God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 582

The horde of zombies looked at Yue Zhong leaping down and immediately reached out with their claws to swipe at him. It was like a hell of demented souls reaching for him.

As he landed, Yue Zhong fired out numerous bone blades from his Bone Encompassing Armor, before he twisted on the spot. In an instant, his whirlwind tactic caused the zombies within a 20m radius of him to be ground into slices. Body parts and blood splattered and flew everywhere.

Yue Zhong reached for the blue box, and the storage ring flashed, drawing the blue box in. He then shot out a sharp bone spike into the ground, propelling him towards a high building.

Even a Type 4 Mutant Beast could fall under the continuous attacks of the zombies, Yue Zhong was not stupid to think he could withstand their onslaught.

All of a sudden, a number of L4s and L3s grabbed the zombies beside them and flung towards Yue Zhong. A rain of zombies shot towards Yue Zhong like cannonballs.

The L-Types had bad aim, and most of them landed a distance away. There were a few who had slammed into walls and burst apart due to the impact.

Even so, 2 managed to hurtle towards Yue Zhong, flung viciously by the L4s.

Right as they were about to hit Yue Zhong, a white shield appeared again. The 2 zombies smashed into the shield and their bodies broke in various places. The shield also dimmed, falling back in Yue Zhong’s arms.

Yue Zhong dared not delay longer, and quickly rushed to the roof before releasing a long and sharp howl.

Hearing his summons, Greenie immediately swooped down, picking him up and soared back into the skies. Yue Zhong settled himself in, and looked down again for another chance to kill a Type 4 Mutant Beast.

If he was facing a Type 4 Mutant Beast at its tiptop condition, Yue Zhong would find it incredibly difficult to kill it. However, with the horde of zombies unwittingly assisting him, there might be a chance.

There were still 6 of the Type 4 behemoths. Everyone of them had incredibly thick armors, their defences astonishing. The H1s’ fireballs could not do anything, the L4s were helpless as well. Only the sharp claws of the S4s as well as the corrosive bile of the Devourers could do some damage to those thick scales.

Yue Zhong observed for some time, noting that there was no opportunity. He then signaled for Greenie to fly towards the 7th Fleet in the Yokosuka Base.

Currently, on the deck of the 7th Fleet, there were countless 1m-long Mutant Sea Lice with sharp teeth and their bodies covered with tentacles assaulting the American zombies.

The powerful tentacles of the Mutant Sea Lice propelled them like cannons, latching on to the different American Navy zombies, taking huge bites out of their brains.

Greenie descended and dropped Yue Zhong on the deck, and their attention swivelled towards him.

Facing the hundreds of Mutant Sea Lice, Greenie flapped its wings powerfully, its innate tornado ability blasting out, sending the little critters flying away.

Yue Zhong covered Zhao Tian Gang and the rest as they made their way to the control room, and they quickly got to wait.

Following the whirring of engines and the lighting up of some buttons, the cruiser began to come to life, and quickly made its way towards the sea.

There were over 70,000 survivors in the Yokosuka base, but the place was swarmed with Mutant Beasts and zombies fighting each other. It was hard for Yue Zhong to attempt a rescue. Furthermore, they weren’t Chinese, and he didn’t feel particularly bad about leaving them behind.

The moment the cruiser moved, a number of Mutant Beasts started to chase. However, because the cruiser was made for battle, unless the Type 3 or Type 4 Mutant Beasts made a move, the rest of the Mutant Beasts could not possibly block them.

However, the Type 3 and Type 4 Mutant Beasts were all locked in a crazy fight with the zombies, and the ordinary beasts could do nothing to hinder the 7th Fleet cruiser.

After breaking out of the surrounding of the Mutant Beasts, Yue Zhong heaved a long sigh of relief. Although he didn’t manage to obtain the entire Yokosuka Base, earning a mothership and cruiser was decent enough.

Especially since the mothership had a number of advanced fighter jets, once Yue Zhong gained full control of the mothership, he would have gained a huge boost in might.

The Kingdom of God might have the powerful Thunder Fighters, but these were all assault helicopters that were weaker against the fighter jets that were more superior in the air. After all, fighter jets were focused on aerial combat, as compared to the Thunder Fighters that focused on land.

