God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 580

The corpse Amaterasu possessed intelligence, and was a variant mutation of the zombie virus. In addition to its intelligence, it was insanely strong. If it continued to grow, it might take over the whole of Japan, after which, it might launch assault other areas with Japan as its base.

The moment Yue Zhong imagined Amaterasu commanding over millions of zombies to launch an assault on him, his heart turned cold.

Previously, he had led his army to destroy millions of zombies, and each time, it was mainly due to killing the Z2 that he was able to achieve his objectives. However, it was never once a case of killing the zombies themselves. With his current strength, if he were to meet Amaterasu commanding millions and billions of zombies on the battlefield, he would definitely perish.

Zhao Tian Gang and the rest saw Yue Zhong’s serious expression and their hearts sank, not saying anything.

Yue Zhong tied the little mermaid securely onto Greenie’s back, before looking back down. He was hoping that Amaterasu would die in the battle below. However, his gut feeling told him that it would not be as simple as he imagined.

The merpeople had watched helplessly as Yue Zhong kidnapped their queen, and their hearts were filled with rage. 2 9m-tall Whale Shark warriors wielded their large Mutant Beasts bones and swung it viciously at the ice sculpture containing Amaterasu, hoping to smash it into smithereens.

Suddenly, things took a different turn. The ice sculpture blasted apart, and the handsome Amaterasu stepped out, its face incredibly pale. Its right shoulder had been gravely injured, and there were many areas where its bones were showing. Even its chest had a large hole. However, there was no blood seeping out from its wounds.

If an ordinary person were to suffer such injuries, they would have long perished. However, Amaterasu just turned into a beam of bloody light and shot deep into the horde.

The innate abilities of the Type 4 Mutant Beasts were too fearsome, it had expended all its energy to escape from that icy prison. If it had to take on another blow from any of the Type 4 Mutant Beasts, it might really succumb to its injuries.

The 2 9m-tall Whale Shark warriors quickly chased after Amaterasu, smashing it amidst a rain of shattered bones and blood.

Amaterasu let out a pitiful scream and hurried towards a building before disappearing.

The 2 Whale Shark warriors continued their pursuit, only to discover an empty location. With their speed, they weren’t a match for Amaterasu, and there was only a chance to injure Amaterasu if they had the opportunity to get close.

They bellowed in rage and cursed in their Sea Clan tongue, but it was useless.

When Amaterasu escaped into a building, a powerful fiery blade slashed out from the dark, slicing its body and combusting it in a burst of flames.

The resulting explosion lit up the entire area, revealing Yue Zhong’s determined face. He had tied the little mermaid to Greenie, before activating his Second Order Stealth and predicting the best escape route for Amaterasu. He had waited patiently, till Amaterasu appeared, and finally launched his fearsome attack, hitting Amaterasu hard once more.

Amaterasu roared out again in agony, before shooting out 4 sharp bone spikes towards Yue Zhong.

The Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade in Yue Zhong’s arms flashed and shot out a few blade beams to counter Amaterasu’s bone spikes, but was forced a few steps backwards from the might of the clash.

“It’s you, human?!” The heavily injured Amaterasu stared hatefully at Yue Zhong, spitting out: “The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind! You have already snatched the Type 4 Mutant Beast and the Mermaid Queen from my hands, and now you want to kill me?”

A cold glint flashed in Yue Zhong’s eyes, as he activated his Shadow Steps and Devil Flame, covering the Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade with the powerful flames, slashing towards Amaterasu: “That’s right! Submit to me, and pledge your allegiance to me. Otherwise, today shall be the day you die!”

Amaterasu brought up its own blood-colored bone blade to parry Yue Zhong’s attack, as a bloody fog began to steam from the blade. Its eyes flashed with an arrogant look: “Human, even if I am heavily injured, I will not be humiliated by you lowly scum. Human, I’m appreciative of your cunning and strength. Submit to me, become my subordinate, and work for me. I can grant you power, status, riches and beautiful virgins. There’re over 70,000 humans here in Yokosuka Base. As long as you work for me, you can become their leader. Their lives and deaths will be yours to control.”

When Yue Zhong heard it, his face seemingly twitched as he lowered his blade: “Really?”

The corners of Amaterasu’s mouth lifted slightly: “Of course! There’s an absolutely beautiful pair of twins in the 5th Bunker. As long as you work for me, they are yours.”

