God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 571

Tenpyo Saka looked quietly at Yue Zhong, waiting to see his response. The Second Order Stealth was only good to distort the enemy’s perception of the user, and it was not full invisibility. Furthermore, while the ordinary zombies used their sense of smell and sound to discover the existence of people, and would be affected by the skill, if they were touched or came into contact, they would still react. At the same time, if the user was attacked by accident while in Stealth, the distorted perception would be dispelled.

There were many zombies on the road, and they were squeezed tightly together. No one could pass this sea of zombies, and even Tenpyo Saka wouldn’t dare barge in with her Second Order Stealth.

Yue Zhong pointed to a particular building and a long thing web shot out towards it. He then grabbed Tenpyo Saka by the waist, and started to pull himself towards the roof of the building.

“She smells good… and she’s so soft!” Yue Zhong could detect a slight fragrance from Tenpyo Saka’s body and his heart stirred slightly.

In his embrace, Tenpyo Saka’s body tightened slightly, only relaxing after a while. She had always grown up in a largely females-only environment, and had not come in contact with many men. After the apocalypse, when she had evolved, her strength and her emotionless expression had caused men to steer clear. Yue Zhong’s action caused her to be slightly uncomfortable.

With the spider silk, Yue Zhong got both of them up to the roof, before he pulled out a grappling hook from another box and fired a line over to another building. He then climbed the rope over to the next building.

Using these methods, Yue Zhong carefully got through the zombie horde, and from time to time, they would use their Second Order Stealth to get past some of the zombies by sticking close to the walls.

“The 7th Bunker!” Near an opening similar to a subway entrance, a huge sign hung above the building, revealing the position of the 7th Bunker in both English and Japanese.



“Save me!!”

Yue Zhong and Tenpyo Saka had just gotten close to the 7th Bunker, when they discovered that the originally sealed entrance of the bunker was torn open, as a number of Devourers climbed out with live Japanese survivors in between their jaws. These Japanese survivors were struggling and crying pitifully.

There was a particular Japanese who struggled hard, and enraged the Devourer. It tore the Japanese survivor apart, as fresh blood and organs splattered all over the floor. The Devourer lowered its head and swallowed up the parts of the Japanese before climbing back into the 7th Bunker.

Soon after, another Japanese survivor was dragged out by that Devourer. After having pulled out dozens of survivors, the Devourers quickly disappeared into the night.

2 L4s then stood by the entrance and sealed up the entrance.

Numerous ordinary zombies all gathered around, and let out roars at the entrance.

When Yue Zhong saw all these, his heart turned cold: “What the fuck is going on?”

The evolution of the zombies had already gone beyond what Yue Zhong had expected. According to their past movements, as long as the zombie could breach an area, they would swarm in to devour every living thing within. The 7th Bunker was obviously broken into, but the Japanese survivors inside were not annihilated. This caused him to be taken aback.

As Yue Zhong looked at the bunker, his eyes gleamed: “There should still be many Japanese survivors within.”

Tenpyo Saka came up to Yue Zhong and stared fixedly at the 7th Bunker and spoke: “There’re many Japanese survivors in there. Please lend them a hand.”

Yue Zhong replied coldly: “No way! I have no way of getting them through this zombie horde safely. Plus, I’m not obligated to.”

With his current strength, he could kill those 2 L4s, but no matter what, he could not rescue everyone from the sea of zombies waiting outside the 7th Bunker.

Tenpyo Saka’s gaze darkened when she heard it, and she bit her lower lip, not saying anything else.

Yue Zhong glanced at the 7th Bunker before he made his way towards the other bunkers.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

All of a sudden, a number of explosions occurred from the center of the zombie horde, and broke the peace of the night.

With a thought, Yue Zhong swiftly changed directions and made his way towards the source of commotion.

He came to the entrance of the 3rd Bunker, which by now had been destroyed by the tank-like L4s. In response, countless bullets and projectiles were being fired at those L4s, causing explosions to ring out one after another.

The L4s suffered numerous injuries, it was just that, at their evolution stage, their defenses were really at a sick level. Even after that bombardment, they were not dead, and their wounds quickly coagulated, forming new scales.

