God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 585

Yue Zhong stared at the depraved locals with a chilly light in his eyes. In this apocalypse, he had seen all sorts of depravity and inhumanity, but this, this was something else.

His killing intent billowed, and he shot towards one of the militants, his hands reaching out for his throat and twisted forcefully, instantly crushing the windpipe of the unfortunate militant.

When his throat got crushed, he didn’t die instantly, instead, his eyes widened in agony, as though they were about to pop out, his hands clutching at his throat, and he started to flail around like a fish out of water for a few moments before dying.

While that was happening, before the other 3 even had the chance to react, Yue Zhong had already crushed the their throats as well.

They also died miserably.

The woman, who had been tormented with her hands broken, her body full of scars, her eyeball dug out, even her tongue cut off, she looked towards Yue Zhong with only despair left in her remaining eye, as a tears flowed down her cheek.

Yue Zhong spoke in Chinese softly: “I’ll avenge you.”

She struggled to nod her thanks, a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

After killing the 4 Indonesians, Yue Zhong tossed their corpses into a room, before heading further into the base.

As he ventured in, he came across a chilling scene. A bunch of kids were using forks to poke at a decapitated human head.

A number of female survivors were stripped naked, their hands and shoulders nailed to planks. A bunch of the locals were laughing while pointing at the captives. From time to time, a few locals would step up and just proceeded to rape the women. Even one young boy who looked about 12 took part in the rapings.

In a muddy area full of faeces by the road, there was a pit. On top of it, a number of children had been pierced through on sticks and were being roasted.

The entire place was like Hell on earth, and when Yue Zhong came across this scenes, it was as though he was surrounded by ghosts and demons, not human, and his stomach threatened to heave.

“Beasts!! Bunch of fucking beasts! They truly deserve death!! Why didn’t the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami wiped them all out! The donations to them were truly for naught!!”

“Ah!!!” Right at this time, there was a scream from afar.

Yue Zhong turned his head to look.

He discovered a pregnant woman who seemed to be due for delivery soon, being dragged by a bunch of locals towards a huge pot of boiling water. One of them drove a blade into her belly and tore it open, before grinning evilly and digging the unborn child out. He then threw the fetus into the pot of boiling water.

The rest of the locals immediately roared with laughter, as though possessed by demons.

In front of the huge pot, there were a number of children of ages 8 to 12, and when they saw this spine-chilling scene, they trembled in fear, some beginning to cry.

One of the locals made to grab a small boy, intending to throw him in to cook. He had already done this countless times.

Right as he was about to throw the boy in, Yue Zhong finally snapped. His eyes flashed with a cold light, and he shot forwards like an arrow, his blade swinging down on the right hand of the local, before he grabbed the local and threw him into the pot.

The moment the local was submerged in the boiling water, he let out a piercing scream of agony, his entire body instantly turning red as he struggled and thrashed about.

The moment Yue Zhong made the move, he had no intention of showing mercy. He began to grab all the spectating locals and threw them into the pot, as they all screamed and flail about.

With a flash of his blade, he cut the bindings of the Chinese children who were tied up.

He eyed them all and threw a number of blades and .54 guns onto the ground, saying: “I’m Yue Zhong, and I’m here to save you. If you have the guts, pick up the weapons, come with me to kill these fucking monkeys. Those who’re scared, you can hide yourself. There’re no saviors in this world, only guns and weapons are your salvation.”

If these Chinese kids were in China, Yue Zhong would have assigned someone to come protect them. But they were in Indonesia now, a huge bunch of them were already sheep. What Yue Zhong needed were hungry wolves, the more wild they were the better. Kind and passive people would find it hard to survive in this hell-like world now.

The kids eyed the weapons, and one particular 12-year-old stepped forward with a resolute look in his eyes, as he picked up a gun and blade, walking towards Yue Zhong. His voice was filled with a raging killing intent as he spoke: “I’m Li Ying. I’ll follow you! As long as you can take me to kill these bastards, I’m yours to command!! Whoever you want me to kill, I’ll kill!!”

Adults had their mindsets and were hard to change. As for kids, they could be resilient, and when they became ferocious, they could be even more scary than adults. Because in their simple-mindedness, killing a person might not be different from killing an ant. Some of them lacked the empathy towards other life forms.

With Li Ying stepping out, the rest immediately bent to pick up the weapons, and stood around Yue Zhong like little wolf cubs. Only 4 of them remained, not knowing what to do, their faces full of fear.

With a flip of his hands, an assault rifle suddenly appeared. He raised it and sprayed at the locals. Regardless of gender or age, as long as they were locals and appeared in his sight, he would gun them down.

To him, they were enemies, a bunch of beasts. He had never shown mercy to his enemies. Even for the kids, they were just as vicious and cruel on the battlefield to him, and if one wasn’t careful, one might fall prey to them.

During the Sino-Vietnamese war, plenty of Chinese soldiers had fallen at the hands of the Vietnamese women and children because they went soft.

“The safety of the guns are already off, Li Ying, take me to where the Chinese people are gathered.” Yue Zhong did not bother about those kids who could not come to a decision, and instead, led Li Ying and the rest away, killing any locals that appeared along the way. What he needed now were wolves, not pigs. If he stayed behind to protect those weak-minded ones, he would just be digging a grave for himself.

Li Ying continued to point the way as he ran to keep beside Yue Zhong. He soon led them to a place where one was instantly struck by the putrid stench, of which blood and rotting corpses could be seen everywhere. “There! It’s right there!! That’s where the Indonesians have been keeping us captive!”

Outside the camp, there were 12 locals wielding heavy machine guns and rifles and they instantly charged towards Yue Zhong, firing madly.

Yue Zhong roared out: “Get down!”

Li Ying and the rest might not have gone through any special training, but they ducked with agility, seeking cover. Only one of them responded slightly slower, and was struck in the body by countless bullets.

When the kids saw their comrade gunned down, having no prior battle experience, they begun to tremble, their eyes filled with crippling fear.

In mid-air, a nether hole appeared and White Bones leaped out, standing beside Yue Zhong.

“Wipe them out!”

White Bones was more suitable to slaughter these enemies that lacked heavy firearms.

Its demonic eyes were ablaze with fire, and charged into the fray, ignoring the bullets.

The projectiles only served to bounce off White Bones’ body, and it waved its powerful black Bone Axe, slicing through the 12 militants instantly.

Yue Zhong called out in a loud voice: “I’m Yue Zhong, I’ve now killed the Indonesians guarding this cell. Those with guts bring your weapons and come out with me now to kill the rest!”

After a while, a number of Chinese survivors came out.

“Kill those bastards! I’ll come with you!”

“Me too!”

A number of survivors who had deep grudges with the locals came pouring out, although there were still over 200 of them who maintained their silence.

A middle-aged man came out, his face red as though he was agitated: “Listen to me!! Everybody, calm down!! If we go against Mr. Hartono, he will kill us all! Your families will be turned to food! They will punish you all with all sorts of torture! Yue Zhong, you get the hell out. We don’t need your rescuing. You’re not helping us like this, you’re gonna kill us! Are you trying to kill us?!”

This guy was called Wang Wei, and he was whole-heartedly trying to side with the locals. He believed that as long as they continued to show their warmth and lack of retaliation, the locals would accept them.

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