God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 589

“Attack!” Yue Zhong shouted into the radio communications.

4 Thunder Fighters shot through the air, before arriving in the space above the locals and releasing a large number of cluster bombs.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

Following the earth-shaking explosions, the locals troops were instantly engulfed in flames, as a large number of them were blasted apart, with their limbs separated from their bodies. Some even burned as they ran, without any way to extinguish the fire as they screamed in pain.

The 4 Thunder Fighters continued to fire their weapons at the troops as though they were slaughtering chicken and dogs, turning the armored vehicles and tanks into scrap metal full of holes.

Under that ferocious assault, the Country A troops were instantly devastated and thrown into chaos. Those mixed-Chinese and locals who made up the slave army quickly escaped in all directions. Even if the commanders killed a few of those deserters, there was no way of fully stopping this flood.

However, the 3,000-strong elite troop did not collapse. Although they had suffered some losses, they managed to duck for cover, and raised their guns to fire back into the sky.

Yue Zhong saw the moment that the elites were forced to take cover, and his eyes flashed coldly as he ordered: “Do it!! Charge, and kill those animals!”

After that, Yue Zhong led Bai Xiao Sheng, Li Ying, White Bones and the various experts as they charged out from a corner.

The elite troops of the 3 factions might be decent in combat, but having suffered a sudden assault and being forced to take cover, they had no way of regrouping to face the sudden situation.

Under the fearsome attacks of White Bones and Bai Xiao Sheng, the elites of the 3 factions were slowly picked off one by one.

As for the 4 Thunder Fighters, after they were done with their cluster bomb attack, they rose into the skies, and fired guided missiles at the various armored vehicles of the Country A Northern Coalition, severely impairing their strength.

Bencito roared out in anger: “Damn!! Why is it like this? How come?!”

In his plans, they should have been able to slaughter their way through Yue Zhong’s city. He would try to resist before collapsing, and they would be able to conquer the enemies, at a little cost. They would then pillage and rob and slaughter the Chinese. However, now, they were actually being held back by 4 fearsome flying metal behemoths, and they had suffered so many casualties already. It couldn’t even be called an exchange, as Yue Zhong’s sudden attack had claimed the lives of so many of their subordinates.

Right at this time, a large green silhouette swooped down from the skies, with each flap of its wings, the natural ability of wind was summoned, and the wind formed countless sharp blades as they tore through the Country A Northern Coalition.

As the wind blades sliced cruelly through the air, over a hundred soldiers were instantly decapitated from that single attack, and countless headless corpses slumped to the ground.

Bencito took a look at the Type 3 Greenie in the sky, his eyes flashing with fear and shock: “Type 3 Mutant Beast! Why is there such a terrifying beast on their side?! Who is that Yue Zhong exactly? How can he tame such a monster?!”

Any Type 3 Mutant Beast was a fearsome existence. Just one could easily smash through an entire rifleman battalion. The aerial ones were the hardest to deal with, though their defences might not be much, their speed and their natural advantage in the air made it near impossible for the humans to hurt them.

Even the Gun Demon from Takama-ga-hara only had the ability to threaten them, but it was not a guarantee that he could face them on his own. As for other people, it was naturally harder.

Greenie did not stop to rest at all, instead, it continued to flap around furiously, slicing apart numerous soldiers.

Lenny’s eyes were bloodshot, and had lost all of his swaggering manner from earlier. He was like an injured wild beast as he roared at Bencito and Paulos: “What do we do?! What do we do?! What do we do now?!”

Lenny had never faced an aerial attack before, and he wasn’t some military expert. He had just been relying on his own strength to conquer other people. However, facing the terrifying Thunder Fighters, he was helpless.

Theses aerial beasts were simply not something Lenny could handle.

The expressions of Bencito and Paulos were also ugly, as they were similarly at a loss. They weren’t military people, and they had managed to get to where they were through their strength. Facing such a situation, they really did not know what to do.

As they were contemplating their next move, the situation on the battlefield changed drastically. Under Yue Zhong’s lead, Bai Xiao Sheng and White Bones charged out with numerous high-level Evolvers, slaughtering hundreds of the Country A soldiers. They started to collapse as they tried to escape.

