God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 556

The blast radius of the cluster bomb was extremely wide, even someone as strong as Yue Zhong had no means of escaping from it quickly. He had instantly activated his Shield of Light.

Amidst the explosions of the cluster bomb, the shield was only able to hold up for about 2 seconds before disintegrating. The moment it shattered, Yue Zhong had sent out another 2 Devil Flame Spears towards 2 other Thunder Fighters in the skies. His attacks pierced through the pilots’ cockpit and immediately killed the pilots.

When the pilots of the 2 Thunder Fighters were killed, the metal killing machines also wobbled before crashing towards the ground.

After the shield crumbled, Yue Zhong activated another Shield of Light, forcefully withstanding the explosions of the lethal cluster bombs. He made use of the chance when he was protected to quickly conjured yet another 2 Devil Flame Spears, sending them shooting straight for 2 other Thunder Fighters. As the pilots were incinerated to death, the Thunder Fighters began to descend.

Having destroyed 4 Thunder Fighters in 5 seconds with 4 Devil Flame Spears, as well as the activation of the Shield of Light twice, Yue Zhong was nearly expended of all his Strength.

The pilot of the remaining Thunder Fighter saw his comrades shot down, and he finally felt a sense of fear and danger. He tried to manoeuvre the Thunder Fighter around in a bid to escape.

“Get the hell down!” Yue Zhong conjured one final Devil Flame Spear and threw it out with all his strength, as the Spear shot towards the rotating blades like a shooting star, melting them.

As the blades melted and started to deform, the Thunder Helicopter lost its stability, and began to plunge towards the ground.

Yue Zhong watched the last Thunder Fighter fall to the ground, and let out a long sigh of relief. The pressure emitted by the Thunder Fighters was truly suffocating. Fortunately it had been a small team of 12 of them. If it were a fleet of 36 of them, then even someone as strong as him would be decimated in a second.

Yue Zhong’s might was steadily climbing. Even handguns and rifles posed no threat to him now. However, rockets, cannons, guided missiles or any other heavy artillery for that matter could still threaten him.

Seeing the Thunder Fighters crash down one by one, the survivors in Sakura Town also began to cheer in delight.

Those machines were like death reapers, with their powerful firearms. Under their attacks, the entire Sakura Town almost went into chaos, and various structures were in varying degrees of damage and destruction.

Over 2,000 survivors had died at the assault of those Thunder Fighters, mainly because of the might of the cluster bombs.

Even after the Thunder Fighters fleet had been brought down, Sakura Town was still burning, and the Japanese survivors were naturally enraged and hated those weapons of destruction.

Shimazu Mina demonstrated her capability and charm, swiftly organizing a team of Enhancers under the Shimazu Clan to quickly suppress the chaos and the soldiers from the Kingdom of God that had parachuted down.

One by one, the Adjudicators and Judges were either captured or killed.

At the same time, another elite troops entered Sakura Town to persecute those survivors that had tried to make use of the chaos to commit atrocities as well. These rioters were quickly killed.

As the situation came under control, this time, 4 Thunder Fighters appeared in the distance.

The warriors of the Shimazu Clan saw the Thunder Fighters and their faces fell. There were some people who even directly threw down their weapons and prepared to run.

The hearts of the people that had just settled down were quickly riled up again, as a number of survivors tried to run out of Sakura Town. The Thunder Fighters were death reapers, and 4 were enough to wipe out the town entirely. Although there were a few experts who were capable of destroying the metal behemoths, the ordinary survivors were still afraid.

Yue Zhong watched the approaching 4 Thunder Fighters and his expression turned ugly. The 2 Shield of Lights on his body had been expended, and he only had the Bronze Spiritual Bell left. In order to destroy those 4 Thunder Fighters, he would be in extreme danger.

“Wait, 4? Could it be Yao Yao and the rest?” Yue Zhong eyed those Thunder Fighters and swiftly made his way to the wall around Sakura Town and stood at a prominent spot. With the Bronze Spiritual Bell as his final protection treasure, he didn’t mind risking it to confirm the identity of those 4 Thunder Fighters.

A strong gust of wind blew past, as a green eagle with a wingspan of over 80m like something out of the legends flew out. With a single flap, it reached the city walls with a speed that broke the sound barrier.

This massive green eagle was precisely Greenie, under the supplements of those nuclei, it had already evolved to its Type 3 stage, reaching Level 80.

The moment Greenie reached the city wall, it used its head to rub against Yue Zhong affectionately. As Yue Zhong’s first tamed beast, it had grown from its hatchling stage to a Type 3 Mutant Beast, therefore, it felt a lot closer to Yue Zhong than the rest of his tamed Mutant Beasts.

“Where’s Sis Qing Wu?” The moment Yao Yao leaped down from Greenie’s back, she stepped forwards to question Yue Zhong.

