God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 563

“Since you won’t come out, I’ll force you out!” Yue Zhong swept his gaze around, and immediately activated his Devil Flame. With his right hand, he sent out a long burning tornado outwards, and the woods started burning.

Since Yue Zhong had no means of detecting the Shinobi Demon in her Stealth, he had to resort to extreme measures. Lighting the entire forest would force her to reveal herself at some point.

Yue Zhong’s sense were unable to pick up any trace of Tenpyo Saka was because she was moving slowly and could distort his perception. The moment she made any abrupt movements, Yue Zhong would discover her.

The moment the blazing tornado swept past a certain patch of the forest, there was a silhouette that suddenly burst towards the distance.

“Found you!” The moment the silhouette appeared, Yue Zhong flashed, and charged towards the direction.

In a span of 10 breaths, Yue Zhong had caught up to Tenpyo Saka and without mercy, he launched an assault towards her.

From her body, a cloud of smoke billowed out, blocking his sense of sight.

“The same trick won’t work twice!” Yue Zhong laughed coldly, and cast his Devil Flame, causing 10 fireballs to burst out through the smoke, aiming for Tenpyo Saka.

Tenpyo Saka relied on the Ninjutsu: Smoke Escape and coupled with her Second Order Stealth to confuse Yue Zhong’s sense. This would allow her to escape. Without the defensive cover of the smoke, it caused her to be unable to employ her escaping arts.

Facing the 10 fireballs, Tenpyo Saka had no choice but to raise her hands to block her face. She twisted her body and managed to evade most of them.

Unfortunately, 3 of them still managed to hit her squarely, and began to burn her Shinobi clothes.

She quickly grabbed her clothes and tore it off, revealing a silver layer of a Type 3 Mutant Beast hide.

The black Shinobi clothes were incinerated into ashes.

In the dark, the silver Mutant Beast hide accentuated Tenpyo Saka’s incredible body, giving her an even more alluring charm, like a demoness in the night.

Tenpyo Saka stared fixedly at Yue Zhong, speaking in a clear and melodious voice: “You’re not from the Kingdom of God!”

Although the Kingdom of God was currently the leading organization in the world, their roots were in the west. Their core members were all Europeans, there would be very few Asians that were as powerful in their upper echelons.

Yue Zhong stared back and said: “Surrender! You’re not my match.”

Tenpyo Saka nodded without expression: “En! You’re strong. To deal with you, it would take the leader of Takama-ga-hara Tetsuo Nendori-sama to handle you personally.”

There were 5 Demons as well as the Lord Demon of Takama-ga-hara, a total of 6 Demon-class experts.

This time, in order to catch the Kingdom of God off guard, Takama-ga-hara had deployed 4 of their Demons. If they had launched a joint effort against Yue Zhong, he would have at most a 30% chance of surviving. However, alone, Yue Zhong had confidence in dealing with any of them.

Tenpyo Saka asked: “Why are you helping the Kingdom of God? They’re an organization over at Europe. They came to Japan to seize our space and resources. They’re our common enemy!”

“Wait till you surrender, or become a corpse, I’ll tell you then!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly, and activated his Gravity Manipulation. A two-fold gravitational force pressed down on Tenpyo Saka’s body, as Yue Zhong’s Black Tooth Blade swung towards her.

She continued to face him without any expressions, instead, she raised a dagger to block, before her entire frame was sent flying back a few meters. She then tapped the ground lightly and changed directions to flee.

Her assassination skills were terrifying. If comparing techniques, even Yue Zhong could not compare to this born-and-bred assassin. However, in a frontal clash, she wasn’t Yue Zhong’s match. She knew this clearly.

Yue Zhong laughed coldly, and his body flashed, chasing right after Tenpyo Saka like a lightning bolt.

Just as Yue Zhong was about to reach her, she reached behind with her hands, and 10 kunai shot towards him.

Yue Zhong used the huge Black Tooth Blade to deflect the kunai, and they were sent tumbling away. He appeared in front of Tenpyo Saka, and his left hand shot out like a cannon towards her.

At such a close distance, Yue Zhong’s fist surpassed the sound barrier and caused a powerful sonic boom as it came crashing into Tenpyo Saka’s back. She was sent flying into a tree, before she spat out a mouthful of blood and crumpled to the ground. Evidently, even with the Type 3 Mutant Beast hide and Level 3 Defense Vest, she had been gravely injured by that single fist from Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong’s hands flipped, and a collar made of bombs appeared in his hands. He then fixed it onto Tenpyo Saka’s neck.

