God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 570

Yue Zhong’s gaze swept past the deeper parts of the mothership and thought silently: “Those survivors must be inside the U.S military base… They’re the largest obstacle to me right now.”

Those survivors had not even said a word and had launched an attack on Yue Zhong’s party. They were apparently in a fearful state. They would destroy any stranger they saw, and these kinds of people were the hardest to deal with.

This time, fortunately, Yue Zhong had just brought a small team to check out the situation. If he had been in the Sky Fortress, those survivors might have already fired some form of missile at them.

The U.S was recognized to be the strongest military in the world prior to the apocalypse. Their weapons and technology were advanced, even if an actual Sky Fortress was to be constructed, it would not be able to stand up against the U.S. anti-air missiles,, not to mention an incomplete one.

Yue Zhong thought deeply for a while, before whisking out his Black Tooth Blade and walked towards the inner parts of the mothership.

Along the way, Yue Zhong didn’t discover any zombies, nor any live persons.

“Ai! These are human bones!” Yue Zhong swiftly came across a clearing where he saw numerous splintered human bones.

There were huge claw marks all around, each print larger than a human, highlighting the size and might of the owner of those claws.

Yue Zhong surmised: “Mutant Beast, those sea-based creatures would usually come up to shore, no wonder there’re not many zombies around. Most must have already been eaten by the sea Mutant Beasts.”

Mutant Beasts had already overcome their limits through evolution, and many sea-based aquatic life already possessed the strength to come on shore. While their might is definitely lower on land, it was still not something ordinary humans or zombies could withstand.

The entire Yokosuka Base was empty and desolate, not a person to be seen. This caused Yue Zhong to feel helpless. There wasn’t even a chance to engage in intel or exchange of info.

It was apparent that all the survivors in the base had already hidden themselves in some deep recess of the base, and since Yue Zhong wasn’t part of the base, he naturally would not know where to go.

Yue Zhong pondered for a while, then decided to walk towards a security camera. He wrote some English on a piece of paper and held it up: “I would like to speak to your commander!!”

After waiting a while, and noting that there was no movement from the security camera, a sense of disappointment arose in his heart. Yue Zhong then sliced the camera apart, and pulled out his Swift Shadow Bike.

The moment the Swift Shadow Bike appeared, Yue Zhong rode it and charged all the way through into Yokosuka Base.

Within the entire base, there were malls, schools, post offices, theatres, gyms and all sorts of other entertainment venues. However, the current state of these buildings were dilapidated, and the numerous vehicles had been abandoned at the sides of the roads, blood stains smeared all over.

Yue Zhong rode all the way and only then, he caught sight of zombies again. However, they were at the edge and were just shambling around aimlessly.

Prior to the apocalypse, this base was a powerful center of operations with over 10,000 American soldiers. When the apocalypse set in, many had turned into zombies, and people of the Kanagawa Prefecture had escaped to this place, hoping for rescue.

Hearing the sounds of Yue Zhong’s motorbike, the zombies began to swarm towards him.

Right at this time, a middle-aged Caucasian appeared at the 3rd level of the cinema and hollered: “What the fuck are you doing?! You still dare to cause such a ruckus! Throw your motorbike aside and hurry over here! Don’t lure them over!!”

“Humans!” Yue Zhong saw the guy and his eyes lit up with joy. He immediately kept his Swift Shadow Bike into his storage ring, and hurried over to the theatre.

“Don’t move!!” Yue Zhong had just entered the theatre when 2 handguns pointed at his back, at the same time, a cold order rang out.

“Haha!! Japanese lamb for the slaughter, seems like we’ll get to enjoy some meat tonight! Haha!”

“He doesn’t look dirty or smelly, what luck! The other time, that Japanese lamb was too sour, I felt like vomiting when I ate him.”

Yue Zhong maintained his silence, looking at the interior of the cinema. He noticed that there were 9 burly men, each of them fierce-looking, with savage auras. There was a huge pot in the corner, and multiple human bones beside. Evidently, these 9 men had committed cannibalism.

Another Caucasian whose face was covered in brittles opened his mouth, and Yue Zhong immediately smell his bad breath. The stink-mouth laughed savagely: “Raise your hands!! Japanese pig, if you don’t want your brains to be blown to pieces, you better do as we say.”

