God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 583

“Type 5 Mutant Beast!! Hurry, turn the ship around!” When Yue Zhong heard that shrill howl that was filled with might, his face immediately fell, and he ordered loudly.

A single Type 5 Mutant Beast possessed an earth-shaking might, just one alone could easily make a huge mothership seem like a dwarf. Such a behemoth was basically invincible in the seas, and as long as they wanted to, they could easily flip and tear into the cruiser Yue Zhong and his team were on.

The little mermaid that was in Yue Zhong’s arms was also frightened, and her body trembled. The Type 5 Mutant Beast was truly an Overlord in the seas, and her clan was just one of the many factions that held power, and through their joint efforts, they managed to subdue 8 Type 4 Mutant Beasts. However, a Type 5 Mutant Beast was beyond their capabilities.

Zhao Tian Gang swiftly controlled the cruiser to head for another direction, and cranked the turbines, pushing the speeds to the limits.

Following the constant howls, a fierce wave rose in the distance, and made its way towards them, before crashing down on the boat.

Yue Zhong leapt onto Greenie’s back and flew up to the sky for a better look.

In the distance, lightning flashed about, icebergs shattered, and strong gusts of winds brewed. The sea churned and waves after waves rose, spreading outwards and covering the entire battlefield.

In the skies, he could not make out what was going on at the epicentre of all that commotion, but he knew that there were definitely 2 Type 5 Mutant Beasts engaged in a fierce battle, and they were slowly moving towards the cruiser.

His face instantly fell and he roared into the walkie talkie: “Bank left! Bank left!!”

The people on the cruiser could not care about what was going on, and just followed Yue Zhong’s orders as they tried their best to escape from the vicinity.

Yue Zhong stared fixedly at the battle in the distance, praying that the cruiser wasn’t the aim of the 2 Type 5 Mutant Beasts.

If it had been on land, Yue Zhong could still try to engage one of them in order to be a distraction. However, in the seas, he was helpless. Even with the Sea Mask, he was simply powerless against the behemoths and their natural advantage in water.

Fortunately, the 2 behemoths did not seem to place the cruiser in their eyes, the storms they created just happened to blast their way.

Even so, the force of the storm was enough to raise some powerful waves, causing some to slam into the cruiser, rocking it side to side. The cruiser was still a precious piece of technology that humanity had come up with, and even with the rocky seas, it still managed to stay afloat.

As the powerful storm blew past, Yue Zhong heaved a sigh of relief. However, he noticed that the cruiser had already deviated from the channel they were supposed to be at by over a 100 miles.

All of a sudden, the surface of the sea started to churn, as a huge tentacle broke through the water, and wrapped around the cruiser, intending to drag it below the surface.

“Level 77 Mutant Beast: Type 3 King Squid.”

Looking at that ominous tentacle, Yue Zhong immediately took out his new Electromagnetic gun and fired a single shot at the Type 3 King Squid.

A hot pulse blasted the tentacle, severing it into two, while the electrical discharge from the shot covered the surface of the King Squid, shocking and paralyzing it.

The moment the Type 3 King Squid went into shock, Zhao Tian Gang came back to his senses and activated the defenses on board, firing the various powerful weapons at the tentacle of the Type 3 King Squid.

Under that dense barrage of firing, the Type 3 King Squid’s tentacle was blasted full of holes, and broke apart.

The torpedoes on the cruiser also fired and exploded on the body of the King Squid beneath the surface of the sea, causing it to bleed. Dense clouds of blood spread outwards in the sea, dying the water red.

The King Squid immediately gave up in fear and retreated out into the sea.

Yue Zhong looked at the tentacle floating on the surface, and his eyes flashed with pity. If it had been on land, a heavily injured Type 3 Mutant Beast was the best to hunt. However, in the sea, he had to think twice.

Yue Zhong returned to the command room, when Zhao Tian Gang had an ugly expression: “Leader! There’s a situation, 4 huge Mutant Beasts are making their way here, one of them is just slightly smaller than this cruiser, I think that it might be a Type 4.”

