God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 584

Yue Zhong looked at the survivors trembling in fear and frowned. He immediately took up one of the rifles and pointed it at the head of one of them: “Did I just save a bunch of Indonesian monkeys? What a waste of effort, since you guys are Indonesians, you might as well die.”

Some of the native Indonesians were lazy, foolish, yet cruel. They had been envious of the lifestyles of the rich Chinese who strove hard in the country. That was why that during each period of unrest, some of these people would launch an assault on the Chinese to snatch what they had, raping the women and not letting the children off. They were truly worse than beasts.

When Yue Zhong thought that he might have rescued some of these very people he loathed, he felt unhappy. After the apocalypse, he had already slowly grown to become extremely vicious, and he truly wouldn’t have second thoughts about killing them.

The survivor who was held at gunpoint began to wet his pants in fear as he tried to kowtow profusely, trying to speak in some barely understandable form of Chinese: “Don’t kill me! I’m Li Jing Ren. I’m Chinese, they’re all Chinese as well! Please! Sir! Thank you for saving us! Don’t kill us! We’re willing to do anything for you!!”

“Don’t kill me!!”

“I’m Chinese!!”

The rest of them began to kneel and hurried to kowtow. Not all of them could speak Chinese, and 4 didn’t even speak, just kneeling and kowtowing.

In this apocalypse, any expert that possessed strength was someone who had killed Mutant Beasts and zombies before. They’re well-known to be decisive and vicious, and would definitely not be soft-hearted. These survivors did not want to die.

Yue Zhong pointed at a few of them and coldly drawled: “Why aren’t you guys speaking in Chinese? Are you Indonesians, colluding to trick me?”

Those survivors turned pale when the gun was pointed at them, and they just kowtowed even harder.

Li Jing Ren immediately responded in a small voice: “Sir, sir. They’re truly Chinese, but their families have been in Indonesia for a few generations, they have already lost their understanding of the language. They’re really Chinese people.”

It was usually hard for Chinese to assimilate into other countries. Hence, many Chinese families would choose not to teach their kids Chinese, and instead, use the local language to raise their children, in the hopes of integrating better.

Many countries were usually more open to their own locals, and less so for foreigners. As for countries like China that usually cared more about foreigners than their own, there were little of them.

Yue Zhong pointed to the various corpses floating on the sea surface and asked: “What’s going on here?”

Li Jing Ren chuckled bitterly as he spoke out in a solemn manner: “They were live bait. The Indonesians captured a few Chinese to be live bait, tying them with explosives, purely to deal with the Mutant Beasts in the sea. It’s how they fish.”

There were many fierce beasts in the seas, and the Indonesians had devised the trick of tying explosives with bloodied survivors to lure the Mutant Beasts in, before blowing them up. It was cruel, but effective.

Yue Zhong frowned: “I heard that their intelligence weren’t high, how could they have thought of this idea?”

Li Jing Ren laughed bitterly again: “It was an idea proposed by a Chinese called Wu Liang.”

A strong killing intent flashed in Yue Zhong’s gaze: “This Wu Liang, I must kill him!”

Someone like that who betrayed his own race to help others, Yue Zhong hated these sort of people the most. He would kill any that he came across.

“There’s no need, Sir, he’s already dead.” Li Jing Ren saw the confusion in Yue Zhong’s eyes: “After proposing this wicked idea to the natives, he was soon captured and thrown as the first bait. His wife and daughter had then been raped before killed and cooked to be eaten.”

When Yue Zhong heard that, he turned silent. Their depravity and cruelty far exceeded his imagination.

He then asked: “Any of you know how much firepower their base has?”

“Not entirely sure.” Li Jing Ren replied. “I know they do possess many guns, other than that, we don’t know much. We have been kept in pig pens all the time.”

Yue Zhong pointed to the corpses of the Indonesian militants and told Li Jing Ren: “Alright! I’m giving you guys a chance for revenge now. Take those guns, follow me to eradicate those bastards!”

“No! No Sir!!”

“No. Sir, we can’t fight!”

“Sir, they’re too fearsome. The moment you go against them, once you’re found out, your limbs will be chopped off, and you will be nailed to a cross to suffer till your death!”

