God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 568

The seas had become even more terrifying after the apocalypse, after all, all sorts of marine creatures resided within more than 70% of what constituted earth. Even a Type 2 Mutant Beast would be humongous, but compared to the rest of the creatures, it might just be some measly prawn. The real terror were those Type 5 and higher Overlords.

Even if Yue Zhong mustered all his strength, it was impossible for him to kill a Type 5 Mutant Beast at this juncture. That sort of creature was simply too terrifying, even deploying an entire battalion might not work.

If such a Type 5 Mutant Beast were active in the seas, Yue Zhong dared not move out into the Yokosuka Base.

Kazuki Nobuhiko spoke up: “Sir, there are usually a lot of Type 2 Mutant Beasts in the seas, and they’re ferocious, sometimes even coming up to shore to attack people. We had tried establishing a base here once, but due to losing many men to those Type 2 Mutant Beasts, we gave up on the town. The main active forces around here are those Type 2 Mutant Beasts, but we did catch sight of a Type 3 before.”

When Yue Zhong heard it, he went to the shore silently and summoned the Type 2 Sharkie. After taming a beast, as long as he was within a certain radius of the beast, he could establish a mental link with his tamed beasts. The higher the skill level, the larger the radius.

Right now, Yue Zhong’s Tamer Technique had already reached Level 4, within a distance of 200km, all the beasts that had been tamed could be connected with his mind, and rush to him the moment he called for them.

A Type 2 Mutant Shark the length of 40m was tearing into the flesh of a Mutant Swordfish out in the sea. Suddenly, it twisted its head and emitted a sound of delight as it rushed towards the source of the call.

The moment the Type 2 Mutant Shark left, countless smaller sea beasts swam over and began to tear into the Mutant Swordfish.

After the apocalypse, the sea had truly become a hundred times more dangerous. If a normal person was to enter the waters, regardless of how good he is with swimming, within 10 minutes, he would be torn to pieces. Unless he was a powerful Evolver.

Kazuki Nobuhiko continued carefully: “Sir, please pardon my words. With these boats, if they were to go out to sea, they will definitely be destroyed by the Mutant Beasts. It’s too dangerous.”

By this time, Yue Zhong was like Kazuki Nobuhiko’s boss, if he were to die, then Kazuki Nobuhiko’s group would be swallowed by other people. He didn’t want to become a trophy to be collected time after time, hence he wasn’t willing to see Yue Zhong die. It had nothing to do with loyalty, just self-interest.

Yue Zhong replied mildly: “I know. I have my ways to go out to sea safely.”

Kazuki Nobuhiko glance at the straight back of Yue Zhong and kept silent.

All of a sudden, the calm sea began to churn, and the sand on the beach began to stir. Numerous Mutant Sandworms of about 3 to 4 meters burrowed out with sharp teeth, their bodies encased in a white color scale-like covering, and made towards Yue Zhong’s group in a frenzy.

“Level 17 Strange Beast: Mutant Sandworms. They like to swallow flesh and blood.”

The scary thing about them was their numbers, and as they made their way towards Yue Zhong and his group, it looked like a sea of white.

“Disperse into town!” Yue Zhong looked at the numbers and also felt his scalp tingle. He could easily slaughter a few with a single swing, but there seemed to be over tens of thousands of them. Even someone as powerful as he would be helpless against numbers.

Hearing Yue Zhong’s orders, everyone fought to escape into town.

There were countless buildings still standing in the town, and by making use of those buildings, they could establish a defence.

The Mutant Sandworms had speed twice of normal humans, although they couldn’t chase up to the Evolvers under Yue Zhong, it was more than enough to catch up to the Japanese people under Fukui Honten.

An unfortunate Japanese survivor was slightly slow and he was instantly surrounded by those worms. They opened their jaws and chomped down on his body, drawing fresh blood and meat. In mere seconds, the Japanese survivor were torn to shreds amidst his pitiful screams.

“Save me!! Save me!! Master!!” Miya Yuka was running when she suddenly tripped on a stone and tumbled to the ground. She was so frightened that her tears and snot were streaming down her face, as she cried out miserably.

As she was crying, a number of the Mutant Sandworms had jumped onto her body, and was preparing to take a huge bite out of her.

As she was about to die, a flash of light shot past her, and those Mutant Sandworms were immediately sliced into pieces. Their juices splattered all over her, and if it weren’t for the peril that everyone was in, the posture and circumstance that she was in would be incredibly sexual.

Yue Zhong grabbed her and threw her to Tenpyo Saka: “Protect them properly!”

