God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 592

Yue Zhong thought for a moment, before replying: “Sure!”

Initially, Yue Zhong had wanted to deal with Takama-ga-hara because he felt their strength to be a threat to him. Now that they had suffered some losses, the threat level had receded somewhat. He wasn’t willing to be engage in an all-out fight against them as well. After all, it was Japan here, not China. He did not intend to stay here for long.

When Oda Meiwa saw that Yue Zhong was agreeable, he could not help but sigh in relief.

Tetsuo Nendori might not necessarily have let go of his hatred of Yue Zhong, it was just that he needed time to retrain and raise up his troops. It was not wise to fall out with Yue Zhong at this point.

After coming to an agreement, Yue Zhong sent Oda Meiwa away.

Yue Zhong looked at Shimazu Mina and asked: “Is the Sky Fortress ready?”

She looked at him with a complicated gaze, while responding respectfully: “The construction is done!”

“Bring me there!”

“Yes! Otto-sama!”

Under her guidance, Yue Zhong came to that underground factory, this time it had thoroughly transformed into a city, with lights flashing at its sides. The whole body had a metallic luster, and there were a number of heavy cannons mounted on it. These cannons had been salvaged from the remainder of the unusable Thunder Fighters. In addition, there were other heavy machine guns, semi-automatic rifles, and the entire sphere looked like something right out of a sci-fi film.

This was the main structure of the Sky Fortress. The Shimazu Clan had spent a large amount of resources to bring it to fruition. The fact that such a colossal thing could fly was a feat in itself.

Shimazu Mina pointed at it and said: “The manufacturing of the laser cannons have not been smooth. If we want to add in those side laser cannons, it might take another half a year, as well as more resources. Right now, other than the capability to fly, the Sky Fortress does not possess much combat strength. If you want to gain a huge warship, you might need to wait for another half a year.”

Constructing this Sky Fortress had cost the Shimazu Clan huge amount of resources and manpower. They simply could not divert more to develop the laser cannons. Shimazu Mina had promised that because she had hoped Yue Zhong would help to lead her troops to attack the city and get resources. That way, she would be able to complete the rest of the Sky Fortress.

Yue Zhong looked at it with satisfaction, saying: “It’s ok! I’ll be returning to China tomorrow.” He then asked: “Mina, are you willing to come to China with me?”

As long as the Sky Fortress could fly, Yue Zhong would be able to bring it and the manpower on it back to China. From there, he naturally would be able to use the blueprints to finish the rest and manufacture more.

Shimazu Mina’s eyes flashed with some hesitation, before they shone with a resolve: “Otto-sama, Mina is unable to give up of Sakura Town, the base of our Shimazu Clan. I’ll be unable to leave with you. Mina is willing to take care of Japan on your behalf.”

“En!” Yue Zhong responded mildly. Her not following was not an issue. After all, the Sky Fortress was a huge haul for him.

While Shimazu Mina wasn’t willing to follow Yue Zhong, Sakura Shiroyuki, Amano Asami, Ogura Reiya and Ida Kyoko were extremely willing to follow him.

After all, Japan was still in chaos right now, without the protection of an expert, even if the women were Evolvers, they might still end up as toys for other powerful experts.

Early the next morning, the mountain split open slowly, and the Sky Fortress began to float up into the sky. There was no mechanical noise, instead, it seemed to release some strange energy, allowing to fly noiselessly in the sky, as though it was an alien spacecraft.

Yue Zhong sat within and could not help but sigh with admiration: “Truly amazing.”

Bai Xiao Sheng held 2 Indonesian beauties in his arms, as he kissed them both before chuckling: “This is the might of the anti-gravity energy converter. It has truly exceeded our expectations.”

Yue Zhong mulled silently before replying softly: “This sort of technology should be beyond even 100 years in our future. The person behind this all is truly frightening.”

Yue Zhong had been gaining strength constantly ever since the apocalypse started. However, the stronger he got, the more he felt the pressure of the person who had called himself ‘God’. The humans were just like ants on this Earth, and could only struggle.

“So what. Since that person had called himself God, this sort of strength is reasonable. Boss Yue, let’s not think too much. Life is short. We should enjoy ourselves when we’re alive!” Bai Xiao Sheng chuckled, before lifting the chin of one of the beauties by his side and grinned lewdly: “Beauty, come, feed your Master some wine.”

The Indonesian beauty smiled seductively and lowered her head to take in some wine, before feeding to Bai Xiao Sheng through his lips.

