God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 562

After chopping off Kanagawa Soma’s head, Yue Zhong pointed to another of his personal guards, and a Devil Flame fireball shot out, instantly turning the unfortunate expert to ash.

“Quick, run!!” The remaining 7 Takama-ga-hara experts shouted out to one another and darted into the forests, escaping for their lives.

Yue Zhong pulled out his Stinger and fired 4 times, causing the brains of 4 of the Agility-based experts. After that, he used his terrifying speed to chase up to the remaining 3, killing them one by one.

Having wiped out the entire team, Yue Zhong quickly retrieved all their equipment and items, before using his Devil Flame to burn the rest of the bodies.

With a Demon status in Takama-ga-hara, Kanagawa Soma had a number of decent equipment. There were at least 6 pieces of Level 4 Treasures on him. Other than those, there was a valuable Level 3 Defense Vest, which possessed +10 to all attributes. It was a truly precious item.

Yue Zhong swiftly headed back to the battlefield, which had reached an intense level.

The elite soldiers of the Kingdom of God were continuously pouring out from within the city to deal with the soldiers of the Takama-ga-hara. All sorts of weapons and explosives were utilized in the clash.

Tyrant Demon Yokoshima Fuwa had brought his team of 12 elite soldiers of above Level 40 to fight, but they had been wiped out. He personally had been injured barely, and fortunately for his Endurance, he had only suffered injuries and wasn’t wiped out yet. He continued to slaughter his way through the troops, killing any Kingdom of God soldiers he laid his hands on.

The 5,000 elite soldiers of the Yaro Gang had been thoroughly defeated by the Kingdom of God elites, and they could only retaliate from time to time.

Since the Gun Demon Kanagawa Soma had been killed by Yue Zhong, the assault helicopters in the air had begun their fierce retaliation, and a number of the Japanese assault aircraft began to be destroyed.

On the ground, the 3 Demons of Takama-ga-hara were holding the advantage over the battlefield, but in the skies, the Kingdom of God’s assault helicopters were basically overpowering the other aircrafts. The battle was in a stalemate.

“Dogs biting dogs!” Yue Zhong watched the intense battle and pressed a button. It was a radio wave transmission device. The moment he pressed the button, his subordinates over at Yama County over 150 km away would receive his location.

“Which side should I help? Both the Kingdom of God and Takama-ga-hara are my enemies. Letting them wear each other down would be the best for me. Since the Takama-ga-hara is gaining the advantage, I shall dispose of some of their men then.”

Yue Zhong glanced at his surroundings and came to a high vantage point of about 2km away from the battlefield. He then whisked out his Falcon Sniper, and took aim at one of the Takama-ga-hara elite soldiers, before pulling the trigger.

Following the loud gunshot, the plant-manipulating Takama-ga-hara soldier, that was over Level 40 and had just torn a Kingdom of God soldier into two, had his head blasted apart.

Yue Zhong’s sight in the dark was extremely vast, and could encompass an area of over 2 km away. A single bullet of his could take down a Level 40 elite of the Takama-ga-hara, this immediately caused the higher-ups present to be wary.

The Air Demon Kanzaki Hideo discovered something amiss when the Level 40 elite was sniped, and he hollered with an ugly expression: “Sniper!! He’s a powerful one! He’s at least 2 km away, does the Kingdom of God still have someone like that hidden?!”

A single powerful sniper was enough to turn the tides of a battle. Gun Demon Kanagawa Soma and Yue Zhong were prime examples of such snipers.

Kanzaki Hideo made use of an earpiece microphone to pass an order: “Saka! Go take care of that sniper!”

From time to time, the powerful shots of the sniper rifle rang out through the air, and each time, the head of an elite Takama-ga-hara soldier would burst open. This was affecting the morale of the soldiers from the Takama-ga-hara. Kanzaki Hideo came to the judgment that this sniper had to be dealt with, otherwise, they would suffer terrible losses.

By this time, over a dozen people from Takama-ga-hara had been sniped by Yue Zhong. Their rate of advance was slowing down. The Kingdom of God soldiers were still engaging in their assault on Yokoshima Fuwa, causing the Tyrant Demon to have no choice but to dodge. His killing speed also decreased drastically.

Each bullet carried a force that could not be underestimated. Yokoshima Fuwa could easily defend against a few hundred shots, but as they piled on, reaching thousands and even tens of thousands, it was still enough to injured him. Other than the bullets, there were explosives and rocket launchers as well. Even in his Dragoon state, he could not just blindly take on a hit from a rocket.

