God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 577

The corpse that referred to itself as Amaterasu waved its hand, and a dark red blood liquid came out of its body, as it swept across the general area towards Yue Zhong.

An overwhelming sense of danger arose in Yue Zhong’s heart, and he immediately conjured a dragon with his Devil Flame and fired it at the incoming blood river.

When the Devil Flame dragon came in contact with the blood river, there was a sizzling sound as the blood was burnt upon contact, turning into a bloody fog that dispersed into the sky.

The corpse saw its own blood river being incinerated by Yue Zhong’s Devil Flame and its eyes flashed with unhappiness: “A fire user! Damn it!”

The dark blood river was a special skill that amounted from the corpse’s absorption of blood from living things. Under its control, the river could change size and shape, and the moment it congealed, it could even pierce the scales of a Type 4 Mutant Beast. It was the own blood essence of the corpse as well, the moment it was destroyed, the corpse would suffer a backlash, and become weak.

The corpse had consumed an indeterminate amount of blood from numerous people and Mutant Beasts, and the blood river was as equally as dominating as it was. However, it happened to be countered by Yue Zhong’s Devil Flame.

As the Devil Flame died down, and the smelly bloody fog had lifted, Yue Zhong had disappeared from his position.

Amaterasu looked at where Yue Zhong had disappeared from and laughed out loud: “Have you escaped? Humans are indeed crafty. The moment you think you’re no longer my opponent, you ran! What a trash! From today onwards, the earth will belong to me, Amaterasu! Hahaha!!”

The grating laughter rang out through the night sky.

Amaterasu then turned to look at the corpse of the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake and walked over. “After swallowing this Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake, my strength will evolve once more. By then, there will be no one who’s my match.”

To zombies and corpses, the flesh and blood of a Type 4 Mutant Beast was a potent ingredient for evolution. The flesh of the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake held great allure over zombies, and Amaterasu was no different.

It was just walking towards the body of the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake when all of a sudden, a lightning bolt struck down on it, causing its body to be charred black, its hair to be singed, giving off a burnt smell.

From afar, a huge Type 4 Sea Jellyfish was leading a swarm of jellyfish towards the direction of Amaterasu. Their innate ability was electricity, and they caused a number of lightning bolts to assault Amaterasu.

The Type 4 Sea Jellyfish led the attacks by casting huge and powerful lightning strikes towards Amaterasu, electrocuting it. While Amaterasu was impervious to poison, it had no way of defending against the lightning attacks fully.

Receiving that continuous onslaught of electricity, Amaterasu began to launch its own counterattack, as sharp bone spikes as well as a layer of blood congealed to form a mighty shield. The shield absorbed the incoming lightning attacks, causing part of the wall to sizzle and turn into a bloody mist.

The innate ability of the Type 4 Sea Jellyfish was frightening, as it continued to drift forwards while casting its ability, before it came in front of the blood shield and smacked down on it viciously. The blood shield instantly disintegrated.

The shield of blood had collapsed into nothing, but by then, the corpse Amaterasu had disappeared from behind. As a being with high-intelligence, survival was always the first priority. If it were zombies, even if the enemy was way out of their league, they would just continue to fight until they themselves were exterminated. As for the corpse, the different line of evolution had caused them to develop thinking and to possess feelings and intelligence equal to that of humans.

Amaterasu was extremely clear the it would not be easy to defeat the Type 4 Sea Jellyfish, hence, it decided to escape in another direction.

Amaterasu could defeat the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake was because it was unafraid of the Sea Snake’s innate ability. If it were other experts, they might have long been poisoned to death. It was only because the corpse had evolved from the virus strain that made it invulnerable to the poison.

However, facing the group of Sea Jellyfish that were electrical in nature, Amaterasu had no natural defence, and if things continued on, it would suffer an electrocuting end.

After chasing the corpse Amaterasu away, the Type 4 Mutant Sea Jellyfish reached out with its countless tentacles, bringing the evolved zombies around it into its mouth, and it bit through them, grinding their bodies down.

After swallowing a large number of zombies, the Type 4 Sea Jellyfish then reached out to flip the corpse of the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake, piercing its head to obtain the nucleus.

The Type 4 Sea Jellyfish was still probing the forehead of the dead Sea Snake when Yue Zhong suddenly burst out from the forehead, covered in snake blood. He waved his hands and fired a Devil Flame tornado towards the head of the Jellyfish.

The Sea Jellyfish wasn’t too slow in its response as well, quickly raising numerous tentacles to defend itself.