After the apocalypse, Yue Zhong could use the Devil Flame to easily melt an assault helicopter, but it would be hard for him to destroy a fighter jet. This was because the speed of the fighter jets reached mach speed. Furthermore, their altitude was too high, it exceeded the range of what Yue Zhong was capable of.

Yue Zhong had started mass producing ammunition in the Yan Zhou City base, however, manufacturing fighter jets were impossible. Even with the advancement in technology over the next 10 years, it would be practically impossible to create the highly advanced fighter jets. After all, it was hard for China to have manufactured even before the apocalypse, needless to say the current situation.

Yue Zhong felt slightly more at ease, and opened the blue treasure box. With a flash of light, a strange gun appeared, its muzzle about 40mm wide, the body flashing with a black metallic lustre, and a number of gold lines wrapped around the body, converging around the muzzle like a spiral. The golden lines continued into a clear empty box below the muzzle, which contained even more of the golden metallic lines, and it looked extremely sci-fi.

“Level 7 Treasure: Single Light 40mm Caliber Electromagnetic Gun (I-Type). It fires a powerful electromagnetic pulse, everyday generating one bullet automatically. If user inputs nuclei, the Gun can use the nuclei as ammunition.”

Yue Zhong flipped the Electromagnetic Gun about in his hands, his eyes lit with excitement: “Good treasure!”

It was currently the most powerful assault rifle in his arsenal, with it, his destructive potential increased yet again.

As for nuclei, with the millions of citizens under him, and his promise of rewards to hunters, they could gather enough Mutant Beast nuclei to exchange at the government’s office, and the nuclei was free for Yue Zhong to use.

Ordinary humans could not make use of the nuclei from the Mutant BEasts, and only the Energy Converter, the Biological Armor, as well as the recent Electromagnetic Gun could utilize those. These treasures were all dropped from the rare Type 3 and Type 4 Mutant Beasts, and were hard to come by for most ordinary people.

The cruiser was speeding along in the sea, when suddenly, the surface of the sea started to churn and a number of Mutant Flying Fishes that were 3m long and sharp spikes all over their backs jumped out of the water, smashing into the cruiser.

Dang! Dang!

Following the sounds of metals being struck, the countless Mutant Flying Fish continued to slam into the cruiser. The sea was rippling madly, as though there were many horrors awaiting to break through the surface.

Yue Zhong frowned as he thought anxiously: “What’s going on? Most of the high-level Mutant Beasts should be engaged in the battle at Yokosuka Base.”

When Yue Zhong had led his men to manoeuvre the mothership out of the base, there hadn’t been much disturbance from the Mutant Beast horde. However, this time, the cruiser had not even left for quite awhile and there was such a heavy onslaught. Something was not right.

“Could it be due to her?”

A thought arose in Yue Zhong’s mind, and he swiftly ran towards the control room.

The little mermaid’s mouth was open as she seemed to be continually singing something. Strange runes flashed on her chest. The moment she saw Yue Zhong, she became flustered, and stopped moving out of fear. The runes also died down.

“So it really is her.” Yue Zhong came to a swift judgment. He walked up to her and grabbed her, carrying her towards the observation window. True enough, the waves had settled down, and the crazy onslaught of the Mutant Flying Fishes had stopped.

He stared at the little mermaid and growled menacingly: “I know it was you. Little rascal, I don’t want this to happen again. If it happens again, don’t blame me for killing you.”

The pretty little mermaid kept her mouth shut, as she stared at Yue Zhong with a hint of fear, not saying a single word.

He could not do anything, since the language barrier was an issue. He was not like the corpse Amaterasu, swallowing the life force of other biological lives would enable him to learn all there was to learn about the race or species.

Yue Zhong suddenly felt excited as he looked at the adorable little mermaid. He felt as though it was possible for an endless number of Mutant Beasts lining up for his subordinates to kill: “This Mermaid Queen should be able to summon multiple Mutant Beasts. If used properly, we should be able to procure a large amount of sea-based products, and gain a large number of nuclei as well.”

All of sudden, a sharp scream that could send shivers down one’s spine resounded from a distance, and it caused everyone on the cruiser to tremble with fear.

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