God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 558

“Yokosuka base?” Yue Zhong was stirred when he heard those words.

The Yokosuka base was located 50 kilometers southwest of Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture, and it was the largest base of the US Navy in the Western Pacific, and the only aircraft carrier maintenance base. Over there, there were countless warships docked, and prior to the apocalypse, there was even a carrier fleet stationed there.

Other than the American fleet, the Japanese self-defence force had also stationed a large fleet there as well. If Yue Zhong were to get his hands on those, his military might would instantly soar.

The Yokosuka base was the only place for maintenance of aircrafts after all. There were countless advanced tools, machinery and equipment. It was practically a treasure trove.

Yue Zhong stared at Shimazu Mina and his eyes twinkled: “Yokosuka Base is very near Tokyo, and there are over 30 million zombies there right now. How do you propose to head over there? The Kanagawa Prefecture alone would have at least 9 million zombies as well. What do you suggest?”

The Yokosuka base was truly a huge treasure vault left in this apocalyptic world. Almost all the Japanese factions knew about the allure of such a place, but no one dared to covet it.

This was because it was in a prefecture with high human traffic! There were at least 3,000 people per square kilometer. With over 9 million zombies there, regardless of the size of faction, it was a horde that no one dared to face.

Shimazu Mina’s eyes shone with a strange light as she explained: “The Kanagawa Prefecture might have over 9 million zombies, but the Yokosuka base would only have about 10 thousand people at most. Once the Sky Fortress is finished, we can make use of it to fly over!”

Initially, Shimazu Fuji had spent much of his resources to procure the 2 diagrams, precisely because he wanted to be able to travel through the skies, and obtain that naval base.

If he had been successful and swallow all the ammunition and machinery, as long as Takama-ga-hara did not mind him, he would have become a huge overlord in Japan as well.

Shimazu Mina looked to Yue Zhong and explained her request: “However, there’s a slight problem. The Yokosuka Base might have anti-air defences. We need to send people to conduct reconnaissance. Otherwise, if the Sky Fortress were to meet hostile fire the moment we reach, it would be dangerous for us. Otto-sama, I hope that you can deploy some experts over there to find out what’s there first. We have to determine if there are any remnant US troops.”

It was of vital important that they made sure of the current situation over at Yokosuka Base. Otherwise, if the Sky Fortress were to be bombarded by anti-air missiles, Yue Zhong would lose his Sky Fortress.

This precious item had been manufactured at the cost of countless resources. If it were destroyed, the Shimazu Clan had no means of manufacturing another one.

Shimazu Mina continued: “Among my subordinates, there’s one who managed to escape from the Shizuoka Prefecture. He knows of a small road that leads through the prefecture. The mission is important, but the risks are there. I hope Otto-sama would consider sending his strongest elite soldier to accomplish this task.”

They could not rely on the Thunder Fighters to just barge in, because even if the Thunder Fighters were terrifying, if they were bombarded by anti-air missiles, they would likewise be destroyed. After all, the weapons of the strongest army on earth were vastly superior to the goods of the Shimazu Clan.

Yue Zhong thought for a while and nodded: “I got it! I will personally head over there to check things out.”

When Shimazu Mina heard that, her face instantly turned to one of horror: “No!! That’s too dangerous!! Otto-sama, it’s too dangerous!! Please rethink your decision!!”

There were over 3 million zombies in the Shizuoka Prefecture, and over 9 million zombies in the Kanagawa Prefecture. Along the way, who knew how many more towns and zombies were lying in wait. Other than the zombies, as Japan had concentrated efforts on greening and environmental protection, within their lush and thick forests, there were sure to be powerful Mutant Beasts as well.

Even though Yue Zhong was almost a powerful god to Shimazu Mina, she felt that this mission might be beyond his capabilities. After all, a horde was not something a single person could face.

Although there was no love between them, her power was gained through him. Furthermore, he was one of the Shimazu Clan’s backers now, if he were to die, the Shimazu Clan would fall into dire straits.

Yue Zhong turned to Yao Yao as he said: “Save your words! I’ve made up my mind. Yao Yao, I’ll leave Ji Qing Wu’s protection to you. I’ll bring Bai Xiao Sheng, Ida Kyoko and a hundred of the men to conduct this mission. This place will be left to you to guard.”

