God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 586

Wang Wei pointed at Yue Zhong and rebuked loudly: “Look, everybody, this guy is a Chinese from China! We will solve our problems our own way as Indo-Chinese!! Scram!!”

There were some who were fated to serve others their lives. This person was the epitome of such a character, where their weak wills and cowardice caused others harm. They only knew to bully those weaker than them, and did not know how to fight for their own.

“Go to hell!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly and immediately fired a shot at his head.

In between Wang Wei’s brows, a new bullet hole emerged, his eyes full of shock and disbelief as he crumpled to the ground.

Seeing this, all the survivors felt their faces drain of color, as some began to scream and receded back into the camp in fear. After so much torture and humiliation, fear has been drilled deep into their mindset. Even at the moment of death, they would only know how to grovel and beg for their lives.

Yue Zhong glared and cussed: “Useless waste!”

However, not all of them were utter trash, as a few women with multiple scars all over their bodies came out silently, picking up the guns on the ground. There were a few men that had tattoos over their bodies, who looked to be ruffians prior to the apocalypse, that came forward as well, picking up the blades that Yue Zhong had given out. Their eyes shone with a bloody light.

These hoodlums would have been considered the cancer of society during peaceful times. However, in such a chaotic world now, they dared to fight and risk their lives, and would survive better than ordinary people. Han Xing, Han Shi Zhong and many other famous generals were of such modest backgrounds as well.

One particular man with a white tiger tattoo over his right shoulder and a bald head, of about 1.7m height stepped forward. His eyes were full of a vengeful hatred as he spoke: “Boss Yue Zhong, I’m Lin Guang Ming! If you bring me to kill those bastards, my life is yours to command!!”

“Count me, Chen Qi, in!”

“Count me, Li Yuan Hao…” A number of rough-looking men who would usually be avoided before the apocalypse came forward, calling loudly.

It was not all the Chinese that had lacked that humanity, it was just that many of these Indo-Chinese have been brought up to tolerate, to put in hard work, and not resist. No one taught them how to.

Yue Zhong swept his gaze over these 30 men and women, and he was pleased: “Good!”

As for those who ran to hide back in the camp, Yue Zhong would not care about them. With 30 survivors willing to join in the battle, to him, it was already an added bonus. It was not like he couldn’t take on the entire camp himself.

The commotion wasn’t small, and very soon, the rest of the locals had been alerted, and a number of gun-toting militants had rushed over, surrounding the place.

One particular officer began shouting in the local language.

Yue Zhong had no understanding of the language and asked Li Ying: “What’s he saying?”

Li Ying’s body was trembling in rage as he relayed the message: “He’s shouting for us to surrender, otherwise he will break our limbs, and throw into the wok to cook and eat. These beasts love to fry people alive. Especially children.”

As the world collapsed, many people had succumbed to their inner demons and depravity. Apparently, this tribe of locals had gone over the edge. Yue Zhong eyed them and ordered coldly: “So it’s like this, White Bones, go slaughter the whole lot of them!”

White Bones immediately set forth with his demonic eyes ablaze.

The local militants began to fire at White Bones wildly.

The bullets just bounced off White Bones’ body, as it charged through the rain of bullets into the midst of the locals. 10 sharp bone blades shot out from its body, and it began to twirl around, turning into a meat grinder slicing the surrounding locals apart.

They were either decapitated or slashed at their waist. Some even had their hearts directly pierced. The deaths were quick and gruesome.

After White Bones casually dealt with over 30 men, the rest of them immediately crumbled and sought to escape, some abandoning their weapons and running, while others got down on the floor and hugged their heads.

When Lin Guang Ming and the rest saw this, they were stunned. When these locals had killed and tortured them, they were like tigers, yet in a short span of time, Yue Zhong had already caused them to be kneeling and begging or running for their lives. The Chinese survivors could not believe their eyes.

Yue Zhong pointed at those locals who were kneeling with their hands hugging their heads and gave an order to Lin Guang Ming and the rest: “Go pick up their ammunition. We’re not holding captives. Kill them all!”

Since Lin Guang Ming and the rest were lacking the killing aura, Yue Zhong wanted to make use of these unfortunate locals to cultivate their murderous intent. Those whose had never seen blood before were vastly different from those who had been exposed.

