God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 581

“What is this?” Yue Zhong came up to the blood red crystal-like bead, and used the Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade to poke it gingerly. Nothing happened. He hesitated a little before reaching out for it.

The blood-red crystal-like bead was as smooth as jade, and it radiated a brilliant red colour, as though it was capable of drawing any gaze that was cast upon it.

Yue Zhong held it, and could feel a warm flow of energy circulating into his body. His blood essence seemed to quicken, and his muscles seemed to strengthen as well.

As he held it for 20 seconds, a notification sounded in his mind: “Congratulations, you have gained an enhancement of +1 in Strength.”

When he heard that, delight flashed in his eyes: “This is a treasure! Definitely a good treasure!”

Yue Zhong’s body was enhanced to a terrifying degree at this point. Most ordinary treasures were ineffective to him. The meat of a Type 4 Mutant Beast was extremely nutritious and could boost vitality. If it were to be given to an ordinary person after training, their bodies could be strengthened to about three or even four times of their original state. However, for Yue Zhong, it would at most enhance his stats by a little, because his body was simply too strong. The vitality of mutant beast meat can no longer enhance him.

The higher a biological life form evolved, the harder it would be to take the next step. It was true for the Mutant Beasts, and it was true for humans as well.

The blood bead that dropped from Amaterasu’s body was some unknown treasure. From the way it could strengthen Yue Zhong by just holding onto it for 20 seconds, it was apparently something very god.

With a thought, he kept the blood red bead back into his storage ring. Upon seeing it enter successfully, he heaved a sigh of relief.

The storage ring could not accommodate living things, and if the bead had been a biological thing, it would be impossible to store it in the ring.

After hesitating for a moment, he did not wear the blood red bead, and instead chose to open up the blue box that had dropped upon killing the Type 4 Mutant Sea Snake.

“Level 7 Treasure: Sea Mask. Wearing this allows the user to breathe freely underwater. Swimming speed will be boosted, and the mask also negates the resistance and pressure of water. The mask can withstand damage from 25mm caliber bullets and below. Accompanying skill: Water Jet. Description of skill: Fires a high-powered torrent of water so that the user can travel in a straight line at high speeds. Lasts for 10 minutes.”

The Sea Mask was a sky-blue colored mask that was engraved with countless runes, and it seemed capable of covering a person’s face. There were holes where the eyes, nose and mouth were supposed to be, and it was enveloped by a layer of transparent film.

He took it and thought while eyeing it: “This is a treasure for sea combat.”

This Sea Mask was like some diving gear, except that it was much stronger and better. However, it didn’t add much to ordinary battles.

He kept the Sea Mask into his ring, and activated the Second Order Stealth, carefully making his way back into the battlefield.

At the center, countless Mutant Beasts were engaged in an all-out slaughter with the zombies. There were corpses of both sides littered everywhere.

He relied on his Stealth to slowly carve and dig out all the Blood Essence and Nuclei from the various high level Mutant Beasts corpses, before keeping them.

Within the Yokosuka Base, there was a large number of Type 2 Mutant Beasts and a decent number of Type 3 Mutant BEasts. Even these powerful life forms were being killed by the Type 4 zombies.

Soon, Yue Zhong managed to gather about 20 nuclei and blood essences from the Type 2 Mutant Beasts, and about 4 nuclei and blood essences from Type 3 Mutant Beasts.

“My chance is here!” His eyes suddenly lit up, as he charged towards the Type 4 Sea Jellyfish.

At this time, the Type 4 Sea Jellyfish was dragging its large body backwards, and the surrounding electrical charges were dimming. Behind it, there were plenty of charred corpses, over 50,000 zombies had been electrocuted to death by it.

Countless fireballs blasted multiple wounds on the Type 4 Sea Jellyfish’s body. The ant-like S2s were crawling all over it while tearing and ripping its body, causing more injuries.

A number of Devourers continued to fire corrosive bile at the Mutant Sea Jellyfish, corroding large gaping holes in its body. The Mutant Sea Jellyfish might be able to regenerate from the wounds caused by the S2s and H1s, but the corrosive damage from the Devourers prevented any form of healing, furthermore, there was an intense stench that was being emitted b the wounds.