Yue Zhong frowned and replied: “Immediately divert us away from their path.”

Zhao Tian Gang then replied with difficulty: “But Leader, we have already veered too far from our original course. If we try to avoid this swarm of Mutant Beasts, we will be even further away. There is not enough fuel for us to make it back should we decide to go further off course. We will have to make a stop at another island.

Yue Zhong immediately made a judgment: “Then let’s stop somewhere so that we can refuel.”

The Type 4 Mutant Beasts were practically impossible to fight out in the sea. While the cruiser did possess the means to injure some Type 4 Beasts, they had the ability to flip it over and sink it into the sea. He did not want the cruiser that he worked so hard to get be destroyed that easily.

Zhao Tian Gang received his order, and his heart eased a little: “Yes!”

Under Zhao Tian Gang’s control, the cruiser managed to speed off into the distance, far from the path of the Mutant Beasts.

There were all sorts of dangerous entities in the waters in the current world, however, since the cruiser was the renowned 7th Fleet’s treasured ship, it possessed powerful devices and sonar equipment to detect any biological lifeform, allowing it to adjust its course whenever needed.

A huge land mass soon appeared in the distance.

Yue Zhong looked at that foreign place and asked: “Where’s that?”

Zhao Tian Gang reported: “That’s Indonesia, Sir.”

A look of loath flashed past his face: “It’s actually that place.”

Indonesia was a place with a history of anti-Chinese sentiments. In recent history, there were points in time where the Chinese had been slaughtered like livestock. Men were killed, women were raped, and kids were grilled over fires. Some of the locals had no feelings whatsoever towards their deeds, and their cruelty knew no boundaries. It was almost comparable to the Rape of Nanking by the Japanese and the Nazi genocide of the Jews.

In 1998, there was a huge anti-Chinese movement in Indonesia. Over thousands of Chinese had been killed, their properties and belongings were seized, and even little kids were not spared. When Yue Zhong was studying in university, he had seen the photos of that period, and could not forget the cruelty.

In front of them, he noticed a small boat docked near the shore, and on it were a few survivors in tattered clothes. Each of their right hands were chopped off, and their blood flowed freely into the sea.

The blood attracted the Mutant Beasts in the sea and soon, the surface of the water churned, as a number of Mutant Beasts appeared, chomping down on the bodies of the survivors.

Hong! Hong!!

Just then, the small boat suddenly exploded, and the powerful explosion blasted the Mutant Beasts, killing them instantly.

An electric fishing boat soon came throttling from shore, and a number of ashen-faced survivors tossed out some nets, dragging in the corpses of the Mutant Beasts.

7 or 8 other armed militants were roaring with laughter, loudly talking about who knows what.

One of them casually raised his gun and fired it at one of the survivors, causing the rest to tremble with fear, and their movements quickened. The rest of the militants continued to laugh.

When Yue Zhong witnessed this, his brows furrowed. He whipped out some masking tape and sealed the mouth of the little mermaid, who stared furiously at him, before putting on the Sea Mask and swimming towards that fishing boat.

The moment he put on the Sea Mask and dove into the water, he felt like he had become a fish, easily slicing through the water without resistance. At the same time, under the enhancement of the mask, he could even see a fish scale the size of a palm floating about 2 miles away.

He swam easily towards the boat, before suddenly jumping out from the water and leaping onto the boat. He punched out mercilessly at one of the militants with his 10 times strength, and the militant’s brain was instantly pulverized.

The rest of the militants immediately cursed out in their native tongues as they raised their guns to fire at Yue Zhong wildly.

He whipped out his Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade from his waist, and in a flash, he evaded their attacks and coldly separated their heads from their bodies.

In just a short span of time, all of the militants had been exterminated by Yue Zhong.

During the process, the rest of the survivors who had been watching coldly, felt a tinge of fear.

They immediately got down on their knees and trembled, not knowing what Yue Zhong would do.

He eyed them and frowned, before using Chinese to ask: “Any of you understand Chinese?”

None of them spoke a single word.

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