“Yes, Boss Yue!!” A fierce intent appeared in Lin Guang Ming’s eyes, as he hollered while charging at those locals: “Brothers! Follow me as we kill these damn bastards!!”

Lin Guang Ming swept up a blade and thrusted it viciously into the body of one local, before pulling it out, effectively slicing his abdomen area, causing the local to scream out in agony.

With Lin Guang Ming rising to the occasion, those Chinese survivors that had willingly stood forward immediately charged, picking up the guns that the militants had abandoned and killed all the parties who had surrendered.

The moment the armed forces collapsed, the entire base fell into chaos. Many of the locals tried to use their weapons and killed the survivors on their hands first before escaping. Some even took the chance to kill their own comrades, stealing their resources, setting fire to the huts, plunging everything into chaos.

White Bones took the lead, with Lin Guang Ming and the other survivors charging behind. Regardless of who they saw, be it men or women, young or old, as long as they were the locals, they would kill. Fresh blood dyed the entire place.

Countless locals were being slaughtered by the group of survivors. They begged and shrieked for their lives, hoping for mercy. However, Lin Guang Ming and the rest were overcome by bloodlust and their unforgettable memories of the treatment they had received, using their weapons to end the lives of all these people.

Yue Zhong watched all these from behind, it was something he had done himself as well. In Vietnam, because of the actions of Ngô Nhàm Hoãng (previously translated as Wuyan Hong), Yue Zhong had killed a town of 4,000 survivors in a fit of anger.

These locals had been acting worse than humans, and their actions were comparable to Ngô Nhàm Hoãng, even surpassing his in depravity. Yue Zhong would naturally not allow them to live.

After slaughtering over a hundred of them, the experts of the base finally appeared.

20 Enhancers appeared, each of them wearing all sorts of strange equipment.

When Lin Guang Ming saw them, his face fell as he called out: “Not good! Boss, these are all experts with powers. They’re the strongest experts in Indonesia. Even special forces aren’t a match for them. I’ve had a Special Forces friend who had died at their hands! Please tell Boss White to be careful!!”

A look of fear also flashed past the faces of the dozens of Chinese survivors behind Lin Guang Ming. To them, Enhancers were people way above them, more so those with special abilities. They could not hope to stand up to them. Even with guns, there was no assurance they could live.

Yue Zhong eyed them and called out coldly: “Just a bunch of ants!”

He then pulled out his Stinger and flashed forward like a shadow, firing 6 times consecutively.

Following those shots, 6 of the high-level Enhancers immediately crumpled to the floor, their heads blasted apart in a shower of flesh and blood.

When the other 14 experts saw this, their eyes were filled with shock.

Without letting them recover from their stupor, Yue Zhong pointed at them and 14 balls of Devil Flame appeared out of thin air, shooting towards them and exploding at their heads, blasting them to pieces.

Lin Guang Ming could not help but stammer with his mouth wide open: “Strong…strong!! Too strong!!”

A look of amazement was in his eyes.

Those survivors who had chosen to follow Yue Zhong could not believe their eyes as well. They were now filled with not just gratitude and respect, now there was a sense of awe and reverence. Such a killing god was their leader, and they believed strongly there was a chance for them to survive in the future.

Those 20 Enhancers possessed the greatest might out of the 2,000-over people in this base, and with their deaths, no one else dared to step out to stop Yue Zhong. Many tried to make a run for it.

There were some who also wisely chose to surrender, hoping to live on. After all, there were no cases of Chinese committing genocide overseas, and they prayed with all their might Yue Zhong was the same.

The entire base was soon under Yue Zhong’s grasp. He had captured a total of 1,300 locals, and 200-over sheep-like Chinese survivors.

He then proceeded to slaughter over 700 of those who had participated in the killings of the Indo-Chinese, creating a river of blood right there in the base.

After controlling the town, he gathered everyone in the wide open area.

“From today onwards, I’m your master, your king. I will announce now, Li Ying is now the commander of the Youth Guards, Indonesian Branch. Lin Guang Ming is the commander of the Indonesian 1st Battalion, Chen Qi, the commander of the 2nd Battalion, and Wang Qi the commander of the 3rd.

“As of today forth, under my authority, Li Ying, Lin Guang Ming…etc, these 47 people are the 1st grade citizens, they’re protected by the law, as for the rest of the Chinese survivors, you will be considered 5th grade citizens. All the locals are slaves!!”

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