God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 76

Chapter 76: Mutated Dog

The following early morning, Tiger brought 36 gunmen to the town square.

Tiger walked over to where Yue Zhong and his group who were eating breakfast and enthusiastically said: “How are you? Prepared well? How many people do you plan on bringing?”

Yue Zhong pointed to Chen Yao and Ji Qingwu saying: “Already prepared! Brother Tiger! I’m bringing those two.”

Ji Qingwu was only a step away from level 10. After promoting to level 10, the skill point could increase her strength enormously.

Tiger’s eyebrows wrinkled, looking at Chi Yang and Wang Shuang: “Will bringing those two be enough? How about bringing Chi Yang and Wang Shuang as well?

In Tiger’s thinking, men are always stronger than women. He doubted Ji Qingwu and Chen Yao’s strength.

Realisticly, in Z-age, women like Ji Qingwu who dared fight with zombies up close were very few. Especially given that very few men possessed this type of bravery.

Yue Zhong said; “Don’t worry! If we three aren’t good, then Chi Yang and and the rest won’t be any use if they come.”

“Good! Then let’s set off!”

Finished speaking, Tiger lead Yue Zhong out.

The motorcade turned entering into a small village, then a small road along the village turned into a small mountain surrounded by forest.

After entering the mountain, the road twisted and curved, a small scale military camp appeared before their eyes.

Looking at the small military camp, Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed a playful glow: “So it’s here, if it weren’t for people guiding, it would be basically impossible to find.”

Yue Zhong definitely did not want to let go of the arms of the small scale military camp. No matter if it was dealing with people, zombies, or mutant monsters, having that firepower would have enormous usefulness.

Tiger commanded the motorcade to stop after just seeing the shadow of the military camp.

Tiger came to Yue Zhong’s side: “Brother Yue Zhong, the camp is over there. We aren’t able to approach. The ears of their domestic animals are alert. If we pass by, they could rush over.”

“Follow me!” Yue Zhong said to Ji Qingwu and Chen Yao, one hand holding the Stinger II, one hand holding the Imitation Tang Sword. At his side followed the Special Skeleton White Bones, and they carefully snuck towards the direction of the base.

Ji Qingwu and Chen Yao closely followed behind Yue Zhong.

While marching forward, Yue Zhong suddenly asked: “Chen Yao, did you already learn the skill Plant Manipulation?”

Originally Ji Qingwu grabbed the lvl 3 skill book Plant Manipulation. Yue Zhong knew Ji Qingwu took the close combat route, she could only take the precious lvl 3 skill book and make her best friend Chen Yao learn it, giving Chen Yao one more survival skill.

In God and Devil World, magic’s strength is a power that invokes fear, but the casting conditions are harsh. Because of this, without a type of survival skill, it would be very difficult to survive without a team. It required other supplementary skills to do.

Chen Yao nodded: “Yes!”

Yue Zhong saw when the skill book came out. Chen Yao didn’t want to hide this fact.

Yue Zhong said in a low voice: “What level has your Plant Manipulation skill reached?”

Chen Yao hesitated a moment. She opened her mouth and said: “I can manipulate ordinary grass of a meadow to rapidly grow, entangling enemies. Normal people would be unable to break free.”

Chen Yao’s strength was too low. Even if Plant Manipulation is a lvl 3 skill, she couldn’t bring into play that skills extremely large power. If Yue Zhong’s power level was high, the Plant Manipulation absolutely was a fearful ability.

Yue Zhong slightly nodded, no longer speaking.

The four people carefully snuck to the military camp to ambush.

Yue Zhong lay on his stomach in the meadow before the military camp, gazing upon the military camp from afar.

He saw in small military base, a couple dozen zombies. They were wearing military clothes and carrying guns, standing blankly without moving.

“Mutant dog?’ Yue Zhong spied from far away. He searched for the mutant dog’s footprints. Yue Zhong wanted to clearly see the mutant dog’s strength and then make a plan.

If that mutant dog was a lvl 30+ monster, Yue Zhong wouldn’t hesitate to select retreat. He wasn’t arrogant enough to think they could handle more than four lvl 30 monsters.

Yue Zhong lay on the ground continuously looking all around. He attempted to discover a clue, but he didn’t acquire any traces.

Suddenly, behind Yue Zhong sounded a burst of rifle fire and a car engine noise.

“Not good! Quickly go, they are behind!” The color of Yue Zhong’s face changed, and he strode quickly towards the rear like a meteor.

Chen Yao and Ji Qingwu closely followed behind Yue Zhong.

Running all the way, Yue Zhong sized up the surroundings. Suddenly from his side. an entirely black mutant dog, strong as a Liger, shot out like an arrow from the underbrush. It opened up its bloody mouth wide like a sacrificial bowl biting at Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong was going to be crushed by the dog, White Bones who was closely following at Yue Zhongs side, shot ahead like an arrow, blocking in front of Yue Zhong.

The mutant dog rushed onto White Bone’s body, ruthlessly biting, unexpectedly breaking White Bone’s right shoulder, sending bone pieces flying.

Rifle bullets couldn’t penetrate White Bone’s body after it went through skeletal strengthening. Unexpectedly it was crushed by one bite of the mutant dog. The huge force of the mutant dog’s bite could be seen. If Yue Zhong was bitten, even with the protective clothing he would suffer heavy damage.

As White Bones was getting its shoulder bitten, Yue Zhong raised his Stinger II, firing three shots towards the mutated dog.

The three bullets banged into the mutated dog’s skull. The mutated dog’s skull exploded three fist sized bloody holes. Powerless, it collapsed to the ground. A large experience orb flooded into Yue Zhong’s body.

[TL: I’m going to refer to the “round lights” as experience orbs from now on. That’s what they are.]

A skill book, two white boxes, and 100 life coins appeared by the mutant dog’s body.

Yue Zhong quickly scooped these things into his backpack, then he looked at White Bones.

In order to save Yue Zhong, White Bones’s right shoulder was broken by the mutant dog.

So long as White Bones’s skull wasn’t destroyed, it could recover the dropped bone pieces. But, if the bone was completely destroyed by someone, it couldn’t restore the bone crumblings back into its skeleton body.

White Bones walked over to the mutant dog. Using its hand to dig into the mutant dog’s skull, it activated a bone exploit skill. In one pull, the mutant dog’s vertebrae was extracted by White bones.

White Bones continually pierced into every portion of the mutant dog’s body. A channel of black light flashed, the bones were completely absorbed why White Bones. It’s body unexpectedly became a size bigger.

“Congratulations, your Special Skeleton successfully used bone exploit skill absorbing mutated dog’s skeleton, strength 10.” A bizarre voice directly rang in Yue Zhong’s sea of thoughts.

[TL: The strength 10 is possibly referencing the intensity/strength of the bones absorbed. I don’t believe it means Yue Zhong or White Bones gained 10 Str pts. We will probably get more clarity next chapter]

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