God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 590

As long as he could live, Bencito was willing to compromise anyone else, even the friends and allies that he had forged relationships with.

Yue Zhong’s tone was cold: “You only have 2 choices, surrender unconditionally, or die.”

Bencito’s face fell, his expression ugly: “Yue Zhong, don’t push people too far! With my military strength, if we were to resist with all our might, your subordinates would suffer as well. If I want to escape, you can’t stop me at all! You should consider having one more friend than one more foe!”

“Is that so?” A frosty voice suddenly appeared by Bencito’s side, and his heart was filled with an unprecedented sense of crisis. Just as he was about to activate his skill, a blade flashed past his neck.

Bencito’s head flew through the air, his eyes filled with shock and disbelief. There was only the silhouette of Yue Zhong in his eyes.

Yue Zhong had used his Clone Technique and Stealth ability to fool Bencito’s eyes, and slaughtered this genius expert easily.

Bencito was not weak, but unfortunately, in the face of Yue Zhong’s attack, he was helpless.

“Attack!!” Yue Zhong barked out coolly, as he activated his Shadow Steps, and turned into a spectre, charging towards the rest of the local experts that had yet to react.

With a flash of his blade, the experts fell like sheep as Yue Zhong killed them easily.

“Kill!” Bai Xiao Sheng and the rest of the elite Evolvers activated their own abilities and surged forwards, drowning the rest of the Country A experts.

The moment Bencito was killed, the rest of the experts felt a chill down their spines as they tried to escape. Unfortunately, there was no way to escape from the clutches of those Evolvers under Yue Zhong, and within 5 minutes, the entire place had been wiped clean of any Country A Revolutionary Committee members.

Had Bencito immediately lead his troops away from the location and hide within the forest to fight against Yue Zhong, it might have caused some problems. However, in a frontal clash, Yue Zhong could easily annihilate the faction.

With Bencito’s death, the rest of the base started to crumble in spirit, and many directly escaped into the surrounding forests. A number of the locals and Chinese that had been kept captive remained.

There were 50,000 members of the Country A Revolutionary Committee at first. After this battle, with the majority of the Committee members fleeing, there were over 40,000 left, of which many were still locals, and Yue Zhong had no choice but to deploy some men to keep watch over them.

After swallowing the Country A Revolutionary Committee, Yue Zhong began to mete out judgment on the crimes and sins of the locals. Those who had participated in killings or torment of the Chinese were all immediately executed. In a short while, over 10,000 of the locals were killed, their bodies thrown into the sea, feeding the sea Mutant Beasts.

As Yue Zhong was cleaning up the base of the Country A Revolutionary Committee, he assigned Bai Xiao Sheng and 400 other soldiers to march on towards the Country A Renaissance.

At this current point, as all 3 factions had suffered greatly in the earlier march, both the Country A Renaissance and Country A Empire had yet to catch their breath. It was the best time to launch an attack.

Bai Xiao Sheng led the men towards the territory of the Country A Renaissance.

The base was a small city in Country A, with only a small fence surrounding the place, an indication of the laidback nature of the locals.

Many factions all over the world had already begun construction on city walls, and moats, and yet the locals here had only used a simple wooden fence. The moment any horde launch an assault, the fence would not be able to hold up.

A number of the soldiers of the Country A Renaissance were hiding behind cover, their fear palpable as they watched the incoming troops of Bai Xiao Sheng. A number of their elites had been wiped out by Yue Zhong earlier, and these soldiers were the remaining cannon fodder.

Bai Xiao Sheng eyed those local soldiers lazily and said: “Mr. White Bones, please do your thing!”

For the sake of victory in the operation today, Yue Zhong had transferred temporary command of White Bones over to Bai Xiao Sheng. White Bones already possessed intelligence, and could understand human speech.

Its demonic eyes flashed with fire, and it pulled out its iconic huge axe as it charged into the defensive line of the Country A Renaissance.

The locals were frightened out of their wits when they saw their bullets being ineffective against White Bones.

White Bones rushed to the wooden fence, when suddenly, a depression in the ground appeared out of nowhere. White Bones fell into the hole.

The hole was about 5m deep, and there were countless steel spikes in it. The locals had actually laid a trap to deal with enemies.

Seeing that White Bones had fell into the hole, the Country A soldiers immediately cheered in delight.

However, the celebrations did not last long, as White Bones leaped up lightly, and exited the trap, before shooting forwards like an arrow. It swung its axe and 2 soldiers lost their heads in an instant.

