God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 553

Yue Zhong activated his Shadow Steps and his speed reached the limit, exceeding the speed of a Type 2 Lightning, even surpassing the Thunder Fighters in the sky.

The Thunder Fighter was a large aircraft, its speed reaching 550 km/hour. However, it had not exceeded the sound barrier, while Yue Zhong’s speed had reached 700 km/hour.

Of course, Yue Zhong could not maintain that speed for long, after all, he was a biological lifeform, at most it was for 10 minutes. However, he managed to chase up to the Thunder Fighters.

One was significantly larger than the rest by two times, loaded with plenty of weapons. Its interior was spacious, as though it was a fortress in the sky. There was a layer of lavish Turkish rugs on the floor, as a blond man with handsome looks stood quietly sipping a glass of wine.

There were 2 beautiful and voluptuous Japanese women kneeling by his side, helping to massage his legs.

This charming male took another sip before he turned to a bespectacled middle aged man and asked: “Ashman! Does the old man from the Shimazu Clan truly possess the Sky Fortress Power System and Outer Hull? They don’t even have a Level 60 Evolver, how could they kill a Type 3 Beast to obtain such a treasure?”

Ashman pushed his glasses up and replied mildly: “Divine Envoy, sir, other than strength in this world, there’s luck. Shimazu Fuji was just lucky. The Power System diagram exploded out when he expended a large number of experts to kill a Type 3 Mutant BEast. As for the Outer Hull, he had obtained it by exchanging with 10 beautiful virgins with some Evolver! To ordinary Evolvers, those diagrams are worthless.”

This handsome blond man was one of the Divine Envoys of the Kingdom of God, a Level 62 Spirit Evolver, the Envoy of Ice, Julius.

A powerful-looking, beautiful woman with golden hair and an incredibly sexy figure in a silver combat suit appeared, as she spoke slowly: “Julius, the Shimazu Clan are just ants, they don’t deserve 2 Envoys to move. I’ll be enough to get them to hand the diagrams over obediently.”

Julius looked at this woman, Suzanne, contemptuously: “Suzanne! Shimazu Fuji is not an idiot. Even if you were to parade your huge ass like a dog for him to fuck, he won’t be so stupid as to hand it to you. However, if you were to crawl over here and let me do you, I can give you the chance.”

Suzanne was a mixed blood of Aryan and gypsy descent. She wasn’t a pure blood Aryan, and although she held a position as one of the Divine Envoys, she was the lowest rank. Her position and all the resources she received were the lowest. She was also looked down upon by the rest.

Gypsy women had the connotations of being prostitutes for a period of time in the western world. After the apocalypse had happened, due to the prevalent belief of race and superiority, the Kingdom of God was led by mainly Aryan people. Mixed blood people like Suzanne were often ostracized or looked down on.

(TN: I have no idea about Gypsy women being prostitutes. Doesn’t say anywhere on the web. So it could be have been misinterpreted in some form to the author. In fact, the proper term for the gypsy are the Romani people.)

Of course, not everyone was a nationalistic Aryan. Otherwise, Suzanne would definitely not have the chance to rise to an Envoy-status, and would only be treated as a lower caste member of society.

When Suzanne heard Julius’ words, she stared at him with a venomous hatred, and her hands flipped, causing 2 Desert Eagles to appear: “Julius, are you hoping to anger me to the point that I shove these Desert Eagles up your worthless ass and turn it into a pile of minced meat? Before I slice that useless thing you call a dick and shove it into your mouth?”

Julius flung the wine glass in his hands to one side and stared back at her with a vile gaze and spat out his words: “Suzanne, you bitch. Don’t think that just because you got into the beds of those stinky old farts and you can prance in front of me. If you want your 4 limbs to be hacked off and become a sex toy for slaves, you can try pissing me off.”

When Suzanne heard that, a hint of shock flashed in her eyes, and she gritted her teeth, not replying. Julius was after all a pure blood Aryan, and had plenty of Envoys backing him up. Even if she was one of the Envoys, as long as Julius set his mind to it, she would definitely be tortured till death. Her looks and figure would definitely be more than a treat to those stinky and lowly slaves. While those Elders of the Kingdom of God who had enjoyed her body would definitely not step out to go against Julius.

