God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 588

By the sea, Yue Zhong ordered the little mermaid: “Summon the sea Mutant Beasts!”

The little Queen Mermaid stared back at him with a stubborn look, and her lips pursed tightly. Right now, she was wearing a blue dress, and her fins have transformed into legs. She looked just like a beautiful loli, without a hint of the myth-like mermaid traits.

Yue Zhong eyed her coldly and said: “You’re not willing to listen? Good! Masako, come over here and make sure to guide her properly!”

“Hai!” Beside Yue Zhong, the sexy and mature female instructor bowed, before walking towards the little mermaid.

When the little mermaid saw Masako approaching her, an expression of fear came over her face, as she began to squeal in some broken Chinese: “No….no!!!”

The little mermaid was the Queen of her race after all, and her talents were naturally astounding. Her intelligence was superior, and she had quickly picked up some simple Chinese. However, even so, she was still filled with dread towards the instructor Masako, and her fear towards her surpassed even that towards Yue Zhong.

As a personal instructor, Masako had no tenderness or care towards another female. She was extremely harsh and strict, which caused the little mermaid to be scared of her.

Yue Zhong ordered coldly: “Summon the Mutant Beasts! Only call the lower-level ones.”

The mermaid dared not disobey any further, and opened her mouth to croon in a mystical but strangely soothing sound.

The voice continued to spread out towards the sea, after a period of time, the surface of the water churned, and a number of Mutant Sandworms and Mutant Sea Lice began to swarm out of the water.

Yue Zhong nodded in satisfaction when he counted over a hundred of them, and said: “Alright, that’s enough!”

In response, the little mermaid stared hatefully at Yue Zhong, while her fair and exquisite face crunched up. She was pissed at Yue Zhong’s demand of her, but she had no choice. After all, she was his captive, and if she disobeyed, the alternative was scarier.

Yue Zhong pointed to the Mutant Beast horde and told Li Ying and the rest who were wielding Tang Replica Swords: “Eliminate them!”

These Mutant Beasts were precisely intended to hone the people under him to become Enhancers.

Li Ying, who had cut his hair short, and wore a small military uniform, held a Dark Magic Blade as his voice rang out clearly above his comrades: “For the Leader! Charge!!”

The Youth Corp immediately charged forward with high spirits as they all shouted out: “For the Leader!!”

Bai Xiao Sheng, White Bones, and 20 other Evolvers stood aside to watch over the Youth Corp, ensuring that they weren’t in any mortal danger.

The beasts that the Mermaid Queen had summon were basically Type 1 monsters. Those that were dangerous enough that could threaten the Youth Corp had been dealt with by Bai Xiao Sheng and the rest.

With the protection of those elite soldiers, Li Ying and the rest of the young soldiers began to rise quickly in level, reaching Level 10 within a short span of time, and their momentum wasn’t stopping.

Yue Zhong looked at the stubborn little mermaid and the corners of his mouth lifted slightly: “This little mermaid is truly a treasure. As long as I can control her, I can train up an entire army of Enhancers.”

He said: “I shall give you a name. Hai Lan.”

When the little mermaid heard Yue Zhong giving her a name, she turned her head to the side out of spite, not saying anything.

When Masako saw that, her face became frosty as she barked: “Hai Lan. What’s the meaning of your attitude? Master has kindly given you a name, it’s an honor. You’re not thanking him, do you want to be kept in the dark house later, and taste the true meaning of hell?”

A hint of fear flashed in Hai Lan’s eyes, as she turned back to Yue Zhong reluctantly, befre speaking in broken Chinese: “Thank…you…Master!”

Yue Zhong eyed Masako with amusement: “Good!”

When he had contacted Japan, and raised the issue of the little mermaid, Kira Waichi had suggested to send Masako over. Indeed, within days, she had managed to train Hai Lan to be slightly more controllable.

She bowed towards Yue Zhong, while responding with an alluring smile: “Thank you for your praise, Master.”

Although her looks wasn’t consider the cream of the crop, her methods and the way she carried herself was extremely feminine, and even more mesmerizing than some top beauties.

Yue Zhong made use of Hai Lan’s strength as much as he could, and within a span of 3 days, he managed to raise Li Ying and the rest of the Youth Corp to become Level 30 Enhancers. Lin Guang Ming and the rest of the mixed-Chinese had been trained to Level 10 as well. Having formed a unit of decent fighters, they managed to gain over a ton of Mutant Beast meat from the nearby areas as well.

