God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 593

Yue Zhong’s aim was to make use of good talents regardless of who they were. Even if they were from other countries, he would still accept them under his wing.

Under his orders, Zhao Tian Gang led the experts from Japan, as well as the different ladies towards the direction of Gui Ning City.

The Sky Fortress made use of technology that was far beyond the current technology, the moment it pushed its speed to the maximum, it could reach Mach-1. Very soon, it disappeared from its original location.

Bai Xiao Sheng led 30 Evolvers down towards Port Fang Cheng, as they began to search the area carefully. Yue Zhong was also personally sweeping through the place.

Regardless of how they searched the place, it was like a dead town, without a single trace of any being. The resources left behind had not been moved much. In fact, they had chanced upon a large amount of rice and other rations, however, a huge bulk of them had gone bad. Being a port that was near the sea, the high levels of moisture caused the food to go bad even faster.

Bai Xiao Sheng asked Yue Zhong: “There’s nobody! However, there are traces of some things being moved towards the north. There should be people there. Boss Yue, shall we go check it out?”

Yue Zhong said: “It’s too strange here. I’m taking 8 men with me. You stay here to guard the place. Report to me if anything strange happens.”

Bai Xiao Sheng replied seriously: “Yes.”

Although Bai Xiao Sheng had an easy-going attitude and a flippant way of doing things, after one strong lesson of defeat, he learned when he should be serious.

Yue Zhong led the 8 elite soldiers as they searched their way towards the north. Port Fang Cheng was a huge port in Guang Xi, and he needed to control this place entirely, otherwise it would be difficult to develop a navy,

Even if the seas were more dangerous in the current apocalypse, Yue Zhong hoped to bring up a navy. It was still fine if they could handle the coastal areas.

“Put down your weapons, raise your hands, and surrender immediately! Or we’ll take your lives!”

After Yue Zhong entered the city area, 20 men in strange clothes suddenly appeared. They held machetes, vegetable knives, and handguns, as they surrounded Yue Zhong and his men.

These militants eyed the equipment on Yue Zhong and his men with greed in their eyes.

Yue Zhong and his men were currently carrying assault rifles on their backs, with Tang Replica Blades at their waists. They had military gloves and boots and were truly armed to the teeth.

One young man wearing glasses stepped forward and warned: “You guys better not try anything funny. I know you’re military, however, our Boss Zheng is a powerful Evolver. His level is 35 and he can even slaughter a L2 with a single strike. We just want your weapons, and not your lives.”

Yue Zhong glanced at the young man with disdain and replied coldly: “Oh? So who is your Boss Zheng?”

“I’m right here!!” A burly man wearing a black leather shirt stepped out. His skin was tan, but his eyes were crossed, and he was hugging an alluring woman as he talked.

He spoke with his nose in the air, while grabbing a glass bottle in his right hand and he crushing it easily: “You guys must be soldiers! I will not make things difficult for you, just hand over your weapons.”

This Boss Zheng crushed the glass bottle to exhibit his terrifying grip strength. An ordinary person would definitely not be able to perform a feat like this. Seeing this, the 8 subordinates with Yue Zhong laughed. Such a trick was way beneath their level.

“Kneel!” Following a loud roar, one of the subordinates, Zhao Zhang Xing shot forwards, pulling out his Tang Replica Blade swiftly and swinging it right before Boss Zheng’s throat.

This Boss Zheng was only some Level 35 Enhancer, in front of Zhao Zhang Xing, an elite soldier with an Evolver status as well as the experience of countless battles, he was simply incomparable. He looked at the Tang Replica Blade in front of his throat, and his legs turned wobbly. He then knelt down while trembling: “It is I who have eyes but do not recognize Mount Tai!! I’m sorry! Please spare my life!! Spare my life!!”

If he were to face 8 ordinary soldiers, it wouldn’t be a problem, but against Level 40 Evolvers, he was incredibly weak.

Another subordinate of Yue Zhong, Yang Gang stepped forward and barked coldly: “This person in front of you is Leader Yue Zhong, all of you get on your knees now, otherwise you’ll be executed!”

These subordinates of Yue Zhong had grown used to forcing their enemies to kneel throughout their conquests. Forcing the enemy to humiliation was one of the best ways to attack their pride, confidence, and to quell any notion of resisting.

