God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 566

Kazuki Nobuhiko understood Yue Zhong’s intentions, but he still replied with respect: “Yes! Yue Zhong-sama!”

He then proceeded to pass the order to look for those talents as per Yue Zhong’s instructions.

After he left, Yue Zhong turned to Tenpyo Saka behind him who had been following behind, with the collar bomb still on her neck. He directly offered: “Tenpyo Saka, how about working for me?”

As one of the 6 Demons, her combat strength was truly astonishing. If Yue Zhong could successfully win her over, he would gain another peak expert amongst his ranks.

Tenpyo Saka looked at Yue Zhong with a clear gaze, without any expression yet her tone was cold: “I’m Japanese, my strength is only for Japan.”

Yue Zhong’s pupils constricted and his killing intent billowed: “You’re not afraid that I’ll kill you?”

Tenpyo Saka continued eyeing Yue Zhong without a shred of fear: “That’s your freedom.”

He gazed at her, his killing intent becoming thicker. With such a high level expert as an Assassin, not many could defend against her. If he couldn’t subdue her, then he would rather see her dead.

She could feel the murderous aura radiating from Yue Zhong and knew he was for real, and a chill passed her heart: “Yue Zhong. You can’t dominate Japan. If you allow the Takama-ga-hara to ransom for my release, I’m willing to convince Tetsuo Nendori-sama to enter an alliance with you. Both sides can exist together in Japan. Our current enemies are not each other, but the zombies. We’re already outnumbered, if we continued to slaughter amongst ourselves, we would fall prey to the zombies.”

Yue Zhong was reminded of the big picture, and he nodded slowly: “Alright, I’m willing to negotiate with Takama-ga-hara.”

Yue Zhong wasn’t Japanese, if he insisted on establishing a Japan force, it would be incredibly difficult. Furthermore, he didn’t even intend to in the first place. He had just wanted to obtain some of the benefits before heading back to consolidating his strength in China.

Bai Xiao Sheng came up to Yue Zhong at this point, his expression steely: “Sir. We’ve discovered a Chinese concentration camp. Do you want to come take a look?”

“Concentration camp?” Yue Zhong hissed and his expression turned extremely ugly the moment he heard those words. This was a notorious institution used during the World War II, and countless people have suffered and died in them.

During the second World War, all the countries involved had some form of such a place. Who knew that it would resurface during these apocalyptic times.

In an area where dirty waters flowed, and there were steel fences and wooden stakes embedded all around, there were dozens of tents and simple wooden cartons. This was the concentration camp set up by the Yaro Gang.

Within this camp, gender didn’t matter, everyone was naked and gathered together for warmth. Around the camp, corpses could be seen strewn around. There were many female corpses, each of them bearing the evidence of countless abuse and torture.

Near the entrance of the camp, there were rows and rows of dead Chinese people lined up neatly. There were men and women, old and young. It was practically hell.

In this post apocalypse, many Japanese were cruel to their own people, not to mention the Chinese and other nationalities.

If even ordinary Japanese became the slaves of other Japanese, then the Chinese, Americans, English and Africans were treated worse than humans.

The moment Yue Zhong neared the camp, he could smell a thick stench of excrement and rotting, causing him to feel his bile rushing up his throat. He almost wanted to turn around to walk away.

There were many Chinese like Jin Li who revered the Japanese. Over the course of years, many of these Chinese had assimilated entirely into the Japanese culture. Yue Zhong loathed to see such people.

A person whose frame had been reduced to skin and bones ran out of the camp, pleading: “Help me!! Help me!! Please save me!! Please, I’m begging you!!”

The rest of the people in the camp ignored him, instead, just staring at him coldly.

Behind the person, a number of blond Caucasians were rushing towards him.

The moment Yue Zhong heard the words of the fleeing man, his brows arched and he ordered: “Chinese? Go save him!”

One of the personal guards by Yue Zhong’s side immediately shot forward and used a Tang Replica Sword to point at the man: “Kneel!”

The moment those 3 Caucasians saw the Tang Replica Sword, their eyes flashed with fear and they turned tail and ran.

The bag of bones immediately smiled at Yue Zhong: “Thank you! I’m Miao Xi Gui. Thank you for saving my life.”

Yue Zhong asked: “Why were they chasing you?”

Miao Xi Gui’s eyes flashed with bitterness: “They want to eat my flesh.”

