God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 561

Tenpyo Saka was a beautiful young woman dressed entirely in black, with her hair in a single ponytail. Her exquisite features were expressionless, and her figure was captivating, with a pair of huge and perky breasts that threatened to burst out of the clothes.

She was a Spirit and Agility dual-attribute Evolver, reaching a level of 66. Her main skill was the Second Order Stealth, as well as 5 different shinobi-related skills. The Second Order Stealth caused her to be virtually undetectable in the dark. At the same time, she could twist the perception of others while she was moving. As long as she didn’t attack, it was hard for anyone to realize what had hit them. If she stayed still and didn’t move, even Yue Zhong who was a Spirit-based Evolver would not be able to determine her existence.

She was like a ghost in the dark, watching and waiting silently. From time to time, any unfortunate Kingdom of God soldiers that crossed her path would find their hearts pierced by a sudden sword, or their heads decapitated.

Although she was not as overbearing as Yokoshima Fuwa, the number of experts fallen at Tenpyo Saka’s hands were not little.

The 4 Demons of Takama-ga-hara were all apex existences among Evolvers. The moment they joined in the fray, the Kingdom of God was basically suffering casualties one after another. The tides were once again turned, except this time, it was at the hands of these 4.

Of course, if it were just them against the 24 assault helicopters and 3,000 elite soldiers of the Kingdom of God, they would also just be charging to their deaths. However, with the 5,000 Japanese soldiers behind them, as well as the 30 assault helicopters on their side, they absolutely possessed the means to win the battle.

“These guys are strong! These Japanese Demons…” Yue Zhong watched as the 4 Demons slaughtered their way through their enemies, and his eyes were filled with shock. They were similar to him in terms of strength, and each one of them was more than enough to deal with a small troop.

The world was vast, and experts were plenty. Every corner of the world boasted their own talents and pride. These 4 Demons were the geniuses of geniuses in Japan.

He eyed them and a killing intent flashed past his eyes: “They must be killed!”

The battle strength of these 4 Japanese Demons were too strong, if they were allowed to live, they could become an obstacle to Yue Zhong in the future. After all, a mountain cannot hold two tigers, Yue Zhong still wanted more resources out of Japan. Hence, he could only snatch it from the hands of others.

“The most threatening one would be that sniper!” Yue Zhong saw another assault helicopter in the skies being destroyed by a single bullet, and a killing intent arose in his heart.

Gun Demon Kanagawa Soma’s destructive abilities were too terrifying. Yue Zhong might die in one hit if he wasn’t careful. He looked towards the direction where the bullet came from, and quickly flitted through the darkness.

Yue Zhong had done his fair share of sniping, and he could tell the possible direction which Kanagawa Soma might flee in. He settled on a position and summoned a clone, sending the clone towards the other direction.

With the clone, he would see what the clone sees, just that he would not feel any pain suffered by the clone.

As he ran towards the location, he continued to observe the skies, watching out for the next shot.

After 5 minutes, another beam of light shot out from another side of the hill, causing an Eurocopter to burst into flames and crashing into the ground.

“It’s there!” Yue Zhong eyed the part of the hill, and activated his Shadow Steps. His speed was pushed to his maximum limit, and he charged over.

Yue Zhong’s clone also made its way towards that direction.

Very soon, the location where the shot came from was bombarded by countless projectiles. The hill was shaken, and bits of earth blew up all around.

“Got him!” With his enhanced night vision, Yue Zhong saw the Gun Demon Kanagawa Soma leading a team of 12 subordinates towards a location. His eyes flashed with joy and he quickly shot after him.

“Enemy! Kill him!” As one of the 6 Demons of Takama-ga-hara, Kanagawa Soma was strong and he had the Night Vision ability as well. Discovering Yue Zhong, he barked out an order, and prepared his Falcon Sniper to aim at Yue Zhong.

The moment he took aim, Yue Zhong felt an incredible sense of danger. He could tell that if he were hit, then even with his Endurance of over 194 points, plus the Type 3 Beast Hide, Level 4 Defensive Vest as well as his passive Steel Body, he would not be able to block it fully.

He immediately evaded to one side, hiding behind a tree, making use of the surrounding fauna to get closer to Kanagawa Soma.

“He’s damn fast! He’s actually faster than an Agility-based Evolver like me!” Kanagawa Soma felt a chill creep up his back at the sight of Yue Zhong’s speed.

