God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 576

The S3s and S2s were like ants that crawled all over the massive body of the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake. They used their claws and jaws to tear into the meat of the behemoth.

Every one of these evolved zombies could cause a little harm to the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake, if the damage was accumulated over time, then even an invincible being like it would succumb to its injuries and die.

Facing the combined assault of the evolved zombies, the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake opened its huge mouth to release large amounts of poisonous gas.

The huge poison cloud surrounded the zombies, which continued to climb all around the huge Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake and bite it. Many of them inhaled the gas and some changes began to happen, as they grew some lesions on their backs.

The innate ability of the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake was poison, and the poison it spat out was strong enough to even poison other Type 4 Mutant Beasts to death. If Greenie were to come in contact with just a little, it will definitely die of poison and drop out of the sky. However, the poison that this Type 4 Mutant Snake released was not the dissolving type, hence it was ineffective against the zombies that were basically carrying a deadly virus on themselves as well.

When the wind blew, the poisonous gas was dissipated outwards, and with the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake in the centre, every single Mutant Beast within a 1km radius crumpled to the ground, their faces turning black.

Within that radius, one Type 3 Mutant Lobster and Type 3 Mutant Red-back Crab died instantly. Many of these Mutant Beasts had powerful resistance towards poison and viruses, but the poison from the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake was on a whole different level.

When the zombies consumed the innate ability of the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake, they begun to ravage the body of the behemoth with renewed vigor.

In its pain, the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake thrashed about, hoping to shake the little critters off. With every twist of its massive body, the zombies would be sent flying, and at the same time, the zombies that were around were crushed beneath.

Even without its innate ability, the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake possessed a terrifying strength. Its huge body contained a strength that not even Evolvers were capable of withstanding.

As the Type 4 Mutant Snake continued to swing about, most of the zombies were sent flying, only those S4s continued to grab on tightly with their claws embedded in the body of the Sea Snake.

The S4s were like ants to the gargantuan Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake, and it was able to ignore the remaining S4s on its body.

Instead, it turned its attention towards a L4 and opened its huge jaws to swallow it. When it was done, it opened its jaws again to suck in, and a powerful suction caused many of the evolved zombies around to be sucked into its jaws.

As it continued to suck in the hundreds of smaller evolved zombies like a vacuum cleaner, only the L4s, L3s and Devourers were able to withstand. The rest were all sucked into its body.

When the Mutant Sea Snake was done sucking in hundreds of evolved zombies, it then closed its jaws and coiled its body, causing the zombies within its body to be crushed into bits and pieces.

Seeing that, Yue Zhong immediately felt his heart turn cold and he abandoned the idea of fighting his way out from within if he was ever caught. The moment the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake twisted its body, he would definitely be crushed to death.

A number of the S4s which were still on the body of the Mutant Sea Snake quickly climbed along its body. The moment they moved, the sensitive Mutant Sea Snake discovered them and once again, it began its violent thrashing in a bid to shake them off.

Right at this time, a white line shot out from within the zombie horde, piercing a hole directly in the body of the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake.

The Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake had not been injured too greatly by the surrounding zombies earlier, but this single blow dealt a huge blow to it.

A single young man stepped out from the horde, his hair long and flowing down his shoulders. He wore a kimono, and his looks were extremely handsome. His muscles were ripped and lean, but his eyes were entirely blood-red, and he was covered in a layer of bone armor.

“Corpse, a different evolution of the virus infection. Possesses terrifying strength and intelligence that do not lose out to humans. A being with high-intelligence.”

Yue Zhong’s Eyes of Perception kicked in when he glanced at that corpse, and the notification shocked him.

Looking at that corpse, his heart was filled with killing intent: “Damn it, there’s such a freak. I need to eliminate it, right here! This sort of life form cannot be allowed to live on this earth!”

After the world had changed, there was less than 1 in 10 humans who survived, and yet the zombies population was at least a hundred times of that. Any single large city would be occupied by at least a million zombies now. Yue Zhong had been able to obtain victory in the past was because the zombies were stupid. Even the Z-types could not compare to humans in terms of intelligence.

However, the fact that there was a evolved being that had high intelligence, this was definitely the nightmare for humanity. Even if it was just one smart high school student that could control all the zombies, he or she would be able to wipe out all the factions on earth.

As of now, the Kingdom of God was the strongest faction that Yue Zhong had come across, but he knew that if they were surrounded by a billion zombies, they would also collapse. Nuclear bombs might not necessarily annihilate a billion zombies.

The corpse was like an emperor that had control of the world, as it pointed to the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake, and 4 sharp bone spikes came out from its body to pierce the body of the Type 4 Mutant Snake. The spikes that begun to drill furiously, causing 4 huge gaping holes as copious amount of the precious Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake’s blood flowed out.

The corpse then begun to suck, absorbing the blood of the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake into its body.

Having been injured, the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake became even more violent, as it twisted towards the corpse in a frenzy.

The blood-red eyes of the corpse flashed with scorn. The bone spikes beneath its feet sent it retreating backward speedily, its speed faster than the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake by over 2 times.

As the corpse retreated, it continued to use huge bone spikes to pierce the body of the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake, aggravating its injuries, and continued to absorb its blood.

The Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake opened its huge mouth to spit out a large amount of poisonous gas towards the corpse, enveloping the entire area.

The corpse did not panic, instead, it shot out a huge bone towards the brain of the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake, intending to pierce its brain.

Peng! At this moment, as the corpse was about to seize victory, a powerful sniper bullet shot towards the heart of the corpse.

At that instant, the corpse twisted its body slightly, and the bullet blasted its left shoulder, causing the bone armor to shatter into pieces. Its figure was also sent staggering a few steps backwards due to the force of the bullet.

As the corpse was hit, another powerful spear made of flames shot past it, piercing the brain of the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake, exploding and burning the brains of the behemoth into ashes.

Having lost its scales that could withstand even water, fire and bullets, the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake was no longer invincible and Yue Zhong took the opportunity to steal the kill.

“Congratulations on achieving Level 80, you’ve gained 2 attribute points to be allocated.”

“Congratulations on achieving Level 80, you’ve gained 1 skill point.”

After killing the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake sneakily, the notifications rang out in his mind.

At the same time, a blue box appeared beside the corpse of the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake.

When he caught sight of the blue box, Yue Zhong’s expression almost turned green, and he activated his Bone Encompassing Armor and leaped down from the height of over 200m.

He reached out towards the ground, and shot a bone spike into the ground, before pulling himself towards the corpse quickly.

The corpse that was forced to stagger backward by Yue Zhong had a look of fury in its eyes, as it waved its hands, 4 of the bone spikes that could pierce even the defences of the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake shot towards Yue Zhong.

Facing those sharp spikes, Yue Zhong did not dare dally. He activated his Shadow Steps, pushing his Agility to the limits, before he pulled out his Black Tooth Blade to hack at the incoming spikes. He then made use of the recoil to send himself towards the ground.

He immediately grabbed the blue box, depositing it into his storage ring, and instantly activated his Second Order Stealth skill, routing around the corpse of the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake to hide himself.

The fact that the corpse could hunt the Type 4 Mutant Beasts, it was because it could counter the innate ability of the Type 4 Mutant Beasts, from this, it was apparent how powerful this corpse was.

The corpse glanced around, laughing maniacally in Japanese: “Distorting Perception, interesting! Human, in front of you is the great Amaterasu that will rule the world! In front of a god, you are all ants. There’s only death even if you try to run!”

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