God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 572

After making that decision, Graham readily provided all the information that Yue Zhong required. He was clear and detailed about the position of the armories, the weapons storage facilities, the defense systems, at the same time, he also updated Yue Zhong about the situation within the base.

At the onset of the apocalypse, a huge number of Japanese survivors had swarmed in from the Kanagawa Prefecture. Due to their arrival, the base was also filled with zombies as a result. A number of the American troops had been infected as well, turning into zombies. However, due to the guns and firearms within the base, after a short period of commotion, they barely managed to bring things under control.

Before the world had really turned and society had yet to crumble, humanity was still going strong. Most were still moral and not heartless, and the American troops helped to save a number of Japanese survivors.

Very soon, the American troops discovered that things weren’t going well. More Japanese swarmed towards the base, and when they arrived, the entire base became like hell. There were zombies mixed everywhere. A huge number of American troops also got affected, leaving only 700 American troops surviving. As for these 700 soldiers, they were scattered throughout the base, and those who had really gathered together only numbered about 400.

The number of Japanese survivors that had approached Yokosuka Base for help was over a few hundred thousand. Without any mental preparation for what had come, the American troops had then decided to retreat further into the shelters and bunkers to avoid further casualties.

However, it was a move that would spell no way out, as once they entered the bunkers, the zombies surrounded all the exits.

At the same time, the zombies were evolving, but the survivors could only stay trapped within their safe haven, pushed to their limits.

In the epicentre of the hundred thousands of zombies, the survivors had no chance to expand. Within the various bunkers, there was enough food as well as water. There was no need to worry about food shortage at that time. But as they were trapped in their own refuge, with no hope for the future, many began to lose their minds.

The American troops were divided as a result. One half emphasized on maintenance of society and morals, as they protected the Japanese survivors. The other half had given into their inner demons, lording over the Japanese and humiliating them in various ways.

Graham’s 3rd Bunker had belonged to the 2nd category, where the Americans had completely ruled over the Japanese. They subjected the Japanese survivors to various demented activities. Rape, murder, suicide became common and this caused unease and Graham and a few other officials. They had already begun to lose control over their soldiers.

This time, when the zombies managed to breach the bunker, Graham and the rest chose to escape. If they continued to remain there, they were afraid that the soldiers who were going insane might turn on them and their families.

There were 8 bunkers constructed within the Yokosuka Base and each bunker could accommodate up to 10,000 people. That was to say, even with the cases of suicide or torment to death, there were still at least over 70,000 survivors within the base.

The central command was designated in the 3rd Bunker, and it was in there where the anti-air defences and torpedoes were controlled from.

As Yue Zhong took in the information, he was filled with excitement. With the 3rd Bunker in disarray, it meant that the self defence functions of the base was down.

As long as the zombies around the mothership and on it were disposed of, Yue Zhong could directly steer the mothership away, without fear of retaliation from the base.

Furthermore, there were armories and other military facilities not yet opened within the base. It was reasonable to expect that the resources within would be abundant, enough to stock a faction for war.

If they could transfer everything, Yue Zhong would really have struck it rich. He might already possess the 3 manufacturing lines in Guangxi, Vietnam and Hunan, but even with an entire year of production, they could not match the amount of resources that Yokosuka Base already had.

Yue Zhong got the information that he wanted and quickly came to a decision: “Good! Let’s go now!”

Tenpyo Saka could not help but speak up: “Yue Zhong, there are still many survivors inside, please lend a hand to rescue them!”

In the various bunkers, there were tens of thousands of Japanese survivors. Other than Yue Zhong, no one had the capability to save them currently.

Yue Zhong declined coolly: “No, I have no reason to risk myself.”

There were over 70,000 Japanese survivors in the 8 bunkers. If they were Chinese, Yue Zhong would rack his brains to rescue. However, they were Japanese. Even if he saved them out, he would not obtain their support nor become their leader.

Yue Zhong, born a Chinese, would be detested by the Japanese. Even when he captured Tenpyo Saka, she wasn’t willing to serve him. He could not be bothered to save a bunch of ungrateful people.

