God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 574

The Evolver immediately replied: “Roger! Leader!”

The 8 Evolvers immediately got into action, and they begun to operate the controls as though they had been part of the crew for years. Under their deft control, the ship began to light up, and following the sounds of whirring, the huge carrier left its port and started to move.

Yue Zhong looked at Tenpyo Saka: “Tenpyo Saka, I’ll leave the zombies on the ship to you.”

She was after all an assassin that walked in the dark, and with the Night Vision ability as well, she was more than enough to handle the zombies within the mothership.

She glanced at Yue Zhong before turning around to go hunt down the zombies.

A single aircraft carrier mothership was the product of human ingenuity prior to the apocalypse, and its size was even larger than most Type 4 Mutant Beasts. Its movements caused waves to ripple out.

Many of the sea warriors and Mutant Beasts were attracted by the movement and begun to swim over.

The powerful defense systems of the mothership were activated and began firing at the surrounding Mutant Beasts and sea warriors. The resulting blasts tore the enemies apart. Blood dyed the sea red, and the corpses of numerous Mutant Beasts and sea warriors floated on the water.

Yue Zhong stood on the deck and brought out a single 12.7mm heavy machine gun, and begun to fire it at the sea warriors that survived.

On the other side, Sharkie drew close, and opened its jaws to suck in all the sea warriors. Its sharp jaws then closed tight, tearing the sea warriors into bits and their blood splattered everywhere. The speed at which Sharkie was slaughtering the sea warriors was even faster than Yue Zhong.

All of a sudden, a large tentacle rose up from the sea, and made to grab at Yue Zhong.

His face fell slightly as he dodged to the side, pulling out his Black Tooth Blade as he slashed out. The tentacle was sliced in two, and the owner retracted the remainder of its tentacle in pain.

As the water churned, a huge Type 3 Mutant Octopus of over a 100m in length appeared, and it stretched out all its tentacles to grab at Sharkie.

A monstrous Type 3 Sea Snake swam over hurriedly, accompanied by a Type 3 Mutant Swordfish with a sharp spike of 10m as they prepared to attack Sharkie.

The spike of the Type 3 Mutant Swordfish was really sharp, if Sharkie was really pierced by it, even if it escaped death, it would be at the very least heavily injured.

From the skies, Greenie shot down and grabbed at the Type 3 Mutant Sea Snake, and brought it out of the water.

The Green Eagles were natural fishing birds, and they perfectly countered snakes as well. Their speed was fast, and in a single swoop, Greenie easily pierced the body of the similar-level Mutant Sea Snake.

With a single move, Greenie had disposed of one enemy. The Type 3 Mutant Swordfish rammed into Sharkie, its sharp spike piercing the defensive layer of Sharkie, injuring it greatly.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with a chill as he immediately conjured a Devil Flame Spear expending 20 points of Spirit, and fired it at the Type 3 Mutant Swordfish.

The Devil Flame entered the water and caused steam to billow upwards, however, by the time it reached the body of the Mutant Swordfish, it had lost much of its power, not injuring it in the slightest.

The Devil Flame was terrifying on land, even able to cook an L4 that a rocket could not possibly damage. However, the moment it met water, it was basically useless.

In truth, most abilities were less effective in the water. Only body constitutions would not be affected.

The Type 4 Mutant Swordfish shot Yue Zhong a cold glare, and twisted its body, causing the sharp spike to gouge a huge wound out of Sharkie, fresh blood dying the sea red.

Sharkie bore its pain and reached out with one of its evolved claws to tear the tentacles restricting it, before it turned around to chomp down on the body of the Type 3 Mutant Swordfish. Its violent attack also caused the Type 3 Mutant Swordfish to suffer greatly.

The mothership continued to traverse forward, as the Mutant Beasts and sea warriors continued to pursue. The moment they caught up, the swarm would become a huge nightmare for Yue Zhong and his party.

Sharkie and the Type 3 Mutant Swordfish continued to engage each other, tearing and ripping into each other.

Right at this time, Greenie suddenly swooped down again, and pecked once violently at the head of the Mutant Swordfish, causing a huge gaping hole. The Type 3 Mutant Swordfish was killed instantly.

Sharkie swam forwards and bit down on the head of the dead Type 3 Mutant Swordfish ferociously, gobbling up the brain together with the nuclei.