The 12 subordinates following Kanagawa Soma were his personal guards, every one of them possessed a Level 3 ability, their Enhancement levels at least 40 and above.

One of them quickly slapped the ground, and activated his Plant Manipulation activity, causing a long vine to shoot out towards Yue Zhong.

The rest of the 11 soldiers quickly fired their rifles. They knew that sweeping fire was a more effective method against a speedy existence like Yue Zhong. After all, they had no way of locking on his position, and could only rely on a rain of bullets to hit him.

Kanagawa Soma wielding his Falcon Sniper and took a deep breath to calm himself down, his eyes cold and his focus pushed to its maximum. He could tell that Yue Zhong was a peak-level expert like him, and he might only have one chance to fire a bullet.

“Powerful!” Kanagawa Soma had not fired yet, but the pressure he emitted caused Yue Zhong to feel the danger. He had to maintain his own focus, otherwise if he was hit, he would definitely suffer. He forced himself to keep moving at a high speed.

Yue Zhong was testing the waters, trying to get close to Kanagawa Soma. After all, snipers were weak in close combat. Most top snipers would allocate their precious skill points into their sniping abilities. That was why they would lose out in close combat.

Yue Zhong had just gotten closer when he suddenly felt an intense danger. His heart turned cold, and he twisted towards another tree and leaped back.

A beam of light shot past where Yue Zhong was just a millisecond and caused the tree behind to explode into pieces. Had Yue Zhong been slightly slower, he would have been pierced by that bullet, and his fate would have been sealed.

Dodging that life-threatening shot, he pulled out his own assault rifle, and fired a few bursts towards the general direction Kanagawa Soma was at.

2 Level 40 Enhancers with the Telekinesis ability quickly conjured up psychic barriers to block the bullets.

Since Kanagawa Soma was adept at far-range combat, his subordinates would cover his weaknesses. Should an enemy get close to their Gun Demon, any high level expert could easily kill him. However, if he and his team could pull the distance apart again, even the Tyrant Demon would not be a match for the Gun Demon.

“Strong! Too bad, you have to die!” Yue Zhong leaped behind, and his hands shone with the glow of the Second Order Devil Flame, as 2 mighty Devil Flame Spears appeared and shot towards Kanagawa Soma like shooting stars.

“Be careful!!” Kanagawa Soma’s expression turned to one of horror as he rolled backwards, dodging behind a huge rock.

The 2 Devil Flame Spears collided with the psychic barrier erected by those 2 Enhancers and instantly incinerated them, enveloping the 2 Enhancers in flames.

As they began to burn, they screamed out in spine-chilling agony, and were soon turned to ash.

Seeing this, everyone’s face fell and they quickly dove for cover.

Kanagawa Soma shouted loudly from behind the rock: “Friend! I’m the Gun Demon Kanagawa Soma from Takama-ga-hara. Why are you attacking me? You shouldn’t be someone from the Kingdom of God. Most of the Envoys and Apostles should be in Europe, Africa, India and The Middle East. As long as you join us, we’re willing to confer you the title of a Demon as well. Food and women will be yours. Whatever you want, the Takama-ga-hara would provide. You’ll get the best treatment in the world.”

With such an insane speed and a terrifying Second Order flame ability, Kanagawa Soma immediately came to the conclusion that he wasn’t Yue Zhong’s match. He had tried to switch tactics to try coax him. After all, an expert like him would be welcome everywhere.

Yue Zhong remained silent and quickly sent out a roaring tornado of flames towards where Kanagawa Soma was.

Kanagawa Soma also had the Danger Perception skill, and he could instantly feel an intense sense of crisis. He immediately leaped to another location.

The fearsome fiery tornado consumed the location that Kanagawa SOma was just at, burning even that huge rock, causing it to split. The 4 other elites of the Takama-ga-hara were incinerated.

Kanagawa Soma was an Agility-based Evolver after all, and even after expending all his strength to dodge, he was still hit in the shoulder by the Devil Flame. The patch began to burn, spreading to his head, and caused his hair to burn.

“Ah!! Save me!!! Save me!!” His face turned to horror, and he started using his right hand to slap at his head and shoulder, as he began to wail in fright and pain.

“Go to hell!” Yue Zhong appeared in a flash, and pulled out his Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade to slice at the frantic Kanagawa Soma. With the flash of his blade, the head of the Gun Demon was removed from his body, and the strong Japanese Demon of the Takama-ga-hara fell at Yue Zhong’s hands.

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