God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 578

When the attention of the Type 4 Mutant Beasts was on the zombie horde, every single action of theirs caused the surrounding zombies to be flattened into meat paste. With every passing second, there were over thousands of zombies being taken out of commission. That was the problem with the zombies, their densely packed formation caused them to suffer as an entire bunch.

Yue Zhong had no way of killing over tens of thousands of zombies in one blow, but the 7 Type 4 Mutant Beasts could easily trample over them as long as they were willing to.

With the 7 behemoths lured away, 300-over L4s, a thousand over S4s, and 500 Devourers led a huge horde of Type 2 & 3 zombies numbering at least in the dozens of thousands out from one shelter.

This huge horde that could easily decimate any human troops quickly reached the centre of the sea warriors, and began their clash against the Mutant Beasts.

This huge army of zombies with the L4s leading the charge were the elite zombies under the control of Amaterasu. It had gathered most of the Type 4 evolved and Type 3 evolved, before launching this sudden assault. Its intelligence wasn’t low, and it had already learnt how to implement tactics.

Those L4s were like tanks as they charged into the battlefield, and any unfortunate sea warrior that stood in their way were obliterated like ants.

There were many Type 3 Mutant Beasts within the army of the Sea Clan, however, they were ripped apart easily by the joint assault of those L4s, S4s and Devourers. The Type 3 Mutant Beasts might be large, but the Type 4 evolved zombies and Devourers possessed enough might to threaten their existence. Surrounded by those zombies, they could only succumb to the onslaught. Of course, many Type 4 evolved zombies were also devoured by the other Type 3 Mutant Beasts.

Facing the attack of the evolved zombies, the elite of the Sea Clan finally made their move. Those killer whale-heads and tiger shark-warriors which were at least 7m in height stepped forwards. Even the merpeople they were guarding started to act.

With the killer whales and tiger sharks warriors stepping in the fray, and the powerful large bones from unknown creatures they wielded, every strike or smash would kill dozens of evolved zombies. Even the strong L3s were knocked back quite a distance when hit.

The beautiful merpeople were not sitting idly by as well. They activated their own abilities, causing the waves below them to rise up in towering levels, before forming sharp ice spikes to shoot down towards the evolved zombies.

These merpeople then raised their hands again, and the water beneath them became powerful pressurized cannons that blasted those frozen zombies struck by the previous ice shards. Due to the high pressure, the water blasts caused those ice statues to be disintegrated, including the zombies frozen within.

One L4 was currently engaging a Killer Whale warrior in combat. Both had thick skin for defences that would not lose to tanks. The Killer Whale warrior might be stronger in its offence, but due to the defence of the L4, victory was not certain in the short period of time.

At this time, a sharp ice shard shot out from the middle of the battlefield, piercing the right hand of the L4, and it immediately broke apart to freeze the entire right arm of the L4.

The Killer Whale warrior took the chance to hammer down on the head of the L4. The mighty blow instantly smashed the brain of the L4, causing it to ooze out of the orifices.

After dealing with the L4 with that explosive blow, the Killer Whale warrior then swung its powerful bone weapon around, smashing the dozens of S-types back before it charged towards another area.

It was at this time when countless H1 appeared in one high-rise building. They opened their huge mouths, and fired multiple fireballs on the Sea Clan down below.

In a blink of an eye, the sea warriors were bombarded by the rain of fireballs. The lower-level sea warriors were either instantly killed or suffered heavy injuries. As for the Killer Whales and Tiger Shark warriors, they were protected by the thick scales on their bodies.

Under the protection of those powerful guards of the Sea Clan, the merpeople caused the waves beneath them to rise into the sky, forming a water barrier. When the fireballs landed on that water protection, they were smothered.

“Hahaha! Go to hell!” Just then, Amaterasu shot through, turning into flash of light covered by the rain of fireballs. He fired out multiple blood-covered bones, and pierced through the bodies of 2 mermen.

Having killed 2 merpeople explosively, he then fired out 4 other sharp spikes, and pierced another 2 mermen and 2 mermaids.

6 merpeople died just like that. This caused the rest of the merpeople to be enraged. This time, the total number of merpeople that had come up shore numbered about a hundred, with 6 of them dead, that represented almost 10% of their forces. In the eyes of these merpeople, the deaths of the low-level sea warriors and Mutant Beasts weren’t important, however, every member of their merpeople race was important.