After Sharkie absorbed the nuclei and brain into its body, it quickly swam for the depths of the sea. Many Type 2 Mutant Beasts swam over, attracted by the scent of fresh blood.

The flesh and blood as well as the nuclei of Type 3 Mutant Beasts were enticing to most ordinary and Type 2 Mutant Beasts. Since Sharkie was heavily injured, many of these beasts were naturally unwilling to let go of such a big piece of meat.

With Sharkie leaving, it naturally helped divert the attention of a huge number of the Mutant Beasts, decreasing the pressure on the human party.

Yue Zhong raised his 12.7mm machine gun and continued to fire it at the heads of the sea warriors. His body continued to flash about on the deck of the mothership, causing any member of the sea warriors that got too close to be killed immediately.

After 20 minutes, the sea warriors were left behind by the speed of the mothership.

The sea warriors were 5 times stronger than most ordinary humans. In a short span of time, it was possible for them to burst with speed exceeding that of the mothership. However, it was a short acceleration. Over time, it was impossible for them to maintain that speed. After all, they were biological lifeforms, and not machines.

After being on the sea for 30 minutes, there was a strange movement amongst the pursuing beasts. The Type 3 and Type 2 Mutant Beasts begun to attack the weaker Mutant Beasts, killing many of them.

Numerous weaker life forms were consumed by the larger ones, while others escaped, and in a short span of time, the entire Mutant Beast army seemed to fall apart.

“We’re safe for now!” Yue Zhong saw the sudden collapse of the Mutant Beast army and he heaved a sigh of relief.

In the seas, the law of the jungle always ruled, the strong preyed on the weak, and they would often kill each other. This time, the organization of such forces was definitely due to some beast possessing the strength.

However, even absolute strength would have a limit, and in this case, it was the radius at which the control was present. It seemed that the moment those Mutant Beasts got out of range, they immediately fell apart.

Watching the fall of the Mutant Beast horde, everyone on the mothership heaved a sigh of relief.

The pressure from those Mutant Beasts and sea warriors had been too exhausting, not even the self-defence systems on the mothership could fully keep them at bay.

Furthermore, while the might of the weapons were terrifying, the expenditure of ammo was likewise as shocking. Yue Zhong had not yet obtained the resources from the base itself.

He directly asked an Evolver: “Xian Yu Ming! How many people is needed to run this mothership?”

Xian Yu Ming was one of Chinese that had followed Yue Zhong and was already a Level 44 Strength-based Evolver. He was also one of the pilots of the Thunder Fighters, possessing the Vehicle Manoeuvre Specialization ability, and he was the captain of the small elite group of the 8 Evolvers that had come on this operation.

Xian Yu Ming thought for a while before replying: “4. It will require 4 to navigate it and control the defence systems.”

This was mainly thanks to the advanced development of the US, allowing for much of the ship to be automated. Due to this, the ship just required 4 well-versed crew members.

Yue Zhong gazed at them and said: “Good! I need just 3 of you to go command it. Who amongst you are willing to follow me to go get the flagship of the 7th fleet?”

“Leader!! I’m willing!!”

“Leader! I’m willing!! Chen Yi Fei is injured, let him rest. I’ll follow you!!”

Hearing his order, the subordinates clamoured with excitement. They had already obtained the awe-inspiring mothership, if they could even obtain the 7th fleet’s flagship, then it would be an honourable matter.

Together with the mothership, the flagship was also a terrifying war-machine. With these 2, they would be near invincible in the waters of China. As long as they didn’t encounter any Type 4 or Type 5 Mutant Beasts, they were practically invincible.

Xian Yu Ming shot them a glare and barked: “Pipe down!”

The moment he opened his mouth, the rest kept quiet and looked at him in anticipation. Xian Yu Ming’s position in the army was high, and since Yue Zhong enforced military rule, the lower ranked soldiers adhered vehemently to authority.

Xian Yu Ming then issued the order: “Zhao Tian Gang, Qiao Xing, Li Shu. The 3 of you shall accompany Leader.”

Although Xian Yu Ming himself wanted very badly to go, he knows that the mothership was even more important to Yue Zhong. As the captain of this small unit, he had to stay on board to guard and command the ship.

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