Ashman then spoke: “Envoys, please maintain your calm and control. Please work together to complete this mission. We cannot fail, otherwise, we will all suffer the consequences.”

Julius snorted coldly: “Hmph! Bunch of ants, not worthy of any attention!”

Soon, 12 assault helicopters flew out from the Shimazu Clan to meet the 12 Thunder Fighters in the air. At the same time, the self-defence force of the Shimazu Clan hurried to fire their anti-air missiles towards the threat in the air.

The time came for the Thunder Fighters to showcase their prowess. They sent out a few missiles to intercept those from the assault helicopters. Fireworks bloomed in the skies, with resounding explosions, but not a single round managed to hit the Thunder Fighters.

On the ground, a number of large anti-air rounds shot towards the Thunder Fights, but ricocheted off the exterior of those mighty mechanical beasts.

The 12 Thunder Fighters then fired their own retaliatory rounds, hitting every single one of the self-defence assault helicopters, causing them to explode in huge balls of flames.

The Japanese assault helicopters fell towards the ground, charred black, before exploding further when they crashed into the ground.

The moment the 12 assault helicopters were destroyed, the Thunder Fighters had not even moved from their positions, with only 5 of them suffering small holes in their hulls from the attacks of the troops on the ground.

After destroying the assault helicopters of the self defence force, the Thunder Fighters then fired a number of rockets at the various air defense systems, resulting in multiple explosions.

In that fearsome aerial attack, a number of anti-air cars and missile launchers were all turned into scraps of metal. A number of tanks and armored vehicles were also not spared from that volley of fire from the Thunder Fighters. Death rained down from the skies, causing them all to burst into flames.

The Shimazu Clan was instantly plunged into chaos, as many of the people scrambled around frantically. The Thunder Fighters remained in the air, while collecting the lives of the people like a death god, firing their cannons from time to time.

As Yue Zhong hid in the forest, he looked at the destruction and death brought by the Thunder Fighters and his heart was filled with shock: “What a terrifying weapon. This is the true strength of the Thunder Fighters! The Kingdom of God is truly a terrifying organization!!”

Yue Zhong had snatched some Thunder Fighters from the Kingdom of God as well, and he knew the terrifying capabilities of these technologically advanced equipment. However, seeing it up close reminded him of the power that the Kingdom of God truly held.

With just 12 Thunder Fights, the Kingdom of God was totally suppressing the Shimazu Clan and its self-defence force, just like how the USA had kept Iraq in dire straits by using more advanced weapons.

Yue Zhong eyed the Thunder Fighters and thought silently: “The Kingdom of God wouldn’t just act randomly. The Shimazu Clan must have something they need. Is it me, or blueprints of advanced technology?”

He had killed a number of people from the Kingdom of God, including one of their Envoys. He had already been deemed an enemy of theirs, and it was likely that they had discovered his trace in Japan, and thus sent forces.

He activated his Stealth ability and quietly observed.

Under the fearsome might of the Thunder Fighters, Yama County finally could not withstand it anymore, and raised a huge white flag.

Ashman accepted a phone call, before speaking mildly to Julius: “It’s done!”

Julius laughed contemptuously: “These lowlife Japanese monkeys are truly useless. Here I thought they could last longer!”

Of the 12 Thunder Fighters that came, 5 descended.

A number of Adjudicators in silver uniform as well as Judges with golden lions and sword medals on their uniforms walked out from the 4 Thunder Fighters. They escorted Julius towards the Shimazu Clan.

As for Suzanne, she stayed where she was, guarding the Thunder Fighters.

The moment Julius saw Shimazu Fuji, he spoke threateningly: “You must be Shimazu Fuji! I’m Julius, one of the Divine Envoys of the Kingdom of God. Hand over the 2 diagrams of the Sky Fortress within your possession. Add on 20 beautiful virgins, and swear to join the Kingdom of God. You can then live. Otherwise, everyone in your Shimazu Clan will perish.”

“Kazuhiko, it was you?!” Shimazu Fuji saw a man beside Julius and his expression turned crestfallen. That man was called Yokota Kazuhiko, and he was the trusted aide of Shimazu Fuji. He would never have expected his right-hand man to betray him.

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