As Yue Zhong was raising a unit, there were finally some movements from the locals.

Although Yue Zhong had taken over almost all of the smaller factions around, there were still 3 large bases that had over 10,000 survivors.. They were the Country A Revolutionary Committee, Country A Renaissance and the Country A Empire.

Each of these factions controlled over 3,000 survivors each, and had a decent number of Enhancers.

There were many lazy and brutal people among the current generation, but likewise, there were geniuses as well. Country A was no different. These 3 factions were formed from the geniuses that had survived since the apocalypse.

Within a lavish mansion, there were many beautiful Chinese women who were naked, posing in various areas within the mansion, giving it a sort of a lustful atmosphere.

A middle-aged man who wore a suit, a huge thick gold ring on his thumb, and had a head full of spiky hair spoke: “The current situation is like this. That Chinese guy called Yue Zhong has already established his own kingdom, and discriminated against our fellow locals, branding them as slaves. What do you think?”

This man was called Bencito and he was the leader of the Country A Revolutionary Committee. Prior to the apocalypse, he had been an ordinary farmer. When the apocalypse set in, he had relied on his decisive and vicious methods, as well as his strength attained when he naturally awakened as an Evolver to conquer and rule over a small area, forming his own faction.

On the other side, there was a burly man with gold hair that snorted: “Kill him! Country A belongs to us locals! That Chinese trash actually dared to come here, he truly doesn’t know death.”

Country A had been a Western colony in the past, and this burly, gold-hair man was called Paulos, and he was a mixed blood of Western and Country A descent. He was the leader of the Country A Renaissance, and was a powerful Evolver in his own right.

Bencito gazed at the remaining young handsome man, who looked about 23 or 24, with an absolute beauty in his arms, as he said: “My sentiments exactly. That Chinese pig is truly arrogant, and even the Europeans dare not treat us like slaves. He dared to kill our people, and brand our people as slaves. He truly is a beast. Lenny, if you don’t join us, then you’re our enemy. Paulos and I will definitely not let you off.”

Lenny was the leader of the remaining faction, the Country A Empire. When he heard that, he chuckled and said: “Good! I’ll join you in eradicating Yue Zhong. However, all the virgins under him belong to me. Other than that, I want ⅓ of the spoils as well.”

As the leader of the Country A Empire, Lenny had kept many beautiful women into his harem after establishing his faction. Right now, there were over 500 women in his harem, and his favourite pastime was to toy with beautiful virgins.



Both Paulos and Bencito agreed to his request.

With these 3 heads coming to an agreement, they began to deploy large number of weapons in preparations for combat. Each of these 3 factions had an elite troop of over a thousand soldiers each, as well as numerous cannon fodder.

The 3 factions mobilized quickly, and when they gathered, their total strength numbered 3,000 and together with the even larger group of slave troops, they marched towards Yue Zhong’s base.

This was the largest and most powerful troop right now in the whole Northern side of Country A. They had 20 tanks, over a hundred armored vehicles, and 20 self-propelling rocket launchers. This sort of strength was enough to quell any enemy faction.

From a high location, Yue Zhong had brought Li Ying, Lin Guang Ming, Bai Xiao Sheng, and the rest of his subordinates as they looked toward the distance.

Seeing the large army marching towards them, there was a severe look in the eyes of Lin Guang Ming, Chen Qi, Li Yuan Hao and some of the new commanders. They had only 400 subordinates, and many of them were Enhancers but had not yet truly experienced war. They had no prior training, and were considered to be a motley crew out there on the battlefield. How would they be a match for this incoming army?

Yue Zhong looked at those enemies and he laughed coldly: “Are they finally coming here?”

Lin Guang Ming suggested: “Leader! Why don’t we spread out into the forests and fight them with guerilla warfare? After the troops have enough experience, we can fight back?”

Yue Zhong declined: “No need! We will thoroughly crush them today, and let them experience our might!”

Lin Guang Ming retreated without saying anymore, as his eyes flashed fiercely with a look of excitement. As long as they could slaughter these locals, he was willing to risk his all, even if he had to die at the end. He had made the suggestion not because he was scared, but he just wanted to live on to kill even more of the locals.

The huge Country A troop followed the major road, and their spirits were high, as though they weren’t afraid of being ambushed. With their strength, anyone who did so was just courting death.

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