God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 579

The Type 4 Sea Jellyfish was surrounded like by the countless zombies, and it could neither advance nor retreat, its strength whittled away slowly.

The remaining 6 Type 4 Mutant Beasts were being assaulted on all sides by the sea of zombies as well, it was just that they had tough and resilient scales. The fireballs of the H1s were only mildly painful to them, and could not actually damage them.

However, there were about 50 Devourers amidst the sea of zombies attacking the 6 Type 4 Mutant Beasts, and as these Devourers possessed high offense and combat ability, they were stronger than ordinary zombies by countless times.

The 50 Devourers did not engage the 6 Type 4 Mutant Beasts in direct combat, instead, they leaped about from building to building, from time to time, firing their toxic bile at the behemoths.

As long as the toxic bile hits any of the Type 4 Mutant Beasts, countless zombies would rush over and try to tear into the scales of that Type 4 Mutant Beast.

Under the co-ordination of the corpse Amaterasu, the zombies were able to exhibit a terrifying combat strength. Although it wasn’t enough to instantly kill a Type 4 Mutant Beast, it was enough to suppress them, and caused them have difficulty sweeping or killing the zombies.

Each blow or strike from those behemoths could easily obliterate thousands of zombies, but by minimizing their movement, it was an effective tactic.

The horde of zombies managed to keep the Type 4 Mutant Beasts at bay, preventing them from providing aid to the merpeople. Amaterasu then went all out, waving its right hand, and sending 4 blood-like bone spikes to pierce the heads of 4 singing mermaids. It then twisted the bone spikes, sucking up the life force of the mermaids, turning them into shrivelled mummies.

The merpeople roared out in rage, and sent yet another mighty wave of ice shards shooting towards Amaterasu.

Amaterasu did not try to dodge or escape to another area, instead, its blood river appeared once again, pouring out of its body, and surrounding itself. The blood river became some sort of a protection, and Amaterasu then continued its charge into the group of merpeople.

The countless ice shards and the incredible cold enveloped the blood shield, and the powerful freezing ability turned the blood rock-solid.

Seeing the shield of blood being frozen, delight flashed past the eyes of the merpeople. The corpse Amaterasu was simply too overbearing, and it was more threatening than even the Type 3 Mutant Beasts.


With a loud crack, the frozen blood river burst open, and a pale-faced Amaterasu leaped out, jumping into the middle of the group of merpeople.

As it stood on a piece of frozen blood shard on the waves, its right hand shot out a 100m-long sharp bone blade, and it slashed outwards at the merpeople.

The faces of the merpeople fell, and some controlled their waves to send themselves into the sky. Some retreated into the waves, while others controlled the waves to turn into ice shields to block the incoming assault.

With a single slash, Amaterasu caused 6 beautiful merpeople to be sliced into two. It then took the chance to shoot out bone spikes and pierce the bodies of 4 others, before it started absorbing their blood essence, leaving them empty and void of blood.

After absorbing the blood essence of those 4 merpeople, Amaterasu regained a little of its life force, and its pale face regained some color: “The blood essence of you merpeople is not bad! Give me your knowledge and intelligence!!”

Amaterasu laughed savagely, before it shot in front of a beautiful mermaid with an incredible body, and suddenly opened its mouth beyond what was normally capable, and covered the head of the mermaid. It then bit it off in one bite, chewing gruesomely.

Although the corpse Amaterasu looked like a human on the surface, it was a terrible existence. It had the ability to absorb intelligence and knowledge by ingesting the brain of certain life forms, hence, gaining and growing its own capabilities and intelligence.

Amaterasu laughed savagely, and appeared behind another member of the Sea Clan, before piercing its body and absorbing its blood essence: “The language of the Sea Clan! I’m a genius! Haha!”

It became even more courageous and its momentum built up the more it killed and absorbed. Finally, it became a sort of blood-red flash. Every time the blood figure flashed by a mermaid or merman, an emaciated corpse would be all that remained floating on the sea.

After continuously absorbing the blood essence of dozens of merpeople, Amaterasu caught sight of a 1.45m little mermaid, looking about 12 or 13, wearing a crown with a mysterious pattern and inlaid with a number of crystals. The little lady was childish-looking, but she had an exceptional aura to her, and her figure was explosive, and Amaterasu immediately roared in excitement: “Mermaid Queen! It’s you! Become part of me!!”