“She’s heavily injured, and is currently recuperating here.” Yue Zhong pointed to the Biological Armor on his back, replying Yao Yao, before asking a question of his own: “What took you guys so long?”

Yue Zhong knew that they had set off from Guang Xi about 14 days ago, yet they had only reached now, which was unexpected.

“Let’s not talk about that! We met a whole bunch of aerial Mutant Beasts along the way. In order to route around them, we wasted so much time. Give me Sis Qing Wu, I’ll protect her.” Yao Yao just brushed off Yue Zhong’s question and stared fixedly on the Biological Armor on Yue Zhong’s back.

Truthfully, the journey in the air over the seas had been a lot more difficult than what Yao Yao described. The team had come across a few waves of aerial Mutant Beasts, and were assaulted by them. If it weren’t for the powerful defences of the Thunder Fighters, as well as Greenie protecting them as one of the tyrants in the skies, the team would have been wiped out.

Furthermore, the maximum distance that the Thunder Fighter could travel at one time was 2,000km. In order to reach Japan, they had to unload much of their equipment, instead filling the space with fuel. If they were attacked along the way, they could have exploded from the sheer amount of fuel. It was truly dangerous.

Yue Zhong hesitated a while, before handing the Biological Armor on his back over to Yao Yao.

The 4 Thunder Fighters came to a stop, and a number of experts above Level 40 stepped out. They were led by Bai Xiao Sheng.

When the armed militants saw the elite soldiers of the Special Forces stepping out from the Thunder Fighters, their eyes flashed with awe. Every single soldier of the Special Forces were decked in the Raven Combat Uniform, and wore high-level Mutant Beast hide. They carried sniper rifles, assault rifles, hand grenades, and Tang Replica Swords hung at their waists. They were truly armed to the teeth. They emitted incredible killing intent, which was cultivated from their countless battles.

Bai Xiao Sheng came up to Yue Zhong with a grin on his face as he saluted: “Boss Yue! Bai Xiao Sheng, reporting for duty!”

After saluting Yue Zhong, he reverted to his thick-skinned nature: “Boss, I heard that these Japanese beauties are really submissive. Give me a few!! Haha!”

“Are you sure you can handle so many?” Yue Zhong eyed him and replied dryly.

Bai Xiao Sheng was not known for anything but his love for beautiful women. Following Yue Zhong, he had experienced countless combat, and his only requests had always been women, and only beautiful ones at that. Furthermore, he was a high-ranking subordinate of Yue Zhong, and had obtained many women, thus forming a huge harem.

When Bai Xiao Sheng heard that, he also sighed: “True, it’s troublesome to have too many women! My resources are always wiped out quickly.”

Bai Xiao Sheng had over 100 women in his harem, and the upkeep was truly staggering. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was a high-ranker under Yue Zhong, he could not keep up with their resources. Even then, it was quite a responsibility to be in charge of a hundred women.

Bai Xiao Sheng hesitated and with a pained expression, he spoke out: “Alright! This time, I’ll just want 5 Japanese beauties. I can’t handle any more already.”

“Then it will depend on your performance.” Yue Zhong didn’t continue this line of small talk, as he resumed to business: “When you guys arrived, was the horde moving towards here?”

Bai Xiao Sheng’s expression also turned serious: “That’s right! Boss, when we came, the sea of zombies was currently making its way here. In another 4 hours, they would reach here. I reckon that we should replenish our food and fuel, and quickly get out of here. With the defences here, it won’t be enough to hold off the onslaught of the zombies.”

Sakura Town had just come out of an assault by the Kingdom of God. There were burning debris everywhere, and various fortifications and constructed defences had been destroyed. Over 2,000 survivors had also perished under the assault by the Kingdom of God, and another 3,000 had tried to escape the town.

Although there were about 15,000 survivors left in town, the true soldiers that could fight numbered only about 1,000 or so. These soldiers included the 100-over Chinese survivors as well as reinforcements from Bai Xiao Sheng’s forces.

A team of a thousand against a few hundred thousand zombies, without any fortifications or preparations and defences. It was basically impossible without sufficient firepower.

The most important thing was that, Yue Zhong has no reason to fight to the death. This was Japan and not China. Even if the place was overrun, he just had to bring his Chinese survivors away and leave.

Yue Zhong found Shimazu Mina and said: “The zombies of Yama County are currently moving here. Sakura Town is a lost cause. Follow me, Mina, come with me to China.”

Shimazu Mina immediately kneeled down and begged: “Otto-sama, I cannot just abandon the rest and come with you. These are the people who placed their trust and lives in the hands of our Shimazu Clan. If I were to go, half the survivors in Sakura Town would die. Please, please save them. I know that you’re a man of miracles, you’ll definitely have ways to save them.”

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