The cheers immediately turned to wails of horror.

After White Bones had slaughtered dozens of them, the rest of the locals immediately began to flee.

“Charge! Zhao Xiong!”Bai Xiao Sheng pointed towards the city and ordered.

“Kill!” Zhao Xiong was a Level 43 Evolver under Bai Xiao Sheng’s team and his strength was truly terrifying. He bellowed and led a number of Evolvers and Chinese soldiers into the city.

The fleeing locals were slaughtered like sheep. Since the majority of them weren’t actual trained soldiers, their fighting spirit crumbled quickly, and many sought to flee from the city itself.

One of the locals rushed to Paulos and shouted hastily: “Sir! We’ve lost our frontlines. We’re truly losing now, all of the men have been defeated. The city is in chaos now, what do we do?!”

Paulos had a look of disbelief: “What?! So fast? I thought General Jean Benton had at least 3,000 men with him?! How could he be defeated so quickly?”

When they had lost the march, Paulos had forcefully gathered his troops of 3,000 to defend the city. He thought that with that number of soldiers, he could at least cause Yue Zhong to suffer, before he stepped out to renegotiate.

He never imagined that the troops had actually been eliminated within an hour, barely holding up.

The local shouted: “Sir, General Jean Benton had escaped!!”

It was precisely because of the desertion of Jean Benton, that the troops of the Country A Renaissance were defeated so easily. Of course, it was also partly due to the difference in strength.

Paulos cursed before turning around to run: “Jean Benton you bastard. Raven! Come with me.”

“Yes!” The local replied before following.

With Paulos’s escape, the Country A Renaissance lost their ability to resist. However, there were many who had heard of Yue Zhong’s cleansing of those who had participated in the killing and torturing of Chinese, and over 20,000 fled out of fear for their lives.

There were numerous forests in Country A, and these forests housed plenty of ferocious Mutant Beasts. Not everyone could survive within such an environment, and the moment those locals escaped into the forests, many became prey for the Mutant Beasts, and they suffered greatly.

In the end, the Country A Renaissance also fell into Yue Zhong’s hands.

When Lenny from the Country A Empire witnessed the fate of the Country A Revolutionary Committee and Country A Renaissance, and how easily Yue Zhong had captured them, he immediately brought his troops to flee towards the south of Country A.

Having swallowed 2 out of 3 major factions in the north, Yue Zhong became the ruling party of the north. There were no factions that could stand up to him.

After swallowing the 2 factions and settling things, Yue Zhong summoned Bai Xiao Sheng and told him directly: “Bai Xiao Sheng, are you willing to stay here and lead them here? As long as you stay here, the women here are free for you to choose.”

According to Yue Zhong’s calculations, he thought Bai Xiao Sheng would jump up in glee to accept this post, after all, it was a chance to govern.

However, Bai Xiao Sheng actually revealed a hesitating look as he shook his head: “Boss Yue, I know what kind of a person I am. I’m good at killing enemies, Mutant Beasts and having fun with women. But the pressure of governing is too much. I can’t do it. It would be too tiring and I would have to consider too much. The moment things get busy, there would be no time to play or slaughter. It would be a torture to me. I still prefer being your guard and engaging in fights out there, till the day I die.”

However, not within 1 minute of his seriousness, he revealed a lecherous smile as he asked: “Of course, I still want the beauties of Country A, since I’ve done so much, give me 2 beauties!”

Yue Zhong eyed him and shook his head while chuckling: “You! Alright alright, go find Masako and ask her to choose 2 beauties for you.”

“Long live boss!!” Bai Xiao Sheng cheered, and disappeared faster than Yue Zhong thought possible.

“Who should I get to govern Country A then?” Bai Xiao Sheng left, and Yue Zhong was left to this thoughts again.

Currently, even after slaughtering over 40,000 locals, he still had over 60,000 people relying on him. It was a sizeable number, and he needed someone trustworthy.

“I should pass it to her then!” Yue Zhong closed his eyes, thinking for awhile, before ascertaining the person in mind, his eyes flashing open.

Li Ying came marching in front of Yue Zhong, wearing a small military uniform with a short crew-cut. She saluted and spoke loudly in Chinese: “Reporting to Leader, Youth Corp Commander Li Ying is here!”

*I didn’t know Li Ying was female. All along the raws seemed to have suggested a boy. Then again, knowing the author, it truly isn’t a surprise.*

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