God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 75

Chapter 75: Mutated Cat

Lying down on the bed, Yue Zhong held Lu Wen in his arms and said: “How do you know so many tricks?”

Lu Wen lying in Yue Zhong’s arms, hearing his words blankly looked over: “There are plenty online. Did you not like it?”

Yue Zhong smiled, he kissed her forehead; “I like!”

This generation’s youth had much more access to information that Yue Zhong’s generation. Due to Lu Wen’s quirky nature, she understood things much more than an ordinary girl.

Lu Wen was like a small kitten curled up in Yue Zhong’s chest, perfectly contented going to bed: “I’m tired! Let’s sleep!”

Yue Zhong entered into slumblerland holding on to Lu Wen.

The second day, Yue Zhong continued to bring a truck full of people to clear out the vehicles on the highway.

Zhang Xiang brought eight gunmen and drove two jeeps in the direction of Mashan Village. He knew tiger wouldn’t give him a bite of the weapons arsenal cake. He could only withdraw and try another time, going to Mashan village to collect supplies.

After entering Mashan village, a gunman seeing the field full of zombie remains, his eyes filled with fright: “How severe! Was this really done by three people?”

Another gunman looking at the zombie remains couldn’t help but have a huge change in appearance: “The zombies here exceed one hundred, there are also ghost shadow zombies, how did they do it?”

Ghost shadow zombies were S1 type zombies. They were Tiger’s largest headache, the ones he didn’t want to meed the most. The S1 was fast, moreover they weren’t afraid of bullets. If the head didn’t explode, they were basically unkillable. Last time Tiger came here, several brothers were grabbed by S1 types, becoming infected in the end.

Zhang Xiang kicked that gunman in the ass, scolding: “Who cares how he did it! Quick, go get daddy supplies!”

The Gunman didn’t dare speak anymore, quickly running into a house: “Yes! Brother Xiang!”

“Preserved meat, it’s one kg! We’ll make a bundle this time!”

“Rice! This jar or rice has dozens of kg!”

The gunmen shuttled back and forth from the house, frequently bursting waves of praise.

Like Tiger speculated, Mashan village’s supplies were unable to be completely transported by Yue Zhong’s Dong Feng truck. Several supplies were still scattered in the village.

Zhang Xiang looking at the supplies his subordinates seized from the village, his mood couldn’t help but become better.

Suddenly from between two houses, the same mutated cat jumped like lightning. It Pounced on a gunman rushing him to the ground, snapping his throat in one bite. The gunman had no way to struggle, soon dying.

“Tiger!! There’s a Tiger!!” Not far away to the side, a gunmen saw the mutated cat with a long body like a panther. A look of horror, he cried out. At the same time he swung his gun around, spraying a mad burst of fire at the mutated cat.

The other gunmen were also frightened. Dropping the supplies in their hands, they quickly grabbed their guns and started to spray machine gun fire at the mutated cat.

A large amount of bullets formed a curtain of fire at the region the mutated cat occupied. But at the first moment the cat jumped up to the roof, continuously speeding along into a faster pace, it avoided a large amount of bullets. Barely any bullets entered into it’s body, striking a few bloody holes.

If it was an ordinary animal, like a tiger hit by a rifle, it’s strength would be greatly damaged. But that mutated cat still had a pair of blood-red eyes. Even more angry, it’s speed became even faster. On the roof it continuously jumped, approaching Zhang Xiang’s party.

“Withdraw! Withdraw! Quickly start the car!!” Zhang Xiang fled to the vehicle, roaring to the driver.

The mutated cat’s speed was too fast, headshots were too difficult. It wasn’t something this mob could handle. As soon at the mutated cat closed in, Zhang Xiang would be no match.

The driver quickly started the vehicle, speeding off far away.

The gunmen also gave up resisting. One by one leaping towards the vehicle.

“Brother Xiang!! Brother Xiang! I still haven’t boarded! Wait for me!” A gunman reacted a step too slow, not able to jump in the jeep. He immediately shouted full of despair.

Zhang Xiang like he didn’t hear, only urged the driver: “Quick! Faster!”

“Fuck me!! We die together!” That gunman in despair, angrily he raised his gun at the two far away jeeps and opened fire.

Bullets flew disorderly, not a single bullet hit the two jeeps.

The gunman wanted to reload, but the mutated cat pushed him to the ground. One bite sliced his throat, spraying blood everywhere.

After dropping the gunman, the mutated cat stared at the two far away jeeps. A claw ripped open the gunman’s belly. Dropping it’s head, it feasted in big mouthfuls.

“The fuck! This place still has those kinds of monsters.” Zhang Xiang glanced backwards in shock, scolding. This time he lost two brothers, his power once again was greatly weakened. It made him extremely pained.

After Z-age, whoever was strong, who ever had the stronger weapons force, was the boss. Zhang Xiang lost two gunmen this time, tremendously affecting his strength.

On the road, Zhang Xiang thought about what just happened, and at the same time his heart filled with pernicious thoughts. “I ought to kill Yue Zhong! It was him, if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t become like this. I must murder him!”

As soon as Zhang Xiang returned to Always Bright Village, Tiger sent men to inventory the supplies.

Seeing the list of goods Zhang Xiang returned with, Tiger’s eyebrows wrinkled. He asked: “What’s up with the supplies?”

Zhang Xiang’s subordinates found several supplies, but they weren’t able to transport much before the mutant cat ambush. They dropped most of the supplies to counter attack, when they fled there weren’t many goods loaded onto the vehicle.

Zhang Xiang wryly smiled: “Brother Tiger, In Mashan village there is still a monster the length of a tiger. It ambushed us, I also lost two men.”

Tiger looked at Zhang Xiang’s forced smile: “Today was tough for you! Return home and rest. Relax a bit tomorrow and adjust your state of mind.”

Zhang Xiang revealed a smile to tiger, then he turned around and left: “Thank you brother Tiger! I’ll return home.”

After Zhang Xiang returned home, his face sank, becoming unsightly.

Tiger stared at Zhang Xiang’s back with a pensive look.

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