God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 559

“Hai!” Ida Kyoko, Muto Shin immediately responded and led their 50 subordinates over.

The battle was entirely one-sided. Ida Kyoko and Muto Shin had already evolved to Evolvers after using the Evolving Liquid. Their 50 subordinates were all Enhancers of above Level 20 as well, together with their equipment, each and every one of them was strong.

The moment their team met the 2 groups fighting, they crumbled under the might. Even the mace-wielding giant fell to the ground with one kick from Ida Kyoko.

Muto Shin used his Level 2 Treasure Odachi to kill a few of the militants as he shouted: “Surrender, and you’ll keep your life!”

His subordinates also echoed his words, and soon, the few hundred militants began to kneel. They looked at the new group with fear in their eyes.

Yue Zhong had only mobilized Ida Kyoko and those Chinese survivors that he had recently drafted into his troops, and they were more than enough to defeat those militants. There was still Bai Xiao Sheng and his own team of elites that had not yet acted. This led the militants to be even more fearful.

The difference in strength between Enhancers and normal people was too vast. In this battle, 3 people on Yue Zhong’s side only suffered light injuries, and had killed 30, heavily injured 60, totally suppressing those militants.

There was only death for ordinary folk with no guns when facing Enhancers.

Yue Zhong walked over to the burly and tall giant, as he ordered: “Lead me to your base!”

The giant looked at Yue Zhong fearfully and quickly nodded his reply: “Hai!”

Led by the giant, Yue Zhong and his team came to a small village. It was surrounded by mountains, and only one road led to the outside world. There was a total of about 500 survivors, and they all watched Yue Zhong nervously.

Japan was a country with a dense population. The majority of the citizens were in the cities though. The populations in the outskirts and villages were much lower.. Hence, the survival rate of those people were higher.

Within the most lavish mansion inside the village, Yue Zhong eyed the burly giant indifferently and asked: “What’s your name?”

The giant replied carefully: “My name is Fukui Honten.”

Yue Zhong asked: “Do you know the Yaro Gang?”

The moment the Yaro Gang was mentioned, Fukui Honten’s eyes lit up: “I know! They’re the strongest faction around the Shizuoka parts. They have over 40,000 survivors and 10,000 soldiers. No one is their match.”

Yue Zhong asked: “Do you know where their central base?”

“I know, it’s in the Demon Forest.” Fukui Honten was worried that Yue Zhong might not understand the meaning of the Demon Forest, and he continued: “The Demon Forest is about 20km north of here. It is the city of the Yaro Gang, and had been termed as the Demon Forest. Anyone who gets too close, other than the members of the Yaro Gang, would be caught and brought in slaves.”

Hearing Fukui Honten’s explanation, Yue Zhong was slightly clearer on the current situation.

The Yaro Gang had been an ordinary middle-tier Yakuza gang. Prior to the apocalypse, they weren’t anything worth mentioning. Even within the Shizuoka Prefecture, they were far from being the number one gang.

However, when the world changed, many of the upper echelons of the Yaro Gang had fortunately been on holiday, and thus, escaping the majority of the chaos. As the hierarchy and organization systems of the Yakuza were strict and efficient, they quickly arranged for a number of the survivors to escape and settled themselves. Following the passage of time, the Yaro Gang began to expand and grow into a society that made use of slaves.

Within the Demon Forest, only those in the Yaro Gang were the upper-class society, everyone else were deemed as slaves when captured.

Yue Zhong pondered for a while and ordered: “So it was like that. Fukui Honten, I’ll assign you as the envoy to go seek an audience with the Yaro Gang. Let them know that Yue Zhong requires a passage through.”

The moment Fukui Honten heard that, he hurriedly kneeled down and pleaded: “Sir! Please! Spare my dog life!! If you send me as an envoy, I’ll definitely be killed. All the envoys sent to their territories have never made it back alive. Any factions would that had done so were also captured and swallowed by them! Please, let me off!”

“That fierce?” Yue Zhong frowned, he never imagined them to be that vicious, to the extent of killing all envoys even before actually meeting or negotiations.

In most situations, other than a crazed slaughterer, most people would seldom kill the envoys. After all, any faction with the right mindset would seek to co-operate with other factions, even if there were no alliances. Any leader with the ability to think would definitely not just kill envoys.