It then turned into a flash of light and shot towards the little mermaid. The 8 personal guards around the little mermaid roared out in rage and activated their abilities as countless ice shards fired at Amaterasu.

The countless ice picks rained down on the blood-red flash, but was instantly shattered, as Amaterasu appeared in front of the little mermaid. 4 bones with a tinge of blood pierced 4 of the female guards, and sucked them dry.

After absorbing them fully and breaking their defences, Amaterasu reached out and grabbed towards the little mermaid’s heart.

The little mermaid stared back at the ferocious looking corpse, and a strange rune flashed brightly on her chest, as she opened her little mouth and blew out a dense and powerful mist that enveloped Amaterasu.

The white fog instantly turned Amaterasu into an ice sculpture.

After she had casted that ice fog over Amaterasu, the little mermaid turned incredibly pale, and her hands clutched her chest as she took ragged breaths. It was evident that the ability earlier took a large toll on her.

With a ‘kacha’, the huge ice sculpture broke apart, and Amaterasu stepped out, as he laughed savagely: “What a powerful ice ability. However, if you want to seal me, it’s still slightly lacking.”

Seeing the unharmed Amaterasu, all the merpeople had expressions of despair.

At this time, the Type 4 Dragon Beast that looked like a diplodocus opened its huge mouth from afar and fired its innate ability, as a huge white beam of icy energy shot over, blasting the body of Amaterasu, encasing it in a huge pillar of ice over 10m tall.

When they saw this, the mermaids all erupted in cheers. The Type 4 Mutant Dragon Beast’s innate ability was the manipulation of ice, and when it fired its ice energy, it could even seal up fellow Type 4 Mutant Beasts.

As the merpeople were celebrating, Yue Zhong suddenly shot out from a small alley with lightning speed, reaching the Mermaid Queen and grabbing her neck. A thin spider silk shot out from his left hand, wrapping around her body, and began absorbing her Stamina.

Once he captured her, he didn’t even spare a look back and ducked back into the dark alleyway. He had no interest in fighting it out with the merpeople.

Yokosuka Base was destined to fall. It would either be overrun by zombies, or conquered by the Sea Clan. All Yue Zhong could do was to try and get as many benefits as he could before running away.

When the Mermaid Queen was captured by Yue Zhong, she let out a sharp scream, at the same time using an unrecognizable language. Yue Zhong could not understand it, and did not know what she was shouting about.

She was evidently an important member though, as the moment she was captured, the rest of the merpeople immediately mobilized and chased after Yue Zhong with a terrifying chill.

Facing the powerful ice shards coming his way, he raised the body of the Mermaid Queen in front of him, acting as a shield.

When they saw this, the rest of the merpeople became shocked and furious and controlled the ice shards to change trajectory.

Yue Zhong then tugged at his spider silk, and he instantly leaped up to the roof of a building.

A powerful gust of wind blew, and Greenie came soaring through the skies, descending on the roof. Yue Zhong hugged the little mermaid close to him before jumping onto Greenie’s back.

Greenie flapped its wings once and soared into the skies.

After they were airborne, Yue Zhong heaved a sigh of relief. The center of the battlefield had been too dangerous, any single Type 4 Mutant Beast could have heavily injured him, if not kill him.

The defences of the Sea Clan were also strong, if it weren’t for the corpse Amaterasu punching a huge hole into their defence, Yue Zhong would not have been able to capture the little mermaid.

Zhao Tian Gang saw Yue Zhong carrying the little mermaid and could not help but sigh: “This is a mermaid? So beautiful… I’d never have thought that I could see one from the legends.”

The little mermaid continued to struggle in Yue Zhong’s clutches, however she was already tied up tight in those spider silk, hence she looked pitiful yet adorable at the same time.

Qiao Xing could not help but ask: “Leader, you’ve caught a mermaid. When will we be obtaining the cruiser of the 7th Fleet?”

The 7th Fleet of the U.S. Navy was not just a huge cruiser, it also possessed powerful combat capabilities. It was the symbol of strength, and prior to the apocalypse, it was a famous icon in Southeast Asia. Qiao Xing wanted to get his hands on it badly, and to drive it around.

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