Under the rain of fire, the L4s managed to breach the 3rd Bunker with difficulty.

At this time, 4 Devourers appeared, firing poisonous fog into the entrance of the 3rd Bunker.

The moment that poisonous fog entered the 3rd Bunker, miserable screams and wails rang out from within, and the heavy firepower seemingly stopped, before gunshots from within rang out.

The Devourers then entered the 3rd Bunker as though having done this countless of times, and the moment they charged in, machine gun sounds rattled out.

Hong! Hong!

Following some intense explosions, the charred corpses of the Devourers flew out from the 3rd Bunker. The entire entrance of the 3rd Bunker was also blasted and collapsed.

Yue Zhong saw this and frowned: “Damn, isn’t it impossible to go in like this?”

He then made a guess: “No, it can’t be. There has to be another entrance somewhere, they would not have blasted this so decisively otherwise.”

At this moment, a patch of area about 500m away suddenly opened up to reveal a huge hole. From within the hole, 5 helicopters flew out towards the distance.

“The higher-ups have escaped!” Yue Zhong watched the escaping helicopters and guessed what must have happened.

Regardless of country, any government official had special treatment. While there were brave ones, there were likewise cowardly ones, and those who feared death.

Not long after the helicopters ascended, a few H1s hidden among the zombies opened their jaws and shot out a number of fireballs out towards the sky.

As the fireballs blast upwards, one helicopter was directly hit, and it exploded in a ball of flames, before plunging towards the ground. Another helicopter suffered a hit to the tail rotors, and it lost its balance, landing on a nearby roof. The rest of the helicopters managed to fly off into the night.

The moment the huge hole appeared, countless zombies and evolved zombies leaped into the hole. Immediately, gunfire and screams of despair sounded.

“Chance!” Yue Zhong watched the helicopter that landed on a building and his eyes flashed with a hint of delight, and he immediately made his way there.

The helicopter had landed on the 12th storey of the building but it did not blow up. Yue Zhong and Tenpyo Saka quickly arrived at the location.

Yue Zhong had just pushed the doors open to the 12th level when a bullet shot towards him.

He slapped it away casually, causing a sound of metal hitting metal to sound out.

Yue Zhong walked towards the middle of the room and saw a smartly-dressed military officer and 4 elite American soldiers. They were protecting a pair of women, one roughly 36 or 37 with silver hair and a voluptuous body, the other about 14 or 15, with a similar head of hair, and cute features.

Everyone shot Yue Zhong a look of alarm, someone who could slap a bullet away was basically Superman already. They had only seen such existences in the movies.

After the apocalypse, Yokosuka Base was filled with firearms and naturally, no one would use the items like the Novice Staff or Bat. After all, the might of those weapons could not compare to guns. Because of that, there were little Enhancers, and even then, they weren’t strong.

Yue Zhong stared at the officer and asked: “I’m Yue Zhong! Who are you people?”

Graham, the officer, stood up and replied with flair: “How do you do! I’m Colonel Graham of the 7th Fleet of the Yokosuka Base. I am pleased to make your acquaintance. This is my wife Juliana and my daughter Alice.”

From the surface, it was hard to tell that such a charismatic leader could abandon his subordinates and run.

Yue Zhong’s gaze was filled with killing intent as he asked: “Colonel! Very good! I want the location of the following: all the ammunition in the Yokosuka base, central computer for the air defense and missile control, as well as all the passwords to gain access into the various parts of the base. Give these to me and I can take your wife and daughter to leave here safely. Otherwise, I’ll throw you all to the zombies.”

Juliana and Alice looked at Yue Zhong with a look of fear.

Graham hesitated before making a decision to comply: “Good! I’m willing to give them to you.”

Graham had already abandoned his comrades and was termed a traitor. He was obviously the coward-type that feared death. Under Yue Zhong’s threat, he chose to co-operate, because he wanted to live on. Yokosuka Base also could not contact America, under such conditions, many of the military men in the base had deteriorated, and were no longer the elites of the American troops.

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