Tenpyo Saka gritted her teeth and said: “If you go and save them, I’ll be willing to serve you, and become your woman.”

Yue Zhong turned to eye this beautiful woman, and his heart stirred. He pondered for a while but still shook his head: “It’s impossible to rescue them safely from this sea of zombies. Unless we have a Sky Fortress.”

The full Sky Fortress would be like an entire mechanized city in the skies, with powerful firearms and advanced weapons.

Only with such a mighty piece of equipment would Yue Zhong have the confidence to rescue the 70,000 survivors. There was no other way currently.

Tenpyo Saka became silent and her eyes downcast. She knew it was an unreasonable even for the strong. Even she herself would not throw herself into the mouths of the zombies on this suicide mission.

The walkie-talkie in Yue Zhong’s pockets lit up and he immediately pressed the button to communicate with Bai Xiao Sheng, whose voice sounded urgent. “Boss!! There’s trouble!! Many Mutant sea creatures are making their way to shore!!”

“Mutant sea creatures!! They’re coming ashore?” Yue Zhong was jolted when he heard it, and he immediately told everyone present: “Come with me!”

The American troops followed Yue Zhong as they ran towards the roof. There were a few scattered zombies that they met along the way, but they were taken out quickly before they even had the chance to react.

As they reached the roof, Yue Zhong immediately howled once towards the skies. Not long after, a huge gust of wind blew, and a gigantic divine-looking Type 3 Greenie appeared, its wingspan over 80m.

Seeing the Type 3 Greenie, Graham and the rest of his subordinates were all dumbfounded as they stammered: “Oh God!!”

Greenie at its current size was something vastly beyond the comprehension of the people present, as a single swipe from its wing could rip them into shreds.

Graham guessed that not even bullets could harm such a terrifying existence.

Greenie descended from the skies, and lowered its proud head affectionately for Yue Zhong to pat.

Graham and the rest were against shocked, and he asked carefully: “Mr. Yue Zhong, this is…?”

“It’s called Greenie, my pet. Come on, everyone get on. If we want to leave from here, we can only sit on it.” Yue Zhong leaped up agilely and threw down a rope.

This was in the centre of the horde, and while Yue Zhong and Tenpyo Saka could make use of the Second Order Stealth to escape, the rest didn’t have that ability.

With Yue Zhong’s help, Graham and the rest quickly got onto Greenie’s back and grabbed onto its feathers fearfully.

With a single flap, Greenie rose quickly, and strong gusts of wind blew all around, and it shot towards the skies like an arrow.

High up above, Yue Zhong could see the shore, and he saw that the situation at coastal line was as Bai Xiao Sheng’s report, countless Mutant Beasts were crawling out from the sea, forming a swarm of creatures making their way further inland.

There were many Type 2 and Type 3 Mutant Beasts as well that were as large as houses, and the scene was truly hair-raising.

Sharkie was already a Type 3 Mutant Beast and could be considered an Overlord, but amongst this army of beasts, it was just an ordinary creature.

Other than the Type 3 Mutant Beasts, Yue Zhong caught sight of 8 Type 4 Mutant Beasts. One of them was a gigantic turtle over 200m-long, and it had a long, dinosaur-like neck with a huge shell. Another was like a deformed fish, with a long slender neck and powerful fins for limbs. It was covered in scales. Another reached 40m-tall in height, and it had a pair of powerful claws. It was a carb with a green-color hue throughout its body. The 4th beast was a enormous Mutant Lobster over 150m long with spikes all over its body. The 5th was a huge transparent jellyfish with countless tentacles. The 6th was a huge water snake of over 200m in length, with a single black horn on its forehead. Its body was covered in thick scales. The 7th was a dragon-like whale beast, over 300m in length, 8 limbs that possessed sharp claws. The final was a strange beast that seemed a mix of a shark and some reptile, as it possessed a shark’s head with powerful jaws, and fins as well as shark’s tail. The rest of its powerful body was covered in thick shells, and it had powerful limbs with claws instead of fins.

Type 4 Mutant Beasts represented almost the top of the food chain, each and everyone one of them a terrifying existence. This time, having 8 appear, it was truly a devastating sight.

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