The positions of each merperson suddenly began to churn with seawater, as multiple ice shards formed and shot towards Amaterasu.

Facing that scale of attack that even blocked out the sun, Amaterasu retracted the blood chain connecting it with a nearby building. It managed to dodge a large number of the ice shards and pressurized water cannons. It shot towards the roof of the building like a bullet, and only 7 or 8 ice shards managed to land on it, causing its right arm to be encased in ice.

Amaterasu flung its arm casually, causing the ice to break away. It then tugged at its blood chain, pulling itself towards another building.

At that next instant, an endless chill enveloped the building it was on previously, shattering all the glass windows and wrapping the entire building.

Amaterasu had just evaded that powerful joint attack from the merpeople, and quickly escaped to another location, before he suddenly launched a sneak attack from there and killed another 4 merpeople. He then disappeared.

Yue Zhong watched the corpse Amaterasu hunting the merpeople with its guerilla tactics and shock filled his eyes: “What a terrifying fellow.”

Each time it appeared in the midst of the merpeople, one or 2 would die at its hands. Whereas the merpeople could not do anything to it other than react.

Amaterasu might be arrogant, but it truly possessed the strength to do so. It continued to support the sea of zombies through its command, while launching its own attacks on the merpeople. It wasn’t too far off to say that it was already a top existence of the food chain.

Watching their comrades being killed by Amaterasu, the mermaids began to sing out loud in their bewitching voices.

The song of the merpeople was more melodious and enchanting than any song in the world before the apocalypse. When Yue Zhong heard the song, his killing intent and combat state started to dissipate.

The 7 Type 4 Mutant Beasts were already filled with bloodlust and their eyes were red after slaughtering such a large number of zombies. These evolved zombies were all delicacies to them. After all, being Overlords in their own parts of the ocean, it was hard for the merpeople to fully control them. Therefore, when the song resounded across the battlefield, the Type 4 Mutant Beasts which had almost lost control began to calm down, slowly retreating and moving towards the merpeople.

Amaterasu’s eyes were bloodshot as well, and it let out a shrill shriek. The countless ordinary zombies immediately followed the charge of dozens of thousands of Type 2 zombies to launch a kamikaze attack on the Type 4 Mutant Beasts.

The H1s that were all hiding in various buildings opened their mouths and began to spit out fireballs after fireballs on the Type 4 Mutant Beasts. The rain of fireballs fell on the scales of the Type 4 behemoths, exploding on their scales.

Among the 7 of them, the Type 4 Sea Jellyfish was the weakest. It could control electricity and generate powerful lightning charges, with huge potential for destruction, considerably high among the 7 of them. However, its defences were the weakest, and the fireballs from the H1s could damage it.

Facing the hail of fireballs, the Sea Jellyfish could not help but stop and covered its head with its tentacles. When the dense barrage of fireballs exploded on its tentacles, they were blasted apart, mucus and slime splashing everywhere.

However, it was still a Type 4 Mutant Beast in the end, with powerful regenerative abilities. Each time it lost a tentacle, it would quickly grow back one. That was not to say that the attack was ineffective though, as the pain was enough to cause the mighty Sea Jellyfish to scream out in pain.

As the H1s were focused on assaulting the Sea Jellyfish, the thousands of S2s shot towards it, using their sharp claws to tear into its skin, causing its slime and mucus to ooze out from the wounds.

The Sea Jellyfish endured the pain and began to channel its innate ability, as thousands of lightning charges fire out from it, enveloping the zombies all around it, and instantly frying over thousands of the Type 2 evolved zombies.

Under the command of Amaterasu, the evolved zombies continued to launch their attacks of the Sea Jellyfish.

The H1s atop the buildings also began to concentrate their firing on the Sea Jellyfish, suppressing it at its location. Facing the swarm of zombies, the Type 4 Sea Jellyfish had no choice but to continue and fire its innate ability, as lightning charges continued to electrocute thousands of Type 2 zombies into charred beings.

The Type 4 Sea Jellyfish had countless subordinates, but they were likewise being held up by the other zombie groups, unable to render their leader any help.

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