God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 560

A number of flares lit up the surroundings. These Kingdom of God soldiers were after all elites who had undergone rigorous training. Although they had lesser numbers, their fighting strength was not to be underestimated. Each and every one of them had the Gun Specialization skill. Even in the dark, they could take a scary amount of lives.

The 5,000 Japanese self-defense soldiers had ten times the number of elites of the KIngdom of God, however, the tides were in the favour of the Kingdom of God. The moment they clashed, almost 300 people had died instantly. The rest were being suppressed, and every second, there would be an additional death of a Japanese soldier.

Yue Zhong eyed those 500 Kingdom of God members and his heart shook: “Strong!! How did they train to get to this stage? Oh right, they must have changed jobs, definitely through the Novice Villages. That means that the Kingdom of God has already controlled a Novice Village in Europe.”

Those Japanese soldiers in the self-defense uniform could not compare to the frontline elites of Yue Zhong’s, but he could not deny that they were still strong in their own right. They were at least comparable with the elites of Wuyan Hong. However, even with 10 times the number, they were still being held back by the Kingdom of God elites. This opened Yue Zhong’s eyes to how strong the Kingdom of God’s forces truly were.

In the skies, the sudden attack of the Cobra and Ninja helicopters managed to destroy 5 Eurocopters.

The remaining 17 turned to face those new enemies, and begun to engage in an all-out clash.

Those 17 Eurocopters were less than half of the fleet that had suddenly appeared, however, the pilots controlling the Eurocopters displayed their expertise, complementing each other in formation, and begun to take the enemy’s aircraft.

In the skies, there would be explosions from time to time, as the helicopters blow up one by one under the ferocious attacks of the Eurocopters.

A large number of the crashing helicopters were the Japanese helicopters, although a few Eurocopters also fell at the retaliation of the Japanese’s side.

The Kingdom of God was the one that suffered a sudden sneak attack, and had suffered a huge loss at the start. However, they managed to reclaim their advantage through their experience and superb control, once more turning the tide to their favour.

The elite soldiers that were in the midst of assaulting the Yaro Gang were also beginning to retreat. The moment those soldiers returned to their site, they would definitely overcome the sudden attackers.

Yue Zhong watched as the soldiers from the Kingdom of God relied on their strength and tactics to hang on and turn the situation around, and he felt a chill: “They’re truly terrifying! Novice Village. I must definitely obtain one!”

Based on his knowledge, he knew that Jiang Lei City only had one, and from the captives from the Kingdom of God, he knew that there was also one under the control of the Kingdom of God over at Europe. They had just obtained it not long ago, in fact.

It was because they managed to gain the Novice Village that those Adjudicators and Judges managed to obtain such strength. With just 500 people, they were able to overcome and suppress over 5,000 enemies.

On a hill that was shrouded by darkness, there were 3 men and 1 woman standing quietly. These 4 emitted a strong aura, and behind them, there were 36 other men in ancient god gowns, and 12 women in witch clothes. They were all standing respectfully.

One of the forefront males was 2m, built like a bear. He had short hair, and multiple scars all over his face and hands. His gaze was fiery and excited as he looked down at the battle, proclaiming passionately: “Strong! They truly deserve to be called Europe’s strongest, Kingdom of God! They could actually resist our 5,000-strong troops with only 500 of them!”

This burly man was one of the 6 Demons in Takama-ga-hara, the Tyrant Demon Yokoshima Fuwa. He was a triple-attribute Evolver of Strength, Agility and Endurance, and was at Level 69. He had the Second Order skill: Dragoon Transformation. He had single-handedly destroyed a survivor base with over 3,000 survivors, and done in 2 companies of self-defence troops. His combat strength was truly frightening.

One young man of ordinary built and looks, but with blond hair, hugged a Falcon Sniper and eyed the Eurocopters in the skies with a hungry look. He licked his lips and said: “The Kingdom of God is truly strong. If we’re just talking about the might of our factions, our Takama-ga-hara is definitely not a match for them. However, this is Japan. Regardless of how strong they are, there’s a limit to the amount of troops they can place here. Today, let’s teach them a lesson. Let them have a taste of the true might of Japan. Hideo, do it! Kill them all! Let them witness the strength of the Takama-ga-hara!”