Yao Yao was an Agility-based Evolver that awakened naturally. After consuming the Snake Birth Fruit, she had gained an additional attribute, Strength. As her Level was 60, she was also one of the strongest expert under Yue Zhong.

When she had faced the Type 4 Flame Bird, it wasn’t that she wasn’t strong, but the Flame Bird was simply too terrifying. This was why she was almost robbed of her life.

“En!” Yao Yao gripped the Biological Armor tightly, as she snorted once in reply.

Yue Zhong then spoke to Shimazu Mina: “I want all the Mutant Beast nuclei on your hands. They’re of use to me.”

“Hai!” She replied respectfully, and handed him a golden box: “These are all the nuclei that our Shimazu Clan had amassed.”

Although they didn’t know what the usage of the nuclei was, they had kept a large amount of them. Shimazu Fuji might have died at the hands of a person he wrongly trusted, but it was undeniable that he was a far-sighted and capable man.

Yue Zhong opened up the box, and noticed there were over a few hundred ordinary nuclei, at least 30 Type 2 nuclei, and only about 3 Type 3 nuclei.

Only one was through the sacrifice of countless experts to obtain. The other 2 was gifted by other survivors.

“Ah! That’s not right, this is a Type 4 nuclei!!” Yue Zhong caught sight of a black crystal-like nuclei, and he was astonished.

It was the size of a fist, and it was entirely black, as though light was sucked into it. Yue Zhong grabbed it tightly, and could feel the immense strength from within. This was a nuclei that was comparable to the terrifying Flame Bird that he had killed.

Not many people could kill a Type 4 Mutant Beast. Obviously, some lucky chap had come across it and sold it to the Shimazu Clan, before finally landing up in Yue Zhong’s hands.

“I’ve got myself a treasure!” Yue Zhong grinned in satisfaction, and kept them all.

Yue Zhong then handed 4 Evolving Liquid to Shimazu Mina: “This is for you. These are Evolving Liquids. Upon consuming them, you can become an Evolver. There are 4 of them, as an expression of my thanks for the nuclei.”

“What? You can become an Evolver?”

“Evolver!! This can allow someone to become an Evolver?!”

“Clan head-sama, please give me one. I’m willing to serve with all my life and strength!”

“Clan head-sama, Hakkaku Kimasa is willing to serve you loyally for all his life!”

The numerous subjects under Shimazu Mina began to plead with passionate voices, proclaiming their loyalty. They hoped that she would bestow the liquid upon them. They knew the meaning of becoming an Evolver, becoming stronger than others, learning more skills than others.

Shimazu Mina kept those 4 Evolving Liquids and smiled with satisfaction. With these 4 tools, she could pull a few more experts closer to the Shimazu’s side. Her gaze towards Yue Zhong was now filled with gratitude, veneration and respect.

Early the next morning, Yue Zhong led Bai Xiao Sheng, Ida Kyoko, Muto Shin, and Yuan Tian Gang together with a hundred other subordinates as they left towards the direction of the Shizuoka Prefecture.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

As they moved through the forests, they suddenly heard dense gunshots.

Bai Xiao Sheng frowned, and in a flash, he disappeared from his position. Not long after, he reappeared beside Yue Zhong: “Boss, there are two factions engaged in a fierce battle in the northeast.”

The Japanese guide stepped up and spoke: “Sir, we’re near the Shizuoka Prefecture. There are many small factions around these parts. Before I left, the largest organization was the Yaro Group. They had over 30,000 survivors then, and 5,000 soldiers.”

Yue Zhong’s heart stirred and he passed the order: “Go take a look.”

Under his orders, a hundred of them quickly made their way towards the sounds of fighting.

In a valley, there were 2 groups of people, with a total number of two to three hundred people engaged in slaughter. They were mostly wielding knives and baseball bats, and other melee weapons. Only a mere handful had guns.

Japan’s gun control was also strict, even more so than China. It was hard for the citizens to get their hands on guns. Hence, these people were fighting it out with melee weapons.

Among the chaos, there was a 2m-tall person, who wielded a huge mace of over a few hundred jins. He would flatten anyone in his way, and it was obvious that he was a Strength-based Evolver. As he slaughtered his way through the crowd, it was like he was invincible.

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