Tenpyo Saka shook slightly, and received Yuka silently, before rushing towards Aiko’s side. She wasn’t a Strength-based Evolver, but with her equipment, she had 4 times the strength of a normal person. It was barely any effort to carry Yuka.

“Block them!” Yue Zhong waved his hands and activated his Devil Flame, as the terrifying might of fire condensed in his hands. He swept outwards and caused a huge fiery tornado to blow towards those sandworms, enveloping them.

When the flames went out, over hundreds of those Mutant Beasts had been incinerated. The rest stopped slightly, evidently afraid of fire.

Tenpyo Saka and the rest made use of the chance to hurry further into town.

The waves of the sea were churning, and not long after, a huge beast of about 36m and a height of 4m appeared. Its shell broke out of the water first, and soon the entire frame of a Type 2 Mutant Lobster appeared. There were over ten thousand of its little brothers of varying levels that were beside it.

A Type 2 Mutant Beast might not count for much out deep in the ocean, but near the shores, it was still a little Overlord. Other than the Type 2 Mutant Lobster, there was also a huge Mutant Sandworm King beside it, its body over 15m long and 1m tall. This Mutant Sandworm King was the commander of those little sandworms.

Not all leader-type creatures were Type 2 Mutant Beasts, some might be weak but were naturally of a higher-level variant to command their fellow creatures.

“Level 65 Strange Beast: “Type 2 Mutant Lobster. Possess an incredibly tough carapace, and immense strength.”

“Whew, it’s just a Type 2 Mutant Beast!” After seeing the notification that popped out in his mind when his gaze fell on the beasts, Yue Zhong heaved a sigh of relief.

For Type 2 Mutant Beasts, as long as Yue Zhong was careful, he could deal with them on a one-to-one basis. As for Type 3 Mutant Beasts or even Type 4 ones, they could cause him serious damage, even to a life-threatening extent.

Yue Zhong twisted around, and activated his Shadow Steps as he charged towards the Type 2 Mutant Lobster like a tank.

A number of Mutant Sandworms immediately charged towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong then activated his Devil Flame, causing a covering of the powerful flame to encase his body. All around him, the moment those Mutant Sandworms got into contact with the Devil Flame, they were instantly incinerated.

Yue Zhong continued towards the Mutant Sandworm King in a straight line, in that short span of time, his Devil Flame had burned over hundred Mutant Sandworms. He had reached the Mutant Sandworm King and immediately slashed out, causing it to be sliced in two, its juices splattering everywhere.

The moment it died, all the sandworms quickly burrowed away.

The Type 2 Lobster stared at Yue Zhong, emitting a shrill screech.

Under that scream, a huge number of Mutant Lobsters immediately lunged towards Yue Zhong. They had speed that were about 3 or 4 times of a normal person, and they were all large in size. It was like multiple cars charging straight for Yue Zhong.

As Yue Zhong’s blade lashed out, it hit the carapace of one Mutant Lobster and the sound of metal hitting metal resounded. He then applied his Strength of 10 times a normal person, and with difficulty, he sliced apart the Mutant Lobster.

“So hard! These Mutant Lobsters’ carapaces are already comparable to steel.” Yue Zhong frowned after he disposed of one, before retreating backwards explosively.

The Mutant Lobsters were like vehicles and blocked the entire path to the Type 2 Mutant Lobster. If Yue Zhong wanted to make his way towards the Type 2 Mutant Lobster, he would have to clear a path through them.

The claws of the countless Mutant Lobsters waved and slammed towards Yue Zhong. If he was caught in between those metal-like pincers, he was bound to get hurt.

Yue Zhong was like a gust of wind, quickly pulling apart the distance between himself and the mutant beasts. He then waved his hands, and a terrifying bout of Devil Flame shot towards the Type 2 Mutant Lobster, and started to burn profusely.

The Type 2 Mutant Lobster began to struggle when it came in contact with the Devil Flame. However, after merely thrashing about for a few seconds, it crumpled to the floor, evidently, its brain had been roasted.

Yue Zhong’s Second Order Devil Flame had increased in might and destructive potential. The moment an enemy was hit, even if it was a Type 2 Mutant Beast, it would definitely burn to death.

With the death of their commander, the tens of thousands of Mutant Lobsters began to swarm back into the sea, although a few were stubborn enough to chase Yue Zhong.

The flesh and meat of high-level Mutant Beasts were nourishing to humans, just like high level Evolvers or Enhancers were nourishment to the Mutant Beasts.

“Kill them!” Yue Zhong eyed those incoming beasts, and with a thought, a nether hole appeared in the sky, as White Bones stepped out menacingly, immediately pouncing onto the nearest Mutant Lobster, and pierced its hard carapace and brain with a single bone spike, before grinding the contents to mash.

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