Tenpy Saka immediately disappeared into the night and brought her remaining 7 witches towards Yue Zhong’s location.

“Enemy? Witches?” Yue Zhong’s choice of location allowed him a good view of the battle field, and he knew that sniping the elites of Takama-ga-hara would invoke some response. Therefore, as he continually observed the surroundings, he noticed 7 female Enhancers above Level 30 decked in witches’ clothings closing in on him.

These women were all ordinary looking, and had even statures even more burly than men. In fact, other than those female Evolvers that had naturally awakened, most high level Enhancers had buff bodies.

The 7 of them flickered with killing intent, launching their individual abilities towards Yue Zhong. Each of them had speeds surpassing an S2, and could easily take down the special forces of pre-apocalypse times. When they joined hands, they were more than enough to take down most snipers.

“Too weak!” Yue Zhong watched as they drew closer with a cold light in his eyes, pulling out his Black Tooth Blade and waved it in front of him, instantly slicing 2 of the witches in two.

The remaining 5 were unfazed by the tragic fate of their comrade, instead, they became enraged and launched their attacks more fiercely.

Yue Zhong’s blade slightly quivered, and 5 blade beams shot out towards the 5 witches. Their bodies were instantly sliced into many parts, fresh blood splattering everywhere.

Just as Yue Zhong slaughtered the remaining 5 witches, a sense of danger arose in his heart. He hurriedly activated his Shadow Steps, and leaped to one side. He abandoned his blade, while shooting for a wide area like a cannonball.

Without a sound, or even the slightest sign, a dagger appeared as it slashed towards Yue Zhong, turning in a mysterious trajectory that sliced through his right shoulder.

The sharp dagger immediately released some brilliant light, tearing apart the Type 3 Mutant Beast hide and his Level 4 Defense Vest, until it hit Yue Zhong’s skin with a crisp sound, not able to proceed further.

Yue Zhong’s Endurance was extremely high, reaching 194 points. Coupled with his Steel Body, even normal bullets could not penetrate his skin. That sharp dagger had sliced through his Type 3 Mutant Beast hide and his Level 4 Defense Vest, and had lost much of its power by the time it reached his skin.

Yue Zhong saw the assassin clearly, it was precisely that beautiful and petite woman, with that incredibly sexy body. She was the Shinobi Demon Tenpyo Saka.

Yue Zhong’s pupils constricted as he cast his Art of Fear, sending an oppressive Spirit attack towards her. Against Agility and Strength-type opponents, the Art of Fear was extremely useful.

Tenpyo Saka was, however, an Agility and Spirit based Evolver, and Yue Zhong’s Art of Fear didn’t affect her much.

As her attack had failed, Tenpyo Saka immediately flashed, intending to disappear into the forest. Retreating the moment an attempt failed, this was the assassin way for Tenpyo Saka. She had assassinated many enemies stronger than her even prior to becoming one of the 6 Demons of Takama-ga-hara. She could survive and killed so many, because she was that prudent.

“You want to leave! Not so easy!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly, as he activated his Shadow Steps and dashed towards her.

When he activated that skill, Yue Zhong’s speed was pushed to the maximum, even 30% faster than an Agility-based Evolver like Tenpyo Saka.

In a few breaths, Yue Zhong had caught up to her, and he wielded his weapon, slicing through the air.

A cloud of smoke suddenly burst out from her body, enveloping her entirely. This was one of the skills that she had, Ninjutsu: Smoke Release.

The dense smoke blocked Yue Zhong’s sight, and his blade landed on thin air. He held his breath, and activated his Devil Flame Armor, instantly preventing the smoke from touching him. He was worried that the smoke might contain poison.

Under the cover of the Second Order Stealth skill, Tenpyo Saka disappeared amidst the smoke.

Yue Zhong looked around, noting that her presence had disappeared entirely. Even someone as strong as him could not detect the user of a Second Order Stealth skill.

“Strong! This woman truly deserves to be one of the Demons of the Takama-ga-hara.” Yue Zhong glanced left and right, while feeling a chill in his heart. His perception was strong, and in the dark, it was enhanced further. Nothing could escape his senses. Yet this Tenpyo Saka had managed to escape his detection. She was truly a terrifying shinobi.

He thought silently: “She must still be somewhere near. If she left quickly, there would be the sound of wind. Since I can’t hear anything, she must be staying still, or moving slowly.”

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