The moment they heard Yue Zhong wanted to take them to fight it out with the Indonesians, they immediately kowtowed furiously, begging not to. They were already broken by the cruelty and viciousness of the methods the Indonesians employed. The only way they knew how to survive was to endure. Regardless of how suppressed, humiliated or even how many of their loved ones were killed, they only knew how to endure. To them, the moment they retaliated, they would suffer much worse.

Most of the Indo-Chinese people only sought to advance their own causes and could endure tough times. As long as they weren’t pushed to desperation, they wouldn’t just lash out. That was why they didn’t dare to antagonize the Indonesians. They might be capable figures in their respective fields, like business, engineers, farmers, architects, all sorts of occupations, but they weren’t warriors.

However, even the most pitiful had a threshold. Even after suffering so much, these Indo-Chinese survivors in front of him were all trembling and actually dared not rise up to take arms against their tormentors.

Yue Zhong eyed them furiously and barked: “What a bunch of useless trash!”

They lowered their head in shame, but continued to kneel there, looking like curled up worms.

Yue Zhong eyed Li Jing Ren and spoke coldly: “Get up, bring me to where you guys were held.”

“Sir, please spare us! It’s hell there!”

“On account that we’re fellow Chinese, please spare us. I don’t want to go back to that hellhole!”

Some of the Chinese began to wail and plead.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly, and he raised the rifle, firing once into the head of one survivor.

An additional hole appeared in the head of that survivors, and he crumpled to the floor with a look of fear on his face. Seeing this, the rest of them were frightened out of their wits, and fell back.

Yue Zhong was like a killing demon as he eyed them, speaking icily: “This is not a negotiation. This is a fucking order. Those who don’t abide, will die. Get up, lead me there, or you can die here like trash.”

He had no choice but to employ different means to deal with different people. Since these Indo-Chinese had been broken by their overwhelming fear of the locals, He had to use their blood and lives to inform them of a greater threat: him. Otherwise, he would have to blindly search for the base himself.

Seeing their comrade killed, the rest of them finally felt the true extent of Yue Zhong’s nature. They didn’t dare plead any longer, and began to control the ship back to base.

From his walkie-talkie, Zhao Tian Gang’s voice sounded: “Leader! Is there anything wrong over on land?”

Yue Zhong’s expression was as calm as the water surface: “I’m going to clear some trash, and look for some fuel. You guys stay where you are and await my orders. Call for reinforcements”

Since the fleet was advanced, its communication equipment was easily top-notch. They could contact their forces over at Shizuoka Prefecture and Sakura Town.

Zhao Tian Gang responded: “Yes!”

On a small hill, Li Jing Ren was pointing to a base in the distance as he reported to Yue Zhong fearfully: “It’s right there!”

Yue Zhong looked at the base, and noticed that it sat on a flat terrain, its design extremely simple and surrounded by wooden fences. Surrounding it were wide fields that once used to grow crops, but was now barren.

On those wooden fences, there were numerous corpses of men, children and women hung up on them. At the entrance, there were even over hundreds of heads stacked up. It was truly a gruesome scene.

Yue Zhong eyed Li Jing Ren and the rest of them, saying indifferently: “You guys stay here.”

These bunch of people were too weak to do anything, and might even become a burden to him.

“Thank you Sir! Thank you!” Li Jing Ren and the rest immediately kneeled down and kowtowed in thanks.

At the entrance of the base, there were 4 Indonesians standing guard. They were currently riding on top of a pretty Chinese woman, as they roared with laughter.

The female survivor had her hands broken, her snow-white skin carved with the words ‘Kill all Chinese Pigs’, her tongue sliced off. One of her eyes had also been dug out. Currently, one of the soldiers was carving into her body, causing more blood to spill, as she squirmed and moaned in agony.

The 3 other soldiers were excitedly raping her in whatever hole they could fill, the sight of her bloodied body exciting them further. As they raped her, they bit down viciously on her flesh, sucking her blood.

The moment Yue Zhong arrived at the entrance, he had to witness such a gruesome scene, and it was even more depraved and sick than the image of the ’98 riots.

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