God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 573

All sorts of Mutant Sea Lions, Seals, Sea Centipedes, Sea Lice, Sandworms and various other Mutant Beasts with the 8 colossal Type 4 in the centre made their way towards shore.

“That’s terrifying!” Yue Zhong looked at them and his heart shook. Mutant Beasts possessed crazy armor, and their life force was strong. A Type 2 Mutant Beast was more than enough to decimate a company of soldiers that lacked heavy weapons.

By now, the Type 2 Mutant Beasts were barely above the rest of the ordinary Mutant Beasts, as they marched on in their swarms. There were over thousands of them. This was a number that was more than enough to annihilate an army of more than 100,000.

Greenie flapped its wings and caused a great gust of wind to rise, as it landed gracefully on the building Bai Xiao Sheng and the rest were on. At this time, the building was being surrounded by the Mutant Beasts.

Yue Zhong immediately leaped towards Bai Xiao Sheng and the rest.

Currently, the entire place looked right out of hell, there were the dismembered corpses of Mutant Beasts lying everywhere as Bai Xiao Sheng and his team fought off the Mutant Beasts with all their might.

Yue Zhong had just arrived by their side when 8 Mutant Beasts with bass heads, bodies full of scales, with fins, gills and claws opened their jaws and fired numerous bubbles. This pressurized bubbles blasted towards 2 Evolvers, sending them flying against a wall. The 2 unfortunate Evolvers spat out a mouthful of blood and it was evident that they had suffered grievous injuries.

Yue Zhong shot through his troops and waved his Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade 8 times quickly, chopping those 8 beasts into 2.

“Boss, you’ve finally made it!”

Bai Xiao Sheng grinned at Yue Zhong and shot out from beside Miya Aiko, waving his Dark Magic Blade as he weaved in about the swarm of Mutant Beasts, slicing numerous beasts in 2.

Yue Zhong eyed the surroundings and noted that Fukui Honten, Kazuki Nobuhiko and the Miya sisters had not yet died. The rest of the fishing folk and survivors had lost about 7 or 8 of their people.

Had Yue Zhong been slightly later, other than Bai Xiao Sheng, the rest would likely have perished.

Yue Zhong ordered deeply: “Retreat to the roof!”

“Yes!” 6 Evolvers replied and swiftly brought their injured comrades in the direction of the roof.

All of a sudden, there was the sound of glass breaking. A huge snakehead broke through a window, and opened its jaws to snap at Yue Zhong.

“Level 65 Strange Beast: Type 2 Mutant Sea Snake. Ferocious and violent creature.”

Yue Zhong’s gaze turned cold and he activated his Devil Flame, causing a fireball to shoot towards the mouth of the Type 2 Mutant Sea Snake.

With a huge explosion, the head of the Mutant Sea Snake was instantly blasted into pieces. Bits and pieces of brain and flesh rained from the skies, at the same time a skill book burst out.

Yue Zhong picked up the dropped skill book and quickly shot back. Although the entire body of the Type 2 Mutant Sea Snake was a treasure, he could not spare the time to slowly take it apart.

Kuang lang, kuang lang.

Following the sounds of glass breaking, a number of strange beasts with the heads,scales and fins of fish but standing upright on their legs that had evolved, climbed in from the windows.

“Level 23 Strange Beasts: Low-intelligence warriors of the sea. Possess a constitution 5 times that of normal humans. Their natures are bloodthirsty and violent.”

Yue Zhong looked at the sea warriors and a look of shock flashed past his eyes: “Marine Clan!! Marine Clan lifeforms. Shit, even the Mutant Beasts have evolved to an intelligent stage? If they continued like this, will humans even have a chance?!”

Since the world changed, there were zombies and Mutant Beasts everywhere, and humanity was slowly forced to seek refuge in various corners. They could hold their own mainly because of the treasuries and legacies left behind before the apocalypse, at the same time, the zombies and Mutant Beasts were driven by their bestial instincts, rather than intelligence.

The moment zombies and Mutant Beasts developed intelligence, then with their advantage in numbers and constitution, humanity would most likely lose out.