“Alright, you may go.” Yue Zhong waved Fukui Honten away and continued to think.

As night fell, Yue Zhong left the town alone, and moved towards the direction of the Demon forest. He wanted to test the might of the Yaro Gang himself.

In the dark of the night, Yue Zhong took to the darkness like fish to water. He didn’t make a single sound as he moved, and his sight was further and wider than in the day. Even his hearing was enhanced.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

As he came to the outskirts of the city inside the forest, he saw a number of Eurocopters currently firing multiple rockets at the cities, destroying a number of structures.

The city that the Yaro Gang had erected inside the forest was made largely out of wood. The houses were constructed with their bare hands, and as the 24 Eurocopters fired their weapons of destruction, the entire city was soon engulfed in flames.

Countless Japanese survivors screamed out from within the flames as they were swallowed and burned. Their screams of agony rang out through the night.

All of a sudden, a sniper bullet that had been enhanced by the Enhance Bullet skill pierced the fuel tank of one Eurocopter. The resulting explosion rang out furiously, as the unfortunate Eurocopter burst into flames, and turned into a flaming ball that crashed towards the ground.

Another sniper bullet pierced the pilot window of another Eurocopter, and turned the 2 pilots into corpses. The Eurocopter wobbled as it spiraled downwards, out of control.

Within the city, there were 2 high level Enhancers that had the Enhance Bullet skills. At the next moment, multiple rockets were fired on their location, blasting them to oblivion.

At the same time, a number of elite soldiers from the Kingdom of God leaped out from the numerous helicopters in the skies. They were equipped with night vision goggles, bulletproof armor, and were armed to the teeth. They charged towards the territory of the Yaro Gang, and began their assault.

The sounds of gunfire and heavy artillery rang out through the night. The city that the Yaro Gang built up painstakingly was being razed to the ground. The Yaro Gang had only simple firearms and lacked other powerful weapons, hence they weren’t a match for the Kingdom of God.

Outside the city, there was a simple moat. The elite soldiers of the Kingdom of God quickly constructed a steel bridge and crossed over, charging into the city.


Right as the elite soldiers were about to rush into the city, the Yaro Gang immediately detonated the entrance of the city. The terrifying explosion claimed the lives of the soldiers from the Kingdom of God.

“Fierce!” Yue Zhong witnessed all these and his heart trembled. If he had led his men to attack the Yaro Gang, he might have been the one to suffer such a devastating attack.

The explosions rocked the Kingdom of God for barely a moment, and the rest of the elites continued their assault, as the helicopters in the skies assisted in winning point after point.

The assault helicopters released flammable bombs often, lighting the whole city up, and causing countless Japanese survivors to scream as they burned alive.

Yue Zhong crawled up a huge tree and quietly observed the situation, not intending to make a move.

This was after all an elite force of the Kingdom of God. Even if he was strong, he had no way of facing the entire battalion on his own. The 22 Eurocopters in the skies were enough to blast him to pieces.

“The Yaro Gang is finished!” Yue Zhong eyed the burning city and thought to himself quietly.

The Yaro Gang might have 10,000 soldiers under them, but against 2,000 elites from the Kingdom of God, they were nothing. Both sides had a huge difference in equipment, fighting will, and combat strength.

Other than the Special Forces under Yue Zhong, the rest of his elites were also barely a match for these Kingdom of God soldiers. The main difference was that the equipment they had was superior. Yue Zhong also had lesser armed assault helicopters. After all, China was lacking in aerial vehicles even before the apocalypse.

By now, the soldiers of the Yaro Gang were thoroughly overcome, even if Yue Zhong were to join in the battle, he could at most dispose of a hundred of the Kingdom of God’s elites. If he wasn’t careful, he might even be killed.

At this time, there was a sudden change in the situation. From a hill, 12 Cobra attack helicopters and 24 Ninja helicopters flew out, joining in the fray against the Kingdom of God’s Eurocopters.

(Cobra: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bell_AH-1_Cobra

Ninja: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kawasaki_OH-1)

At the same time, 8 holes appeared in the side of the hill, and 5,000 soldiers burst out with self-defence uniforms, flanking the Kingdom of God forces from behind.

At this time, the command centre only had 500 Adjudicators and Judges that form an elite Enhancer team. They quickly occupied important channels as they launched their counterattack towards the sudden attack from the Japanese armed forces.

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