God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Lu Wen

Nighttime, after eating dinner, Yue Zhong started doing push ups in his room, continuing until he felt exhausted.

Under the increased strength of the God and Devil System, Yue Zhong only needed to kill monsters attaining experience to become stronger. He did push ups in order to train his body and grasp his strength. Only skillfully mastered strength can become his own power. Chi Yang also did the same thing at Yue Zhong’s side.

Yue Zhong leaped up from the ground, Towards Chi Yang he said: “Good! Today we stop here!”

Chi Yang also jumped up from the ground.

Yue Zhong smiled at Chi Yang, pointing at Wang Lan, Yue Zhong said to Chi Yang: “Yang, do you need someone to warm the bed? If you need, she can provide.”

Wang Lan was a mature sexy beauty, but in the past she had a white collar city job. Her temperament was quite good. But she wasn’t Yue Zhong’s type. Furthermore there were no relations that occurred between her and Yue Zhong. She couldn’t be considered Yue Zhong’s woman.

Chi Yang didn’t look much at Wang Lan: “No interest.”

Yue Zhong laughed: “Also, if you so desire, you can have the two beauties Wang Qiang and Zhang Xin at any time you please.”

Although Wang Lan was beautiful, compared with Wang Qian and Zhang Xin she was not up to par.

Wang Qian and Zhang Xin were both school beauties. Before Z-age several men pursued them, but they only had affections for the cool, handsome, and talented Chi Yang.

Yue Zhong sat on a sofa. Guo Yu immediately came. Holding a towel, she carefully wiped the sweat off of his body. The former Mayer’s proud and lofty daughter actually doing such a thing for men would be unimaginable before Z-age.

Yue Zhong looking at Chi Yang smiled: “Wang Qiang and Zhang Xin, which do you like? Or simply take them both.”

If it was before Z-age, Yue Zhong absolutely couldn’t utter words of this kind. Wang Qiang and Zhang Xin, although they liked Chi Yang, they couldn’t tolerate jointly possessing one man.

But the modern world order already collapsed, Chi Yang was also a person possessing extremely powerful strength. If he wanted to have several women, it wasn’t a problem.

Chi Yang said: “Who I like, you know. As for those two, I have no feelings.”

Yue Zhong heard this and snickered: “You and her aren’t possible. It’s better to find other girls now.”

Who Chi Yang likes, being best friends of course Yue Zhong knew. He likes Yue Zhong’s elder cousin. She was a married woman, and at the same time an extremely beautiful woman. After Chi Yang Met that woman several times, he was deeply attracted by her. His heart wasn’t able to forget her.

Towards his best friend, Chi Yang had nothing to hide: “I know it’s not possible. I also greatly wish to forget her as much as possible, but I still can’t forget right now.”

Chi Yang Stood up and walked out side: “Okay! I’ll go.”

Yue Zhong shook his head. He looked at Lu wen who was laying on the bed playing with the laptop.

Lying on the bed, using the notebook Yue Zhong found today, playing computer games, on the side there was a box of papayas, two exquisitely small white legs continuously kicked, looking worry and anxiety free, extremely cute.

Yue Zhong smiled and went into the bathing room.

Yue Zhong just entered the bathing room, Lu Wen stood up from the bed, staring at Guo Yu who was preparing to enter the bathing room to attend on Yue Zhong she said: “Where are you thinking of going?”

Guo Yu submissively and quietly said: “I’m attending master.”

Although Guo Yu’s enchanting beauty was much more than Lu Wen’s, her place in Yue Zhong’s heart couldn’t compare with Lu Wen. Guo Yu was extremely clear on this matter, therefore she didn’t dare slightly snub Lu Wen.

Among Yue Zhong’s group, only the elegant Valkyrie Ji Qingwu and the outstanding personality Chen Yao could compare with Guo Yu’s beauty and charm. These were the three most beautiful women among Yue Zhong’s group.

Lu Wen stared at Guo Yu saying: “When I’m here this type of thing will all by done by me! Understand?”

Lu Wen’s was young, but she already started to learn to defend her own power. Although she reluctantly convinced herself to share Yue Zhong with the other women, but she still wanted the greatest position in Yue Zhong’s heart.

Guo Yu said in a low voice: “Yes! Sister Wen Wen!”

Seeing Guo Yu admit defeat, Lu Wen stopped being aggressive, moreover she entered the bathhouse with large strides.

Guo Yu looked at Lu Wen’s backside, her pretty fingers intertwined together. Her beautiful large eyes flashed a strange light,

Yue Zhong comfortably soaked in the bath’s hot water. Seeing Lu Wen enter, he couldn’t help but curiously ask: “Why did you come?”

Lu Wen wrapped in a pure white bath towel, stepped towards Yue Zhong, smiling she charmingly asked Yue Zhong: “Big brother Yue Zhong! Am I pretty?”

In the rising mist, Lu Wen’s wrapped white towel exposed a large amount of healthy young skin, matching her pair of large black and white watery eyes, and her bursting chest, a sexy beautiful healthy young woman.

Looking at Lu Wen like this, Yue Zhong’s heart couldn’t help but jump slightly saying: “Pretty!”

Lu Wen’s mouth provoked a beautiful arc. She took a step into the bath, and leaned into Yue Zhong’s chest. A portion of the young woman’s scent bubbled up from her body into Yue Zhong’s nose.

Yue Zhong hugged Lu Wen in a very natural way, her skin was elastic and glossy like silk.

Lu Wen’s eyes turned into two round mists, turning her head embracing Yue Zhong. Taking the initiative she kissed Yue Zhong’s lips. Her small tongue and Yue Zhong’s tongue interlaced together.

After some time, their lips parted, Lu wen slightly gasped for air, her blushed red with two large rouge circles, she pressed close to Yue Zhong’s ear, softly blowing, using a coyish and charming voice she stated: “Brother Yue Zhong wants me!”

At the same time Lu Wen used her body that was well developed beyond her peers rubbing up against Yue Zhong’s body, Yue Zhong could even feel the two cherries, a beautiful sensation on his body.

Yue Zhong was a healthy and strong man, his desire completely ignited. He embraced Lu Wen, directly pressing her against the wall, without showing the least bit of pity or tenderness he thrusted in.

Lu Wen’s brows wrinkled, traces of blood flowed out, without anyone teaching her she quietly flattered: “Brother Yue Zhong, I’m now yours. Keep coming make love to me!”

Yue Zhong became even more excited, starting to enjoy her body’s beauty.

The steamy bathroom echoed the sounds of a man gasping for air and a woman’s moans.

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