One of them, whose arms were basically trunks for muscles, had a lustful look in his eyes as he licked his lips and walked over to Yue Zhong: “This little Japanese pig is not too bad-looking. Before we kill him, let me play with him! I want to split his ass so bad!! Hahaha!”

The Europeans weren’t particularly judgemental towards homosexuality, in fact, there were many homosexuals in the army as well. Having been cooped up in this place, and burdened by the state of the world, they had long been driven to the point of insanity.

Another male laughed savagely: “Jet! Just don’t dirty him with your semen, it’s too gross to eat.”

“Are you fuckers done? If you are, time to die.” Yue Zhong swept them a look of disgust, and he sent a fist blasting towards the gun-wielding militant beside him with 10 times the Strength of a normal person. The man was sent flying into a wall, and died instantly.

After dealing with one, he then pulled out a dagger from another militant’s waist, piercing the chest of that militant before the poor sod had the time to react.

“Oh my god, he killed Jet and Myers!!” Seeing how Yue Zhong had just killed 2 people, the expressions of the rest of the 7 survivors turned to horror. They quickly pulled out their weapons and charged at him.

“Trash! Kneel!!” Yue Zhong eyes them and barked out coldly, his Art of Fear spreading out with him as the centre. The powerful Spirit attack enveloped them.

The 7 survivors were instantly stunned silly by the Art of Fear, their faces contorted in fear and shock. They crumpled to their knees, their bodies shivering,

Yue Zhong eyed them and spoke coldly like an emperor admonishing his subjects: “Other than you, where are the rest of the survivors?”

“We know!”

With his high Spirit of 246, the survivors basically could not withstand his pressure. Under the different hallucinations, the survivors could only answer helplessly as their minds reeled.

Yue Zhong pressed on: “Where are they holed up in?”

One of the survivors responded with an expression of fear: “The military members are mainly in the 3rd and 4th shelter bunkers. They had brought a large number of Japanese citizens with them. On top of that, there are many Japanese survivors in the 5th and 7th bunkers. If you follow this path, past the group of zombies outside, you can see the 7th bunker.”

“En! You guys can go to hell now.” After obtaining the info he needed, Yue Zhong mercilessly slashed out, and the 7 survivors crumpled to the ground.

After all, they had crossed his threshold, and he definitely would not allow them to live on.

Yue Zhong took out a radio device: “You guys can swim over now! There isn’t much danger on land at this moment.”

Sharkie could possibly suffer under the torpedo attacks, hence Yue Zhong chose for Bai Xiao Sheng and the rest to swim over.

Upon receiving his orders, the rest of the team swam towards Yokosuka Base.

Near the shore, there weren’t many zombies, nor any signs of Mutant Beasts. However, all the food and usable items within the various constructions had been swept clean.

Yue Zhong and his team went towards a small room and rested. After all, most of them had been out at sea for the past few hours and were feeling tired.

Bai Xiao Sheng sat at a window and played with his Dark Magic Blade: “The situation now isn’t too good! The opponents are trapped in the midst of the zombies, and are hostile towards us. Boss, what do you intend to do?”

Yue Zhong replied: “I’ll take a look later on.”

Bai Xiao Sheng stared at Yue Zhong incredulously: “Boss, you crazy? There’s at least hundreds of thousands of zombies out there, even if you’re strong, you can’t kill them all by yourself!”

Yue Zhong looked towards Tenpyo Saka: “I have my ways. Tenpyo Saka, you will go with me.”

A look of understanding flashed past her eyes and she nodded.

With both of them possessing the Second Order Stealth skill, as long as they were careful, they would definitely be able to get past the zombies. Of course, it was a risky operation, as the moment they were detected by any high level zombies, they would be surrounded in an instant.

After Tenpyo Saka came to possess the Second Order Stealth skill, she had been able to weave in and out of hordes as well. However, it was not often that one would choose to do that. After all, she had been one of the Demons of the Takama-ga-hara, and she had all sorts of treatment and entitlements, there was no need for her to risk her life to go through zombies.

As night fell, Yue Zhong and Tenpyo Saka began to move under the cover of the night.

Yue Zhong and Tenpyo Saka soon came to the sea of zombies, and noted that they had gathered in such a bunch that they had basically blocked the entire way. Under these circumstances, they wouldn’t be able to get past them even if they used their Stealth.

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