it open with extreme difficulty using the Imitation Tang Sword. After digging for a moment, Yue Zhong finally freed the horns of the two mutated bulls.

They weren’t the same as normal bull horns. These mutated bull horns were close to a meter long and tapered, similar to rifle with a bayonet in shape and size.

Yue Zhong grabbed a bull horn and stabbed into the bull skin. It was extremely easy to poke a hole compared to using the Imitation Tang Sword.

“Mutated bull horn! Weapons manufacturing material. Requires job Weapons Manufacturer to be able to manufacture into a weapon for the God and Devil system.

“What does this mean?”

Yue Zhong’s brows slightly wrinkled. He grabbed a horn and took several steps towards the remaining zombies. Casually stabbing, the bull horn pierced through a zombie’s head as if poking through tofu.

After the zombie was killed by the bull horn Yue Zhong carried, there wasn’t any item drops or light that flew out.

“Looks like if you don’t use the God and Devil Systems weapons or skills to kill monsters, then you can get any stronger from the God and Devil system.” A trace of clear comprehension appeared in Yue Zhong’s mind.

Yue Zhong placed the four mutated bull horns into his backpack, without a Weapons Manufacturer job, these mutated bull horns were merely sharper than normal ordinary weapons.

Without the mutated beasts interference, the remaining dozens of zombies were quickly destroyed by White Bones and Ji Qingwu working together.

Yue Zhong also started to clear out the battlefield. Among the hundred plus zombies, only the few special type evolved zombies dropped six white treasure boxes. The remaining zombies only dropped a few life coins.

Yue Zhong gathered a skill book and two hundred life coins from the two level 17 mutated bulls.

“Level 2 skill book: Firearms Control. Skill description: This skill is passive. After learning the skill, You at the very minimum will attain firearms skill comparable to a rigorously trained soldier. If you are already extremely skilled at handling firearms, after studying the skill, it is able to make your weapons control increase to a new height.”

Looking at the Firearms control skill book, Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed a hint of glow. Without saying another word he used the skill book: “What a good skill! This skill is exactly what I needed.”

When Yue Zhong was originally picking his job, a part of him wanted to pick Soldier for the gun control skill. Later after see the Dark Knight was a better fit for him, he chose that. Unexpectedly this type of skill book appeared before him, he definitely had to learn it.

In Yue Zhong’s sea of his consciousness a black radiance flashed, condensing into a gun type rune.

When the rune was forming, a feeling Firearms Control rushed into Yue Zhong’s body. He playfully grabbed his type 79 sub-machine gun like he had already held this type of sub-machine gun for several years. At any time he could break it down and reassemble it.

Seeing the outside had become tranquil, Da Gouzi and Chen Yao walked out from the house together.

Seeing all the zombie remains on the ground, Da Gouzi felt like throwing up. This wasn’t the first time he had seen a sight of so many beheaded zombies.

Chen Yao didn’t have a big reaction. She had followed Yue Zhong and seen an even larger amount of corpses before. Chen Yao had already seen the sight of a ground filled with zombies several times.

Yue Zhong looked at Da Gouzi, he said: “Da Gouzi! Follow me to transport the goods. In this village, I’ll let you have one fifth of whatever goods you put on the truck .”

Da Gouzi’s eyes flashed with an incomparable liveliness. His loud voice full of pleasantness responded: “Yes! Big brother Yue!!”

Originally Da Gouzi joined hoping to get a reward of three steamed buns. Now Yue Zhong let him have one fifth of the goods he transported, bringing into play his zeal. Da Gouzi wished he could pull out his heart and give it to Yue Zhong to show loyalty.

Yue Zhong took White Bones and carefully inspected each house. This village already produced extremely strong mutated monsters like the mutated bull and the mutated cat.

Moshan Village suffered a situation of severe infection, the village was occupied by advanced zombies and mutated beasts. Because no survivors were left, the goods were extremely abundant.

Bag after bag of rice, jerky, sausage, potatoes, beverages, everything you could imagine. Yue Zhong also found a solar energy powered notebook in a small luxurious villa.

After the Dong Feng truck was packed completely full, Yue Zhong’s party left Mashan Village.


“They Returned”

Yue Zhong’s party drove the truck back to Always Bright Village. The Always Bright Village immediately surged forth, practically all the people of the village came and circled around.

“How awesome! It’s completely full!”

“So many goods, where did they get it all from?”

The eyes of always bright village’s survivors all stared at the Dong Feng truck, full of admiration and envy. The surrounding gunmen’s eyes all quickly turned red seeing the truck’s goods

Right now goods were extremely scarce, a steamed bun was enough to buy a woman for the night. What kind of idea that truck represented, the gunmen under Tiger’s control wanted to take that trucks goods. With good luck they would only loose a few brothers to get the supplies. With bad luck, leaving empty handed was nothing new. Merely four people left with Yue Zhong, one everyone knew as the worthless Da Gouzi, yet they were still were able to get so many supplies. The strength of Yue Zhong’s group could be imagined.

The Dong Feng truck drove to the public square.

After leaving the truck, Yue Zhong said to Da Gouzi: “According to the agreement, grab the goods belonging to you!”

Da Gouzi with a satisfied happy expression and bowing said: “Thank You big brother Yue! Thank You brother Yue!” Deftly climbing the Dong Feng truck he started to transport the supplies belonging to him.

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