When the Devil Flame tornado blasted onto the tentacles, a number of the tentacles which consisted mostly of water instantly turned into ash. In just a few breaths, the Sea Jellyfish was able to regenerate out another few tentacles. Type 4 Mutant Beasts possessed terrifying regenerative abilities, and this was one of their advantages.

Yue Zhong was not so overconfident to think that he could take care of the Jellyfish that easily. After firing that flame ball, he immediately dashed behind a building and activated his Second Order Stealth.

When the Type 4 Sea Jellyfish saw the person that injured it had disappeared, it went into a rage, and released multiple electrical charges outwards. The rampage caused many zombies to be instantly electrocuted to death, and the region where it was had turned into a nightmare of electricity. Over thousands of zombies were instantly wiped out.

“Damn it! These Overlords are sure hard to deal with.” Amaterasu watched as the Type 4 Sea Jellyfish continued to consume the evolved zombies around it, and it quickly gave an order to the evolved zombies to retreat. To Amaterasu, the death of the countless ordinary zombies would not cause it much ache, but any evolved zombie of Type 2 and above were elite soldiers, and had consumed a large number of people and Mutant Beasts to get to where they were. They were its cards to use in conquering the world.

A large number of evolved zombies began to retreat, while ordinary zombies surged forwards, swallowed up by those Mutant Sea Jellyfishes.

The corpse Amaterasu might be wild and crazy, but its intelligence wasn’t low, as he thought of the crux of the problem: “The Sea Clan! Those merpeople are the cause of this. As long as I wipe them out, these Mutant Beasts would naturally collapse!”

Many of the Mutant Beasts followed the law of the jungle, where the strong preyed on the weak. Larger fishes consumed the smaller ones, while the smaller ones consumed prawns and the smaller life forms. It was a cruel world. If it wasn’t for the strange power that held control over them, then they couldn’t possibly co-exist or even gather together for this joint assault. If the power controlling them was done in, then these beasts would naturally fall.

The moment Amaterasu came to this conclusion, it closed its eyes and started to sense for the existences of the Sea Clan. It had a mystical ability, in that within a 50 km radius, it could get information from the zombies. Even for ordinary zombies that had no eyesight, it could make use of their undamaged eyes to look on the battlefield. Of course, it was an ability that required all of its concentration. Furthermore, beyond the radius, it could only make use of the various Z-Types to control the troops.

Under its command, over a thousand S2s began to charge towards the direction of the Sea Clan.

A vast majority of those S2s were directly killed by the Mutant Beasts and the sea warriors, however, a portion managed to breach the defences, and entered the inner circle of the Sea Clan.

The closer they got, the tighter the defences. With the suicidal charge of those S2s, only a few managed to reach the region that was guarded by those burly whale-head soldiers. Only then did they catch sight of the intelligent merpeople guarded heavily.

Those S2s had just seen the merpeople when the whale-head warriors immediately shot forwards and smashed those S2s into meat paste.

Right before the moment the S2s were turned into meat paste, the corpse Amaterasu opened its eyes with delight, and a savage smile broke out on its face: “I’ve got you! Damn merpeople, you can all die for me. The land belongs to me the god Amaterasu.”

Since it had discovered the traces of the merpeople, Amaterasu quickly issued out a number of commands.

The zombies all around Yokosuka Base stirred and made their way towards the Sea Clan and Mutant Beasts, as fighting and killing broke out everywhere.

The evolved zombies of Type 2 and above were split into 8 troops, avoiding the 7 invincible Type 4 Mutant Beasts, and launched a ferocious attack on the Sea Clan from 4 different directions.

Each troop was headed by 8 L4s, their strength exceeding even those of Type 3 Mutant Beasts. Furthermore, there were Devourers and S4s supporting them, and huge number of the sea warriors and lesser Mutant Beasts were torn apart.

The ordinary zombies might not be able to cause much damage, but that was not to say they were useless. The Mutant Beasts would get distracted while attacking the ordinary zombies, leaving them vulnerable to the evolved ones. At the same time, with the large number of zombie pressing forward, and squeezing all the parties together, it was easier for the L2s and L3s to pummel them into mush.

The 7 Type 4 Mutant Beasts turned their attention to the 8 different groups and chased after them.

Amaterasu had somehow picked up on tactics by itself, and under its command, the 8 separate forces did not engage the Type 4 behemoths, only escaping further into the sea of zombies.

The 7 Type 4 Mutant Beasts charged into the midst of the horde, and flattened countless zombies into meat paste. Each of them was the size of a large cruise, and in their path, corpses laid strewn all over the ground, in varying degrees of flattened flesh and splattered blood. It seemed as though nothing could pose a threat to those Type 4 Mutant Beasts.

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