He continued: “This is a concentration camp, those Japanese didn’t provide us with food. They only watched and laughed as we killed amongst ourselves. We were then forced to cannibalism to live on. I had been captured here, and had gone 7 days and 7 nights without food.”

Standing beside Yue Zhong, Tenpyo Saka’s face fell: “Impossible! Our Japanese people would never be so cruel!”

Although Tenpyo Saka wasn’t some nationalistic person, she was still proud of her country and people. In her mind, most Japanese were decent people, and would not do such deranged things.

Yue Zhong ordered coldly: “Convey my orders! Go round up the warden and all the prison guards of this camp, and bring them out of the city to behead them! Their family members will all become slaves, and await to be given to those who perform well!”

One of the personal guards swiftly dismissed himself: “Yes!”

Tears welled up in Miao Xi Gui’s eyes, as he thought back on the all the sufferings, and he immediately knelt on the floor, kowtowing profusely: “Thank you kind sir!! Thank you for seeking redress for our people!!”

The Chinese had been humiliated by the Japanese, and most of them had lost hope for the future. Although they were all filled with hate for the Japanese, they lacked the strength to do anything. Hence, they could only live on like pigs and dogs. However, they bore the grudge, and now that they had Yue Zhong to aid them, Miao Xi Gui could not help but sob emotionally.

Yue Zhong then turned to Bai Xiao Sheng;” Go get some men to sweep them all. Those who had participated in the killing of any Chinese, execute them. If any Chinese inside are willing to join us, absorb them into our ranks. I only want Chinese who can speak our language, not those Chinese Japanese that had already forgotten their mother tongue.”

In order to integrate into the local community, there were many Chinese whose later generations had developed and assimilated into the Japanese culture. Many of them forgot their Chinese language, and had totally become Japanese. Yue Zhong did not want these people within his ranks as well.

“Yes!” Bai Xiao Sheng then took 10 experts and entered the camp.

That single order from Yue Zhong caused a bloodbath to be shed. A 100-over Yaro Gang members were all dragged out to be executed, and their families were branded as slaves to be given as gifts to victorious people.

Within the concentration camp, Yue Zhong discovered over a 160 Chinese survivors. THey were all excited about joining Yue Zhong, and becoming part of his troops.

As for the other foreigners within the camp, Yue Zhong directly executed those who had eaten Chinese people, whereas the rest were released.

The Yaro Gang’s city had a total of 50,000 Japanese survivors, and many were talents in their own fields of research and development. Many were sent back towards Sakura Town in preparation to be brought back to China.

There were also various top-of-the-line machinery and manufacturing equipment, which were commissioned to be brought back to Sakura Town as well.

Being in the Shizuoka Prefecture, the Yaro Gang’s city was like a bucket in a body of water. The moment the 3 million zombies launched an assault over here, the city was absolutely incapable of withstanding the onslaught.

In Yue Zhong’s hands, there were over 2,000 Kingdom of God and Takama-ga-hara captives. The ordinary Kingdom of God soldiers numbered about 700 Japanese. They were just normal people who fought to survive, and didn’t particularly swore by any allegiance. Yue Zhong thus incorporated them into the troops belong to Ida Kyoko, Muto Shin and Yuan Tian Gang, bolstering their strength.

As for the 1,400 Japanese soldiers of the Takama-ga-hara, over 200 of them had weak wills and decided to switch loyalties, and were immediately sent to his 3 subordinates. The remaining 1,200 of the soldiers were unwilling.

Working together with Kazuki Nobuhiko, Yue Zhong soon gained control over the Yaro Gang’s city, and it regained its peace.

Inside a particular master bedroom within a mansion, Yue Zhong pulled out one of the Jasper Green Fruits and swallowed it. He only had the time now to consume this treasure.

The moment it was absorbed into his abdomen, it transformed into a warm energy flow that spread throughout his limbs, and nourished his body,

The energy continued to travel along Yue Zhong’s meridians, before finally settling in his mind, and landed on the bronze rune representing the Stealth ability, carving out additional engravings.

“Second Order Stealth: Greatly enhances Stealth ability, distorting and confusing enemies’ senses even when moving slowly.”

Yue Zhong opened his eyes as he savoured the enhancing effect: “Second Order Stealth! Why was it this skill?! Ugh, if only it had been the Steel Body skill…”

The Steel Body skill directly impacted Yue Zhong’s survivability in combat, whereas the Stealth ability was related to his assassination skills.

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