God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 554

Yokota Kazuhiko’s complex gaze landed on Shimazu Fuji, before he spoke slowly: “Clan Lord-sama, the Chinese has a saying; The smart beasts would choose a good tree to perch. The future of this world lies in the hands of the mighty Kingdom of God. Only by believing in the one true God, there would be a chance to enter Heaven, and not Hell. I just want to enter Heaven after I die.”

When the world had transformed, every single person on earth had heard the notification of the one that called himself God, and many who had chosen not to believe, were forced to accept otherwise.

Under such an environment, the might of a religious power could shake the hearts of people. With the Heaven Sect previously, as well as the Kingdom of God, such factions had the draw of faith.

Of course, compared to the Kingdom of God, the Heaven Sect was just a pile of mud. Be it the size of their faction, their influence, and the effort in their people, there was no comparison at all.

Yokota Kazuhiko spoke up: “Clan Lord-sama, it’s impossible for you to resist the Divine Envoys of the Kingdom of God. If you continue to resist, Princess Mina, Young Lord Shinsei, Princess Yuika and Young Lord Chouji would be affected by your decision. Your life and death doesn’t allow you to retain those diagrams.”

When Shimazu Fuji heard those words, his face turned ashen, and his entire demeanor seemed as though he aged 20 years. He sighed helplessly and said: “I got it! I will give you the diagrams!”

Shimazu Fuji came to a small room, and tore open a tatami mat, revealing a safe requiring a fingerprint lock and password to unlock. He entered some numbers, pressed his finger, and the safe opened to reveal 2 blueprints.

“This should be fine, no? Divine Envoy?” Shimazu Fuji had expended a huge amount of resources to lay his hands on those diagrams. He was clear, regardless of personal strength, or military might, he had no mean to contend with Julius and his troops. His Shimazu Clan would only face annihilation.

In this apocalypse, the weak had to maintain their the attitude of the weak.

Julius received those and an enormous amount of information flooded his brain. He smiled with satisfaction: “Not bad! These are the diagrams!”

Shimazu Fuji continued respectfully: “The 20 beautiful virgins will be arranged to be sent to you. Please wait patiently Divine Envoy.”

Shimazu Fuji had over 20,000 survivors under him. However, it was truly hard to find virgins, even if there were a few. As a form of enticement, he had kept a number of virgins to be traded or gifted. Finding 20 wasn’t too much of a problem for him.

“There’s no need!! You can go die now!” At this point, Yokota Kazuhiko’s eyes flashed with a murderous gaze and he pulled out the Japanese katana by his waist and slashed downwards, slicing Shimazu Fuji in two.

Shimazu Fuji had been sliced in two. There was still a look of disbelief on his face, not expecting that blow from someone he had trusted.

Julius frowned: “You should have waited until he had given me those virgins.”

Yokota Kazuhiko turned and bowed at a 45 degree: “Divine Envoy, I can promise you 30 virgins. Furthermore, the 2 princesses are absolute beauties. They’re the princesses of the Shimazu Clan, and definitely higher in quality.”

“Then I’ll leave it to you!” Julius spoke arrogantly, before turning and walking away.

To Julius, it didn’t matter it was Shimazu Fuji or Yokota Kazuhiko, as long as his demans were met, he would be satisfied. Compared to Shimazu Fuji who he wasn’t as familiar with, he trusted Yokota Kazuhiko more.

When Julius stepped out of the villa, he suddenly felt a sense of extreme danger. A incredible killing intent billowed towards him. His heart was filled with shock, and he activated his ability at the first instant he could.

Unfortunately, the speed of the blade that came slashing down was as swift as a meteor, all Julius saw was that beam of light, when his head was instantly separated from his body. There was a look of disbelief on his face.

The assassin was naturally Yue Zhong, after disposing of Julius, he swiftly retrieved the 2 blueprints from the corpse, which were the parts of the Sky Fortress.

Julius was strong, there was no doubt about that. If it were a frontal assault, Yue Zhong would definitely take some time to kill him, as well as expend a huge amount of Spirit and Stamina. However, facing a sneak attack from Yue Zhong, it was a different story. Because Julius was a Spirit and Strength dual-attribute Evolver, while he was strong, his defence against assassination attempts were weak.

The moment Yokoto Kazuhito witnessed Julius’ unfortunate fate, his face fell, and he quickly tried to escape.

Yokoto Kazuhito had just ran out the door when a cold light flashed out from a corner, and his head was likewise separated from his body, rolling onto the floor.