They didn’t possess high fighting wills in the first place, and their combat sense was even weaker, their equipment was lacking, and their combat strength was almost non-existent in the face of the Thunder Fighters and superior elite soldiers under Yue Zhong. In fact, it was hard to compare them with those from the Kingdom of God and Vietnam as well. They were only used to lording over common citizens. After they lost hundreds of their comrades, their will crumbled, and they abandoned everything as they tried to run.

Yue Zhong looked at the scrambling forces of the Country A Northern Coalition and his eyes flashed with a little surprise. He had not expected them to actually collapse so quickly. However, he did not let go of the opportunity as he hollered: “Kill!!”

Li Ying, Bai Xiao Sheng and the rest followed close behind him as they charged at the soldiers, killing any they came across. These soldiers were already broken in spirit, and were only fleeing for their lives, with their backs towards Yue Zhong and his team. There were some who even got down on the ground and begged for their lives, but were immediately slaughtered.

Bencito spoke in a low voice: “I’ll go reorganize some resistance. You guys quickly think of a countermeasure.”

“Fool. You truly are a farmer, fool. You still want to think of resisting. Running right now should be the priority. But just as well, with you blocking, we can escape better.”

Lenny thought coldly in his heart, but his face still wore a sincere expression: “Bencito, then, we’ll rely on you. We’ll definitely think of a way to defeat them.”

Bencito nodded and swiftly left the command centre.

The moment he left, Lenny and Paulos began to gather their troops. They wanted to gather as much as they could before they retreated. Although there was nothing they could do to Yue Zhong, but against the other Country A factions, these soldiers were still necessary.

Bencito had not left the command centre for long when an officer ran in hastily to report to Lenny: “Liege, Bencito had escaped. He also brought his trusted aides with him!”


Lenny and Paulos almost threw up blood when they heard the news. With Bencito’s escape, they were at the mercy of the soldiers of Yue Zhong.

Lenny hastily ordered: “Scatter! Scatter!! Convey my orders!! All of you have to flee now!!”

With such an order Lenny and Paulos quickly brought their men and abandoned their forces as they ran.

This order was conveyed, and the entire Country A Northern Coalition crumbled. It was every man for himself, as the soldiers abandoned their stations and weapons, not caring about anything else but their lives.

The 400 soldiers under Yue Zhong, on the other hand, grew braver with bloodlust, as they chased down the soldiers. While these soldiers might have also collapsed if they were on the losing end, they were now winning, hence, they went all out to assure their victory. Furthermore, their bodies had been enhanced since becoming Enhancers, and it was a breeze to them.

Yue Zhong led them in killing over 3,000 members of the Country A Northern Coalition, and managed to capture a number of the locals as well as mixed-Chinese.

Yue Zhong did not stop with the advantage, and led them on a conquest towards the nearest Country A Revolutionary Committee.

Within the territory of the Country A Revolutionary Committee, there was an old rundown building, surrounded by a layer of wooden fence. There were no city walls, nor any moats. There weren’t even any fortifications.

The few guards outside the fence were instantly taken down by White Bones, and Yue Zhong commanded his troops as they charged into the territory.

All the troops had been eradicated from the Country A Revolutionary Committee, and what was left was just a bunch of untrained soldiers. The place was easily taken over by Yue Zhong in a short while.

One military officer ran towards Bencito with a pale face: “Sir!! Yue Zhong had brought his troops and they’re killing their way in!!”

Bencito stood up in rage: “What?! He dared to bring his troops here. Damn bastard, you think I’m easily to bully. Come! Let’s go wipe them out!”

This Country A Revolutionary Committee was after all Bencito’s base, he had no place else to go, and could only choose to face Yue Zhong.

He gathered 50 Level 30 elite soldiers and came to an area where Yue Zhong and his troops were sure to come.

He then hollered out in Chinese: “I’m the leader of the Country A Revolutionary Committee, Bencito. Get Yue Zhong out here to talk to me!!”

Bencito had also learnt the Language Proficiency Ability, allowing him to converse in Chinese.

Yue Zhong walked out and barked coldly: “I’m Yue Zhong! What do you have to say, spit it out!”

Bencito immediately spoke: “Yue Zhong, as long as you take your troops and leave here, I can forget about what transpired here today. On top of that, I will send you a 100 virgins, a 1000 tonnes of food, and a 100 tonnes of fuel. I’m willing to become your ally, and eradicate the other 2 Country A factions with you!”

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