God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 594

In that hotel, the guests were all leaders of the various factions of Port Fang Cheng. They had been farmers, fishermen, sailors and other ordinary characters. None of them had class, and their demeanor was boorish while their behaviour was crass.

Even for someone like Yue Zhong, his very being radiated an intense killing aura, but his etiquette was lacking when compared to scions.. After all, those socialites and sons of the famous and rich had a specific form of education, whereas he lacked that type of knowledge.

One particular tanned middle-aged man with a bald head and swollen eyes looked at another man with an eyepatch and 2 claw scars running down his face, and asked: “Brother Fang, do you think this Yue Zhong will come?”

The bald middle-aged man was called Long Jian An and he was the chief of the Rainbow Gang, one of the 8 prominent triads of Port Fang Cheng. As for the scar-faced man, he was called Fang Zhen, the leader of the Whale Gang.

Fang Zhen spoke somewhat savagely: “He will definitely come. If he wants to join our alliance, he will come. I’ve made it clear, that if he doesn’t, our alliance will make sure to eradicate him. He’s too dangerous!”

The 8 main triads of Port Fang Cheng were the Rainbow Gang, Whale Gang, Sea Sand Gang, Sea Waves Gang, Sea Wolf Gang, Coral Gang, Sea Fork Gang and the Sea Soul Gang.

As Port Fang Cheng was close to the sea, the leaders all opted to use sea-related names for their gangs.

Yue Zhong had appeared for only one day, and had already gained control over 700 survivors. If he was allowed to continue like this, the rest of the factions in Port Fang Cheng would be swallowed by him.

One skinny man that looked like a monkey, Chen Sha, who was the leader of the Sea Sand Gang, frowned and quipped: “What’s the background of this Yue Zhong? How come there would be someone like this all of a sudden?”

Zhan Tian Yi, the leader of the Sea Waves Gang furrowed his brows and said: “Could it be the leader of Gui Ning City, Yue Zhong?”

Hearing those words, the faces of the leaders immediately turned dark.

Everyday, there would be a broadcast from Gui Ning City, inviting survivors to head there, at the same time, summoning the various factions in the Guang Xi region to submit to Gui Ning City.

Port Fang Cheng had received those transmissions as well, it was just that these 8 leaders were living comfortably and did not want to give up their power and control over to Gui Ning City.

Chen Gui He, the leader of the Sea Wolf Gang spoke slowly: “It could just be a coincidence! The world is vast, it’s not strange for people to share names. It might not necessarily be him.”

Hearing Chen Gui He’s words, the 8 leaders slightly relaxed, they really didn’t want to come to blows with the leader of such a huge faction.

“Yue Zhong arrives!!”

As Yue Zhong stepped into the hotel, the waiter at the entrance called out loudly.

Hearing the announcement, everyone swivelled their heads to look at Yue Zhong.

In just one day, one day! Yue Zhong had swallowed over 20 factions in Port Fang Cheng, this caused everyone to be apprehensive.

One vicious-looking man laughed savagely, before pulling out a gun and swiftly aiming at Yue Zhong: “So you’re Yue Zhong? You’ve got guts! You actually dared to come alone. Good!! Good!! Your guts are something else, but too bad you lack brains. Today will be the day you die!!”

The vicious-looking man had a speed that exceeded a normal person by 6 times, and to the normal people present, his speed was incredible.

However, Yue Zhong’s speed was even faster than his, and he grabbed the man’s hand casually, before twisting it. He then turned the man’s hand and placed the gun into his mouth before pressing the trigger.

With a loud gunshot, the fierce man’s head was blasted, and his brains and blood splattered behind him.

Such a scene would have invoked countless screams and shouts from the witnesses. However, in this apocalypse, everyone had grown used to seeing death and conflicts. When the corpse crumpled to the ground, 2 waiters stepped forward and carried his body out.