Having swallowed a large number of human brains, Amaterasu had an understanding of human nature. To men, power, status, riches and women were the things they wanted the most. Hence, it wanted to try to entice Yue Zhong with these promises.

Yue Zhong nodded lightly, and he stepped forwards: “Alright! I’ll go with you!”

Amaterasu grinned, pleased, and produced a dark red drop of blood in its palms. It then spoke somewhat alluringly: “This is my blood essence. If you promise to be loyal, swallow this. Once you swallow this, you’ll be the leader of all the humans in Yokosuka Base. When I control Japan, you’ll be Japan’s king. When I control the world, you’ll be the human king by my side that I trust. Many people would look up to you in reverence, and tremble at your prestige and might. The only price is your loyalty to me.”

The position of a king was pretty enticing to any man. Many ambitious people before the apocalypse would have thought of ruling at once. However, most had failed. In the past, it was an unattainable goal. But now, it might be possible.

“Let me see!” Yue Zhong eyed the blood essence with an expression of pondering as he walked forwards.

All of a sudden, he swung his Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade covered in Devil Flames, slashing Amaterasu across its chest. The fiery flames combusted and caused a large hole on Amaterasu’s body, as its blood essence was burnt and sizzled into the air.

“YOU DARE TRICK ME!” Amaterasu roared in rage and pain, and fired out 4 sharp bone spikes at Yue Zhong.

In response, Yue Zhong swung out and parried the incoming bone spikes, before casting his Gravity Manipulation, as a two-fold gravitational force weighed down on Amaterasu, causing it to sink and lose its balance.

Yue Zhong then grabbed the chance to swing once more, slashing out at Amaterasu’s body, and burning more of its blood.

Amaterasu roared out again, shooting a dense wave of blood that was shrouded in evil energy. If Yue Zhong came into contact with this move, he would definitely be sucked dry of his blood.

Yue Zhong fired his Devil Flames again, sending it to burn the evil blood energy into fumes.

When Amaterasu saw its blood essence being burned, it immediately turned tail and tried to escape out in a blood-red flash.

By now, Amaterasu was at its weakest, having been assaulted over and over, it had lost all of its fighting will, and desperately wanted to escape.

Yue Zhong fired out a beam of Devil Flame, enveloping the flash of light that Amaterasu had become, as the flames burned brightly and fiercely. Endless amount of bloody fumes continued to rise into the sky.

Under the merciless burning of the Devil Flame, a crystal-clear bead of blood dropped out from the beam of light that was Amaterasu.

Yue Zhong shot forward, however, he suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of danger and he quickly retreated, before 2 sharp bone spikes smashed apart a nearby wall, chasing after him.

Yue Zhong hurriedly swung his blade and broke apart one bone spike, but unfortunately, the other bone spike managed to pierce his body. It tore apart the Bone Encompassing Armor he had activated, piercing the Type 3 Mutant Beast hide, before it was forcefully stopped by the Level 4 Protective Vest.

Yue Zhong felt some cold sweat, if he hadn’t dodge in time, he would been pierced. If it were any other Mutant Beast it wouldn’t be so bad, however, this was Amaterasu he was facing. It was simply a freak of nature that carried the deadly zombie virus, and if he was pierced, he might have become a zombie as well.

Even Evolvers and Enhancers had no means of defending against the virus. Only the Mutant Beasts were somewhat invulnerable, as they were affected early on and had mutated themselves.

Taking the chance when Yue Zhong was distracted and stopped by the bone spikes, Amaterasu hurriedly charged out once again, before disappearing into the night.

When Amaterasu had gained intelligence, it had also learned the fear of death. In fact, it still possessed some strength to contend against Yue hong. However, it wasn’t willing to bet its life, and just wanted to escape into the horde to recuperate. At that time, it could come back and deal with Yue Zhong as it wished.

Yue Zhong looked in the direction which Amaterasu had disappeared with, sighing with regret: “Shit, it still managed to escape.”

This time, Yue Zhong had made use of the opportunity of Amaterasu being ambushed by the Type 4 Mutant Beasts to attack it. If it were based on their actual strength, Amaterasu could even injure and kill a Type 4 Mutant Beast, hence it was definitely stronger than Yue Zhong.

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