The collar bomb was a means of shackling Enhancers and Evolvers. To these high level experts, ordinary cuffs were of no use. Only with these advanced products would the experts be obedient.

The ingenuity behind the creation came from a Japanese film . The moment one wore such a collar, other than those with the Metal Manipulation or Electricity Manipulation abilities, or insane body tempering abilities, most other Enhancers and Evolvers had no means of fending against it.

Yue Zhong eyed Tenpyo Saka and barked coldly: “Get up! I know you’re awake. Don’t think of killing me. If I die, after 3 days, that collar bomb will automatically go off. No one can save you.”

She opened her eyes and stared at Yue Zhong coldly: “What do you want?”

Yue Zhong waved his right hand and a transparent silk shot out to wrap around her body, at the same time, sucking her Stamina: “You can stay here obediently.”

After capturing Tenpyo Saka, Yue Zhong whisked out his Falcon Sniper, returning to his vantage point and resumed sniping the elites of the Takama-ga-hara.

As for Tenpyo Saka, she was tied to the tree and watched Yue Zhong kill the elites of her faction, maintaining her calm and silence.

In the battlefield, one Deity had charged out in madness, dodging countless bullets and killed 3 Adjudicators one after another. He even destroyed one defense point. Under his relentless assault, the Kingdom of God soldiers were slowly forced back.

Behind him, a large number of Japanese troops hollered out in triumph, and rushed forwards to conquer the lines.

Peng! Just as the Deity was about to kill another soldier of the Kingdom of God, his brains were blasted apart, and the red and white brain matter splattered onto the floor.

Witnessing such a horrifying scene, the Japanese soldiers immediately lost their composure, and began to hide behind cover, not daring to advance.

Kanzaki Hideo heard the gunshot and his expression fell: “Did Saka fail? Shit, we miscalculated. Seems like there’s a Demon-level expert behind the scenes. What do we do now?”

At that time, both sides were already embroiled in their final charge, should one side fall, then it was the final result.

The Takama-ga-hara Demons were strong but they weren’t military tacticians. They had not much preparations in terms of strategic warfare. He had already deployed all his troops, and even the Demon experts had rushed out to suppress the Kingdom of God soldiers. If they were to retreat now, their entire troop would fall.

Yue Zhong continued to snipe a few more Takama-ga-hara elites before he stopped. He required both sides to be at an equilibrium. Only then he would come in at the last possible moment to sweep them both up.

Half an hour later, 4 Thunder Fighters flew under the cover of night and landed near Yue Zhong’s position. Yao Yao and 23 other elite soldiers stepped out.

Tenpyo Saka saw the 4 Thunder Fighters and her cold expression finally showed some hint of agitation: “Thunder Fighters! You guys are from the Kingdom of God?!”

The Thunder Fighters were the products of the Kingdom of God, and were the worst nightmares of their enemies. Takama-ga-hara had also tried to devise ways to deal with the Thunder Fighters, however, other than the Gun Demon Kanagawa Soma, not even 3 could deal with them. Of which, one happened to be the leader Tetsuo Nendori.

When the elites came down, they shot Tenpyo Saka a glance, before looking back at Yue Zhong. Their eyes flashed with a strange glint, but they were intelligent enough not to say anything.

“Boss! I’m here!” After another half an hour, Bai Xiao Sheng led the group of elites, combined with the Japanese and Chinese survivors, and the newly subjugated armed forces of 600 over.

While there were 600 members of the armed forces, over 500 of them were a motley bunch. They were just barely fitter and burlier than the rest. The true Enhancers amongst them were only 20, and they were pathetically weak.

However, like this, there looked to be over 700 people under Yue Zhong.

He ordered the pilot: “Good! Wei He! I order you to launch an assault on that group over there. Make use of the cluster bomb to annihilate them!”

“Yes! Sir!” Wei He saluted Yue ZHong and quickly piloted the Thunder Fighters over.

Under Yue Zhong’s orders, the 4 Thunder Fighters immediately joined in the fray.

At that time, after an intense clash, only 2 Eurocopters were left, as the 4 Thunder Fighters approached, all the Kingdom of God soldiers cheered, while the forces of the Takama-ga-hara felt the blood drain from their faces, their eyes full of despair.

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