At the same time, the gazes of the leaders present were filled with apprehension. The fierce man was a fast shooter, and their had been 15 leaders that had fallen at his hands. He was also a well-known expert in Port Fang Cheng. Such an expert was actually taken down by Yue Zhong in a second, and they were filled with shock.

Long Jian An tried to bark at Yue Zhong with a self-serving tone: “Yue Zhong. I’m Long Jian An, the leader of the Rainbow Gang. You came in here and immediately killed a leader. What the hell are you up to? Do you want to go against all of us here?”

His words immediately riled up the strong feelings in all of the leaders, as they stared at Yue Zhong with hate and prepared to attack.

“Fuck off!” Yue Zhong stepped forward and shot Long Jian An a glare, with his killing intent billowing towards the skies, pressuring Long Jian An.

Long Jian An instantly cowered, and he retreated a few steps involuntarily as his face was full of fear.

After forcing Long Jian An back with his gaze alone, Yue Zhong walked towards the stage under the gaze of everyone present, and stared down at all of the leaders of Port Fang Cheng like an emperor.

Yue Zhong gazed coldly at the leaders and spoke in a matter-of-fact tone: “I’m Yue Zhong! The leader of Gui Ning City with a million survivors! You have 2 choices now. Submit, or die.”

When they heard his overbearing announcement, all of the leaders immediately became silent, it turned out to be actually him.

One middle-aged warrior with a full beard shouted: “Even if you are Yue Zhong, so what? This is Port Fang Cheng. It’s not Gui Ning City. Your father, I am not convinced that you can do whatever you like. If you have the guts, you can kill this old one!”

“Sure! Go to hell!” Yue Zhong pulled out his Stinger and immediately fired a shot at the burly warrior.

Before the warrior could even react, his brain exploded, as red and white matter splattered all over the ground. The woman in his grasp turned pale, as the body crumpled to the floor, and brain matter dripped all over her clothes.

Seeing this, the faces of the leaders changed terribly.

Yue Zhong’s speed had exceeded the sound barrier, almost everyone only saw a quick shadow. With this single move, everyone knew that they were no match for him in speed.

“Who else is still not convinced?” Yue Zhong viewed them with contempt as he drawled icily.

Long Jian An shouted out in a frenzy: “Do it! Everyone, let’s join forces against him, we have nothing to fear!”

Before he even finished, Yue Zhong waved his hand, and the Stinger fired once more. Long Jian An’s head then exploded like a watermelon.

However, his words had riled up the fighting spirit of the leaders in the hall, and they began to exhibit their skills, charging towards Yue Zhong.

Many of the leaders of the small and mid-sized factions were summoned by Long Jian An as help. If Yue Zhong was not willing to join the alliance, then they would all act against him. However, they didn’t expect him to be this strong, and forceful, wanting them to submit to him.

Of the skills and abilities revealed, most of them gained Strength-type and Agility-type books. Hence, most of the leaders enhanced their respective stats and attacked Yue Zhong.

“What a bunch of fools, you truly do not know death. Since you guys are looking to die, I’ll grant your wish!”

Yue Zhong looked at the leaders and laughed coldly, before reaching out with his right hand to fire his Devil Flame. In an instant, dozens of fireballs appeared out of thin air. He then pointed at the leaders swiftly, and the fireballs shot towards the leaders.

The moment the devouring fire came in contact with any of the leaders, their heads were instantly turned to ashes.

Seeing such a terrifying scene, many of the leaders who did not act immediately turned pale, as their bodies trembled uncontrollably. It was the first time they had seen such a frightening person, who could easily eliminate dozens of people in a single move.

Fang Zhen of the Whale Gang immediately got on his knees and shook as he stammered: “The Whale Gang is willing to submit and obey any of the commands of Leader!”

Fang Zheng had not seen such a powerful expert like Yue Zhong before. Just with his power alone, it was enough to annihilate the whole Whale gang. He did not dare to provoke him anymore. The death of Long Jian An was still fresh in his mind.