Yue Zhong saw Yamada Ichiuma stepping out suddenly from the corner, and he instantly went on full alert, emitting a strong killing intent: “Who are you?”

Yamada Ichiuma’s strength was not a joke, and it was obvious that he specialized in assassination. To Yue Zhong, if such a person was an enemy, it would be a nightmare to his subordinates. Other than himself, not a single person by his side could withstand a single hit.

Yamada Ichiuma bowed before retreating into the darkness: “Yue Zhong-sama, I’m not your enemy. I’m the guardian of the Shimazu Clan, Yamada Ichiuma. Since the Clan Lord had died, I will continue to protect the next Shimazu leader.”

Yue Zhong frowned slightly: “The guardian of the Shimazu Clan? It might be troublesome.”

“Otou-sama! Otou-sama!” Shimazu Mina and the rest of the Shimazu children came rushing in, together with some of the essential members that had not yet fled. When they saw the 2 halves of Shimazu Fuji, they could not help but wail in sorrow.

The Shimazu Clan was a large clan prior to the apocalypse. Even after the apocalypse had happened, they made use of their prestige and strength to rescue a large number of people.

“It was you! You killed my father, didn’t you?!” The 22-year-old, ordinary-looking Shimazu Chouji screamed at Yue Zhong with a crazed look and bloodshot eyes: “Yue Zhong, you want to snatch all that our Shimazu Clan has, isn’t it?! Let me tell you, you can forget about it! All that the Shimazu Clan has belongs to it forever! You will definitely not take it away!”

Yue Zhong shot him a cold glare, and pulled out his Black Tooth Blade, intending to slash at him: “What a fool! Since you think that it’s the case, let me clear the Shimazu Clan then. The first to die shall be you!”

When he was glared at by Yue Zhong, Shimazu Chouji immediately felt fear. His legs gave way, and he crumpled to the floor.

“Yue Zhong-sama! Please be appeased!” A gust of wind blew by, and Yamada Ichiuma appeared again, kneeling in front of Yue Zhong: “Chouji-sama, the one who killed Lord Clan Head was Yokota Kazuhito, not Yue Zhong-sama. That traitor had already thrown his weight in with the Kingdom of God, and betrayed the Shimazu Clan.”

Yamada Ichiuma knew the disparity of strength between the both of them, if Yue Zhong really set his heart on wiping them out, then the Shimazu Clan would truly cease to exist.

Shimazu Mina kneeled and also pleaded: “Otto-sama, please be appeased. Chouji-niichan was momentarily confused in his anger. He didn’t mean what he said.”

“Watch your stinky mouth!” Yue Zhong kept his weapon, and stared coldly at Shimazu Chouji.

The Shimazu Clan was the overlord of the Yama County. If Yue Zhong were to wipe them out, then the entire Yama County would be plunged into chaos. In a short period of time, it would be hard to gather strength to resist the Kingdom of God.

Yue Zhong shot the people present a glance and said: “I’m announcing for Shimazu Mina to be the leader from now on, does anyone have any objections?”

Everyone present immediately exchanged glances while keeping quiet. They weren’t willing to give up the claims to the Shimazu Clan, but in view of Yue Zhong on one side, and the Kingdom of God on the other, they could only keep their silence.”

Shimazu Mina was slightly alarmed as she tried to decline: “Otto-sama, it’s impossible for me!”

Although Shimazu Mina was capable, she had not been groomed to take over the reins. She was just a tool to be used as a bargaining chip in Shimazu Fuji’s plans. Hearing Yue Zhong’s sudden announcement, she was at a loss.

Yamada Ichiuma immediately kneeled in front of Shimazu Mina and spoke seriously: “Princess Mina! I, Yamada Ichiuma, am willing to serve you! Please take over the reins of the Shimazu Clan!”

The Yamada family had been serving the Shimazu Clan for generations. He wasn’t going to be loyal to Yue Zhong, and in order for the Shimazu Clan to flourish, handing the reins to Shimazu Mina was the best choice. After all, she was one of Yue Zhong’s women, and he could rely on that bond to get Yue Zhong’s help.

Yue Zhong patted Shimazu Mina’s shoulder and encouraged: “Mina, you can do it! Now, your first task is to get people to suppress the chaos in Sakura Town. The rest, I’ll handle for you.”

“Hai!” Shimazu Mina replied gently, and her eyes lit up, before she proceeded to give a flurry of orders.

Yue Zhong walked out, there were still 7 Thunder Fighters in the air, and 5 on the ground. He had to take care of these terrifying metal beasts. Otherwise, Sakura Town was really incapable of facing against such might.

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