After savoring the wine, he laughed out loud, saying: “Haha! Having a beauty feeding one wine, it truly is an enjoyment in this life! Boss Yue, let’s forget about your troubles. We should live on well!”

Yue Zhong looked at Bai Xiao Sheng and smiled slightly. He didn’t say anything, after all, everyone had their way of life. He did not want to stop Bai Xiao Sheng from living his.

In truth, other than being a lustful person, Bai Xiao Sheng was not a bad character. The main thing was, he had lack of ambition, and could be considered as loyal to Yue Zhong. After all, he had joined him in many conquests.

Sakura Shiroyuki walked over to Yue Zhong with a seductive smile: “Master, I want!”

Amano Asami also came into his arms with a fragrance as she grinned: “Me too!”

Reveling in the scent of these 2 beauties, Yue Zhong felt his blood rush, and he brought them to his room. It was time for him to relax as well.

Bai Xiao Sheng shot a lewd look and roared out in laughter, before pulling his own beauties towards another direction: “Hehe! Boss seems to be cut of the same cloth as me! Brothers, let us disperse for the night!”

Within the control area, there were numerous elite soldiers. Other than a few, most of them had a beautiful Indonesian lady with them. They had followed Yue Zhong in his conquest of Japan and Indonesia. Yue Zhong also wanted to reward them, and had given each of them a pretty Indonesian.

He never mistreated his soldiers who fought hard for him. He knew it was hard to control everything himself, and he needed loyal subordinates.

Hearing Bai Xiao Sheng’s words, the rest of the elites chuckled and brought their women with them as they left for their own rooms.

Yao Yao was sitting in a corner, hugging the Biological Armor that had Ji Qing Wu inside, and snorted in irritation: “Men are all the same, a bunch of dicks.”

On the sea, the mothership and the 7th Fleet were carefully making their way across.

There were countless behemoth-type Mutant Beasts in the sea, just a single Type 4 possessed the strength to annihilate them. However, there was Hai Lan with them, and while she could not control any Mutant Beasts of Type 3 and above, she could feel their presence.

At the same time, with the advanced surveillance and radar system of the 7th fleet, they could tell the position of any large Mutant Beasts, and avoid them carefully.

Since the apocalypse, only the USS Blue Ridge had ships with radar systems could possible navigate the seas. Otherwise, the lurking danger was too much for any other ship to bear.

Even then, if these ships or cruisers were not careful, they could suffer under the attack of any Type 5 Mutant Beasts. There would not even be a chance to defend themselves.

After a journey of a few days, the group finally reached Guang Xi’s Port Fang Cheng.

Yue Zhong had a sizeable faction at Guang Xi, however, the truth was that there were too many zombies in the region. Even after trying their best to clear as many as they could, they had not yet expanded to this particular port.

The Washington aircraft carrier and the Blue Ridge warships had to find a port to dock, and hence Yue Zhong had selected this port.

There were numerous ships of various sizes floating at the dock, packed like ants.

He surveyed the surrounding and smiled lightly: “This time, we’ve struck it rich!!”

This port was one of the largest in Guang Xi in the past, its volume of trade everyday reached staggering figures. After the world changed, few had made it in time to get on the boats to flee, and thus, many were left abandoned. There was sure to be a large amount of resources left here, just waiting for Yue Zhong to collect once they have conquered the entire area.

Furthermore, these ships and cargo freights would become Yue Zhong’s. Although they couldn’t traverse the seas right now, they were still useful near the coast. It was a huge treasure to him.

On the Sky Fortress, Yue Zhong emitted a howl, and Greenie swooped down from the sky, bringing him to the harbor.

“Where are the zombies?” When Yue Zhong landed, he surveyed the surroundings and frowned.

There should have been a large number of zombies around these parts according to their last report. However, the entire place was empty, and the lack of zombies gave Yue Zhong a bad feeling.

“Is it because of the sea Mutant Beasts?” He walked around abit and could see traces of sea Mutant Beasts having come ashore. However, it didn’t feel right. It felt as though all the zombies of the port had disappeared.

He pondered a while before using his walkie-talkie to give an order: “Zhao Tian Gang, bring the Sky Fortress back to Gui Ning City. Ensure that the experts are settled in.”

“Understood!” Zhao Tian Gang replied respectfully and the Sky Fortress began to move towards Gui Ning City.

It was filled with the experts of various fields that Yue Zhong had collected in Japan. Adding on to the talents already under his wing, he would be able to produce a technologically advanced equipment like the Sky Fortress.

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