“The Sea Fork Gang is willing to submit to Leader, and obey Leader’s commands!”

The remaining leaders began to kneel one after the other, and their bodies trembled as they swore fealty to Yue Zhong.

When Fang Zhen saw this, his heart was full of bitterness. He had wanted to oppress Yue Zhong, forcing him to join the alliance, before curbing his rate of expansion. Who knew that it would become a stage for Yue Zhong to forcefully suppress all of them instead, and force them to submit to him. It was simply trying to steal the chicken but losing the rice instead. (Idiom: seeking to gain some advantage but being taken advantage of in the end)

Yue Zhong looked at them kneeling and smiled slightly.

There were dozens of leaders who had been killed, including the chief of the Rainbow Gang. The smaller factions of Port Fang Cheng were thus thrown into chaos.

However, those who had chosen to submit to Yue Zhong were absorbed into his forces, and after accumulating these survivors, Yue Zhong’s faction thus grew into one with 5,000 survivors.

However, as there were too many factions, there had been conflicts between some of them. Yue Zhong had no choice but to address them and forcefully integrate the new troops. There was no way in the short future that he could advance further into Port Fang Cheng’s city.

Although he had swallowed a number of them, in truth, they had just submitted to him, and their hearts were not fully loyal yet. There was the possibility of revolt, so he needed to reorganize everybody.

“4 in the afternoon, meet you at the entrance of the shopping mall.”

As Yue Zhong was busying himself with the handling of affairs, someone delivered a message over. It was an invitation from the head of the largest faction of Port Fang Cheng, Lie Ming Yi.

At 4, Yue Zhong went alone towards the shopping mall of the city.

At the entrance, there was a man in black leather clothes, his stature was average, and his hair was short. He was good-looking, and sat under a large umbrella. There were 2 beautiful serving girls beside him, and he sat in front of a glass table, with a plate of fruits on it.

Yue Zhong came up to the table, and sat down, before looking at the man. He could feel a slight sense of danger from the man, one that could threaten his safety. It was evident that this man was also a high-level Evolver, and could be comparable to the weakest member of the Takama-ga-hara.

“Lie Ming Yi?”

“Yue Zhong?”

Both of them uttered out at the same time, before exchanging looks, with their eyes filled with slight amazement.

Lie Ming Yi fixed his gaze on Yue Zhong as he slapped his hands lightly: “Yue Zhong, Port Fang Cheng is under my territory. Can you leave? In exchange, I can send you 2 absolute beautiful virgins, 200 other virgins, 10,000 tons of rations, 1,000 tons of fuel, 1,000 tons of metal, and 500 tons of cotton. You troops can also move freely within Port Fang Cheng.

2 absolutely beautiful women with snow-white skin and stunning figures came up beside Lie Ming Yi.

Yue Zhong shook his head and rejected: “No way! I have to gain this place. Lie Ming Yi, you had best find someplace else to expand. I have set my sights on this place. Soon, my troops will come over to start running this place.”

The moment Yue Zhong gain Port Fang Cheng, he could start training up Enhancers. With the port, his navy could also dock there. This was extremely important to Yue Zhong, and he could not let go of it no matter what.

Lie Ming Yi frowned slightly before sighing: “Alright, I’ll leave then!”

He had only 5,000 men with him, and knew that the Tian Yang Gang had no means of dealing with Yue Zhong or his troops. Even he himself had no confidence that he could take out Yue Zhong alone.

Yue Zhong saw that Lie Ming Yi was willing to give in, and did not push for anything else.

He knew that Lie Ming Yi was a powerful expert. If he were to run, Yue Zhong did not know if he could kill him easily. Should Lie Ming Yi escape, then Yue Zhong would have an additional headache. He had a strength that Yue Zhong could not ignore, and thus, he did not force Lie Ming Yi like how he did the other smaller factions.

Lie Ming Yi suddenly spoke: “Yue Zhong, I know a place where a Novice Village exists, do you want to join forces and go check it out?”

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