Especially for those of the sea, earth had twice as much water as land. Furthermore, there were over 100 more times the diversity of life. Should the terrifying Type 5 Overlords of the sea get on land, only nuclear and guided missiles might have the possibility of destroying them. Beyond those, all tanks and armored vehicles were likely to be toyed around with.

A fierce glint appeared in the beady eyes of those sea warriors as they pounced towards Yue Zhong.

“Trash! Fucking beasts, you won’t stand a chance!” Yue Zhong shot towards them and with a single blade beam, he took out 6 sea warriors instantly.

Having disposed of them, Yue Zhong retreated back towards the roof.

Kuang lang, kuang lang. The sounds of glass shattering travelled throughout the building.

One sea warrior managed to charge towards a fisherman, and its claws pierce his back, before it ripped him violently. A huge chunk of flesh was torn from the fisherman’s back and fresh blood splattered.

“Ah!! Save me!! Save me!!” The Japanese fisherman screamed out in agony. He had just shouted twice when another sea warrior had jumped in front of him and chomped down on his throat.

3 others surrounded the poor fisherman and used their sharp claws to rip his body apart.

Seeing this bloody scene, the rest of the fishing folk felt their hearts turn cold and they quickly rushed towards the roof.

Yue Zhong swiftly rushed back with Bai Xiao Sheng as they cleared the various sea warriors from the back.

With the protection of the 2 experts, the rest managed to climb onto Greenie’s back.

Greenie flapped its mighty wings and soared to the skies amidst roaring winds.

In the sky, Yue Zhong looked down and saw the Mutant Sea Warriors swarming all over the building like ants. Compared to those numbers, the ones that they had just killed seemed like a single hair of 9 oxens.

While these Mutant Sea Warriors did not possess similar combat strength compared to the Mutant Beasts, their numbers were simply uncountable. From the skies, it just seemed like the entire place had been overrun by those Sea Warriors.

They were strange in appearance, some had swordfish heads, others had octopus heads. Their bodies were scales, some had shark heads and their bodies were all burly.

The numerous sea warriors and the ferocious Mutant Beasts did not get in each other way, nor did they engage in any conflict. This caused Yue Zhong’s heart to sink.

He patted Greenie lightly, and it began to fly towards the mothership.

Since the defences of the base had been resolved, Yue Zhong planned to obtain the mothership and leave the place quickly. The zombies and Mutant Beasts horde wasn’t something their small party could handle at this point, after all, their numbers were really too huge.

Greenie landed on the mothership and the party leaped down from its back.

On the deck, the wandering zombies began to shuffle towards Yue Zhong and his party.

Seeing the state of the bodies of those American troops, the Miya sisters as well as Alice felt fearful and backed a few steps towards Yue Zhong.

In this world, there were people who constantly fought on the frontlines against zombies, while others hid behind for safety. The Miya sisters had survived like that for so long, and hence, their price was like that of goods, traded around as gifts.

Yue Zhong eyed the incoming zombies and ordered Tenpyo Saka: “Eliminate them!”

She was after all a Demon-level existence within Takama-ga-hara, her battle strength high. In a flash, she shot towards the zombies and decapitated all of them.

In 20 seconds, all the zombies had been wiped out by her.

After dealing with that minor disturbance, Yue Zhong and his party continued further into the mothership.

Yue Zhong turned on his flashlight and under the guidance of Graham, they began to walk towards the control room.

Along the way, many zombies would appear and try to attack them, however, before they got too close, Yue Zhong had taken them out easily. They managed to proceed smoothly into the control room of the mothership.

The 8 Evolvers that had followed Yue Zhong immediately stepped forwards to get accustomed to the controls. They had the Vehicle Operational Specialization and with that, even without any prior experience in controlling, they soon caused the mothership to move.

One of them came up to Yue Zhong and spoke excitedly: “Leader, we have already gained control of the mothership, we’re awaiting your next orders.”

Mothership!! It was something that many Chinese longed for. It was the pinnacle of power on the seas, without it, a country was of no threat.

Since the beginning of the apocalypse, China only owned one, and the one they had could not compare to the current U.S Navy’s.

Yue Zhong frowned slightly, looking at the distance, before saying: “Go, bring the mothership towards Shizuoka Prefecture.”

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