God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 591

Yue Zhong motioned for Li Ying to sit down, and observed her quietly.

Her skin was a healthy wheat colour, after cutting her hair short, coupled with her skinny frame and height of about 1.45m, she wasn’t exactly a top-rate beauty. Compared to the beautiful women like Guo Yu, Chen Yao, and Hai Lan, her looks were different. She had nice features, and looked more valiant than beauty. She was a young girl with a different charisma and aura.

Li Ying could feel Yue Zhong’s gaze and sat straight, meeting his eyes. Her eyes were filled with reverence and awe.

Within a month’s time, Yue Zhong had led their forces to take down 3 of the largest factions in the north, and had slaughtered countless locals who had killed their fellow Chinese. His decisive and merciless ways caused his name to spread far and wide, and people like Li Ying held him in high regard.

He broke the silence and said: “Li Ying. From today on, you are the governor of my Country A faction. You’ll be in charge of running everything here.”

“Yes! Leader!” Li Ying did not hesitate and replied, before asking: “Leader, are you going back already?”

He kept his gaze on her, his voice became warmer: “That’s right! I need to return to China. My roots are there. I need someone I can trust to help me oversee things here. Are you to the task?”

She immediately stood up with a serious expression: “Definitely! I will use my life to swear that as long as I live, I will definitely not let your efforts in building this place go to waste. Everyone here would be loyal to you, now and in the future.”

Li Ying and the rest of the Youth Corp members were all ardent fans of Yue Zhong, and were willing to fight to the death for him. After all, they were all rescued from a cruel fate by Yue Zhong. Not only did he save them, he had helped them become powerful Enhancers, and led them in killing the cruel and barbarian locals. There was no doubt in their loyalty and respect for Yue Zhong.

“En!” Yue Zhong revealed a smile, and opened up a gold box. There were 150 vials of Evolving Liquid within. “This is my final gift to aid you, there are 150 vials of Evolving Liquid here. If a normal person consumes one vial, he or she would become an Evolver. Other than these, in this short span of time, there’s nothing else I can do. You will need to rely on your own strength to consolidate your rule. At the same time, I hope that you can quickly eliminate other local factions and expand your power here.

“Yes! Leader!” Li Ying looked at the 150 vials and her heart was filled with excitement. She was clear about the meaning of an Evolver. With these 150 vials, she could produce a troop of 150 Evolvers. It would truly be a terrifying group.

After she received the box, she saluted Yue Zhong and replied: “Leader, please rest assure. I’ll definitely set out to complete the tasks.”

He waved his hands, and dismissed her.

After formally inducing Li Ying as the governor, Yue Zhong brought the 4 Thunder Fighters as well as the 7th Fleet and left Country A, making their way back to Japan.

There was still the mothership in Japan’s waters, and an incomplete Sky Fortress. The moment Yue Zhong brought these back to China, his might would be consolidated.

This time, Yue Zhong had easily obtained victory over those 3 Northern Country A factions because he had the 4 Thunder Fighters with him. Each of them possessed a destructive might more than thrice that of a normal helicopter. Due to them, he had been able to crush the confidence of the locals, otherwise, he would have to pay a certain price as well.

The Thunder Fighters were terrifying, but they were still overshadowed by the fighter jets. The U.S Navy mothership had dozens of fighter jets. Adding on to the advanced radar scan of the 7th Fleet, they would be able to deal with the Thunder Fighters if the Kingdom of God decided to send more.

When Yue Zhong left, he brought Bai Xiao Sheng and his Evolver subordinates with him, causing the strength of the Country A faction to plunge.

However, Li Ying was a smart kid, she had immediately issued out some of the Evolving Liquid to 60 of the most loyal child soldiers, turning them into Evolvers. With them, it was enough to suppress any potential revolt.

At the same time, she didn’t make haste to advance southward. Instead, she continued to clear up the smaller factions in the North, while training her troops and gathering resources. Her power was slowly reinforced, while expanding ever so slightly. Under her rule, the Country A faction began to stabilize and grow.

“Otto-sama. Welcome back.”

The moment Yue Zhong stepped out of the Thunder Fighter, Shimazu Mina led the rest of the Japanese women in greeting him politely.

Tenpyo Saka was still wearing the bomb collar standing quietly while looking at Yue Zhong with a complicated gaze.

He smiled slightly and replied: “En, I’m back.”

Muto Shin came up to Yue Zhong and reported: “Leader! Takama-ga-hara had sent an envoy to request an audience.”

Yue Zhong was taken slightly aback. After pondering awhile: “People from the Takama-ga-hara? Let him come.”

Soon, Muto Shin led a young man of about 27, 28 who grew a small moustache into the room. He was good-looking, and wore a crisp suit, giving others a favourable impression as he entered.

Inside the living hall, Shimazu Mina was kneeling by Yue Zhong’s side in her kimono, helping to prepare some tea. Yue Zhong laid back on a sofa, relaxed. By his feet, Sakura Shiroyuki and Amano Asami were helping to massage his legs.

Even after becoming Evolvers, both of these beauties were still obediently massaging Yue Zhong, not daring to be the slightest bit disrespectful.

The young man bowed before saying: “Oda Meiwa from Takama-ga-hara greets Yue Zhong-sama!!”

Yue Zhong responded indifferently: “Out with it! You guys should have known my temper from your previous delegate.”

Oda Meiwa chuckled as he suggested: “Yes! Yue Zhong-sama, our Takama-ga-hara hopes to enter an alliance with you. Both parties would trade and not antagonize each other. What do you think?”

Takama-ga-hara had strength, but they were just one of the many factions in Japan. The current situation was similar to the Feudal period of Japan. Furthermore, there were zombies and Mutant Beasts everywhere, threatening humanity.

Tetsuo Nendori was also a warlord, and could feel that Yue Zhong was tough to deal with. Hence, he changed his thinking, and wanted to ally with Yue Zhong. After all, Yue Zhong was Chinese, and would not be able to sway the majority of the Japanese to his side.

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