Evolved zombies were like ants to the Type 4 Sea Jellyfish, and it could easily flatten or crush any them. But even it would suffer under their swarm and continuous onslaught.

It reached out with its massive tentacles to either slap away or bring some s2s into its mouth, as it attempted to make its way to the sea. It had no more strength to activate its innate ability, and it wanted to escape badly to recover.

However, it was as though the zombies could feel the vulnerability of the Type 4 Sea Jellyfish, as many of them rushed over to surround and attack it.

Countless zombies were blocking the rest of the Mutant Beasts from providing any assistance, and both sides were thus locked in battle.

The tentacles of the Type 4 Sea Jellyfish flew about, smashing numerous S2s and S3s into smithereens. However, more S-Types continued to crawl all over it, tearing into its body. They even dug into the exposed wounds, further threatening the Type 4 Sea Jellyfish. In response, it would emit out some electrical charges from time to time, lighting up the area and charring any unfortunate zombies within a kilometer of it.

As the storm died down, the charred black corpses of the S-Types fell from the body of the Sea Jellyfish. However, the Sea Jellyfish was in no better shape, it slumped to the ground, and seemed to be out of energy.

The Sea Jellyfish’s innate ability was one of the strongest offensive abilities among the 8 Type 4 Mutant Beasts, but it also was one of the most energy consuming abilities. The Type 4 Sea Jellyfish made its final charge before slumping to the ground, exhausted.

Countless evolved zombies rushed towards the Sea Jellyfish. It didn’t matter what level the zombies were, the flesh and blood of a Type 4 Mutant Beast were extremely tempting.

Just then, from within the horde of zombies, Yue Zhong with his body wrapped in bone armor reached out with his right hand, and a sharp bone spike shot out and supported him all the way to the head of the Sea Jellyfish.

The H1s that had been hiding in the various buildings fired their fireballs at Yue Zhong. They were afraid that he would steal the precious blood essence and nuclei.

A bright shield appeared in front of Yue Zhong, blocking those incoming fireballs.

Yue Zhong wielded his Black Tooth Blade and slashed down viciously at the head of the Sea Jellyfish. With a Strength of over 10 times a normal person, the strike caused a large gaping wound, and mucus started to flow out.

Yue Zhong then swiftly put on the Sea Mask that he had just obtained, and burrowed directly into the body of the Sea Jellyfish.

It was a mask that allowed the user to breathe freely in liquid, hence Yue Zhong was able to dive inside the body of the Sea Jellyfish that was 95% water. He then pulled out his Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade and slashed about randomly, tearing flesh and nerves.

As he continued to wreak havoc in the body of the Sea Jellyfish, he noticed a blue nucleus, as well as a bright red blood essence. They were surrounded by a number of white pearls amidst the nerves and tissues.

Yue Zhong reached out to grab the 2 of them, before pulling hard. He then used his blade to severe the different nerves and muscles, causing the brain of the Sea Jellyfish to immediately shutdown.

“Congratulations on achieving Level 81, you’ve gained 2 attribute points to be allocated.” The moment the brain of the Sea Jellyfish was mutilated by Yue Zhong, he received a large orb of experience, directly causing him to level up.

“These should be all precious treasures, I shall keep them for now.” Yue Zhong eyed the mass of white pearls, and encased them in a glass container before keeping it into his ring.

Even the flesh and blood of the Type 4 Sea Jellyfish was a hard-to-come-by delicacy, Yue Zhong quickly sliced some off, and kept them into his ring, before hurriedly burrowing out.

He had just emerged from the body of the Type 4 Sea Jellyfish when a gust of wind blew towards him, as a sharp claw made grab at his body. It was an S4 that had just climbed onto the body of the Sea Jellyfish and was intending to attack him.

Yue Zhong swung his Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade, slashing the S4 was directly sliced into two, and a Skill Book dropped out.

Yue Zhong looked down and saw the sea of zombies crawling all over the body of the Type 4 Sea Jellyfish, devouring its body.

The blue colored box had landed in the sea of zombies.

Since anything that dropped out of a Type 4 Beast was bound to be a treasure, Yue Zhong took one look at the box, and leaped down after it.

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