The moment Yang Gang shouted, all of the 20 militants immediately fell on their knees, as their bodies trembled like their leader who was held at knifepoint.

In this world, kneeling was no longer something that shameful. In fact, there were more cruel and brutal ways of doing things, and they knew that they were getting it easy already.

Yue Zhong eyed Boss Zheng and asked coldly: “What’s your name?”

Zheng Bo Yan trembled as he spoke: “My name is Zheng Bo Yan. Leader Yue Zhong, I did not recognize Mount Tai and have offended you. I seek your mercy and kind pardon, please spare my life. I’m willing to do anything.”

In this world, Zheng Bo Yan had seen many unreasonable experts. As long as someone offended them, his or her fate would be disastrous. Yue Zhong did not seem very friendly as well, thus he chose to submit.

Yue Zhong finally asked the question he was concerned with: “Zheng Bo Yan, do you know where the zombies of Port Fang Cheng disappeared to?

“I do not know.” Zheng Bo Yan spoke hesitantly, before revealing all he knew to Yue Zhong.

He had been an Enhancer in a small town near Port Fang Cheng. Before the apocalypse, he had been an auto mechanic, and his body was in fine shape. After becoming an Enhancer, he had began killing zombies and Mutant Beasts around the town, leading a solitary life. There were a few instances where he almost died to some powerful Mutant Beasts. Initially, he thought that this would be how his life would be like from now on. However, just a month ago, when he came to search Port Fang Cheng for goods, he realised that the zombies had disappeared. He then proceeded to move around in glee, collecting a number of small brothers.

The moment the zombies disappeared, all of the survivors that had been holed up and hiding like mice came out, forming all sorts of factions.

With over 800,000 people in Port Fang Cheng before the apocalypse, after an entire year, there were still over 20,000 people around these parts.

Due to the large shore area, there were plenty of resources lying about. As long as the survivors were careful enough to avoid the sea Mutant Beasts, they would profit tremendously.

Zheng Bo Yan led one of the various smaller factions of the gangs in Port Fang Cheng. The largest group was actually a triad that called themselves the Tian Yang Gang. with over 5,000 people. Their chief was a powerful warlord, and the rest of the factions were just small-time gangs.

Yang Gang asked: “Leader, what do we do now?”

Yue Zhong pondered before replying: “Let’s collect the smaller gangs first.”

With over 5,000 people in the Tian Yang Gang, it was a sizeable faction. If Yue Zhong wanted to conquer them, he would need to deploy some troops. Right now, he had only 60 Evolvers above Level 40. It was still too risky to make a move on them.

Of course, the Blue Ridge warships had the ability to just destroy the whole of Port Fang Ning, but Yue Zhong did not want a wasteland. He was naturally unwilling to utilize his navy might. If it was in Indonesia or Japan, then Yue Zhong would not have hesitated to blast his enemies out of the way.

He came to a decision, and 40 Evolvers were assigned to come over.

They were split into 4 teams, and went to contact the rest of the gangs littered all around the city. Some of these leaders of the small gangs were only about Level 10 or so, and could not even fend off an L2. To a powerful team of elite Evolver soldiers, they were basically nothing.

Under the constant roars and shouts of rage, the leaders of the small factions around Port Fang Cheng were either killed or forced to submit, and their power was consolidated under Yue Zhong.

In just one day, Yue Zhong made use of his absolute strength to conquer over 20 factions, and gathered them under his wing. There were a total of 700 people in his faction at Port Fang Cheng now.

Witnessing his overbearing and tyrannical strength, Zheng Bo Yan and those who had submitted the earliest were agape with shock. Yue Zhong had shaken the entire Port Fang Cheng the moment he arrived, and they were thoroughly convinced of his strength.

One young man held an invitation as he came up to Yue Zhong respectfully: “Sir Yue Zhong, this is the invitation from my Young Master. We hope that you can attend the banquet that he’s hosting.”

“Got it!” Yue Zhong received it, as his eyes flashed coldly before dismissing the youth with a wave of his hand.

“Seems like you want to act against me eh? Fine, let’s see what capabilities you have.” Yue Zhong held the invitation and laughed coldly.

Night, as darkness encroached the land, within a lavish 4-star hotel, a number of handsome young waiters and beautiful waitresses were weaving in and out the crowd.

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