This young man with the Falcon Rifle was also one of the 6 Demons of Takama-ga-hara, the Gun Demon Kanagawa Soma. He was a dual-attribute Evolver of Spirit and Agility. His level was 64, and he had the Second Order Sniper Specialization, as well as the Second Order Strengthen Bullet. He was the strongest sniper in Takama-ga-hara, and with the assistance of the Falcon Sniper, he could easily destroy a tank from a 3 km distance. Many enemies of the Takama-ga-hara had fallen at his hands.

A bespectacled, handsome young man with blond hair and wearing a suit nodded slightly, and turned to order: “Move out! As per the plan, wipe them out.”

This bespectacled man was the Air Demon of the 6 Demons, Kanzaki Hideo. He was a Spirit, Agility and Vitality triple-attribute Evolver, of Level 67 and had the Second Order Air Manipulation.

The moment he gave the order, the 4 Demons led their 12 subordinates downwards.

Kanagawa Soma quickly came to a high ground and aimed at one of the Eurocopters in the skies. He laughed coldly and pulled his trigger, activating his Second Order Strengthen Bullets as he muttered: “Die! Scum!”

A shooting-star like projectile immediately shot through the Eurocopter, and exploded in an earth-shaking manner, turning the helicopter into nothing by pieces of scrap metal.

This wasn’t a bullet that hit the fuel tank that caused the explosion, but rather, a bullet that went straight through the body and exploded. If it was a discussion about power, the bullet that Kanagawa Soma fired was already more lethal than a rocket.

After destroying one, he quickly disappeared from his position.

At the next moment, countless rockets blasted this entire area, but Kanagawa Soma was already nowhere to be seen.

The Tyrant Demon Yokoshima Fuwa had activated his Dragoon Transformation, turning into a powerful Dragoon covered entirely in black scales and wielding a dragon’s tail in his hands that had turned into sharp claws.

Yokoshima Fuwa became like a spectre that charged right into the midst of the Kingdom of God elites. His speed reached a terrifying 24 times that of a normal person upon transforming, exceeding even that of a Type 2 Lightning.

However, even with his insane speed, the 400-over Kingdom of God soldiers did not break formation, and bombarded him with bullets. As a result, he suffered some hits, although the bullets only ricochet off him, not injuring him in the slightest.

In a few breaths, Yokoshima Fuwa had already reached the main command site, and his claws were slashing left and right, directly decapitating an unfortunate soldier.

In less than 10 seconds, the frontline Adjudicators had been annihilated by Yokoshima Fuwa alone.

Hong ! Hong!

All of a sudden, numerous heavy fire bombarded the area Yokoshima Fuwa was in, as over a hundred Kingdom of God soldiers gave up on the Japanese soldiers and turned their attention to this monster. The grenades and heavy fire enveloped the entire area, swallowing Yokoshima Fuwa.

The dust had not yet settled, when Yokoshima Fuwa shot out like an arrow, and leaped into the midst of the elite soldiers from the Kingdom of God. He slapped his massive hands around, and the heads of the soldiers would be separated from their bodies. It was as though he wasn’t affected by the explosion at all.

Yokoshima Fuwa had truly been enveloped by that explosion, and a grenade had actually blown apart at his left hand. However, his Endurance was truly high, furthermore, after his Dragoon Transformation, his defence was abnormally high. Even when he was riddled with bullets, he just felt an itch, and a slight pain when the grenade exploded. They weren’t enough to harm him.

Under his frenzied assault, the soldiers of the Kingdom of God began to crumble, and their defensive line was being torn apart.

12 Deities followed behind Yokoshima Fuwa as they began their assault on the rest of the troops. Under their skills, the soldiers of the Kingdom of God began to fall.

“Long live Takama-ga-hara!”

“Long live Japan!”

“Love live Takama-ga-hara!”

The Japanese soldiers began to chant and holler with excitement as they attacked the Kingdom of God soldiers.

Yokoshima Fuwa was the main attack force, while the Air Demon Kanzaki Hideo took out the experts of the Kingdom of God silently with his troops and their abilities.

Many of the Judges would feel a crushing feeling in their hearts the moment they activated their abilities, or were struck by poison arrows. No one had the chance to exhibit their prowess.

This time, the last Demon that had come along for the mission had surrounded the elite soldiers from the Kingdom of God with her Dieties. She was the Shinobu Demon, Tenpyo Saka.

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