God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 596

Yue Zhong arrived in the airspace above Ning Xi City. When he looked down, he could see the entire city densely packed with countless of zombies.

In the dark, a ball of white light caught his attention.

He steered Greenie towards the location housing the source of the white light. He noticed two large queues around a large gate

Countless zombies were patrolling around that gate, of which, they were mostly evolved zombies. There were the large L4s and L3s, the fast and speedy S-types and Devourers, as well as the H1s that could shoot fireballs.

It didn’t matter how strong a single expert was, charging headlong into this bright gate would only mean death.

Other than those evolved zombies, near the gate of light, there was also a monstrous organism of over 8m in length. Its body was covered in various barbs and tentacles. It had a pair of thick legs, and a pair of claws. Its body was ash-colored, and its head was an ugly visage of a snake-like form, its mouth filled with rows of sharp teeth. It stood there with a large bulging stomach.

“Level 98 Infected: Mutant Infected Womb. It possesses an incredible regenerative ability and powerful combat abilities. It is unaffected by the Z-Types’ control.”

Yue Zhong looked at the gigantic Mutant Infected Womb, as a chill came over his heart.

“What a terrifying monster! I think this must be the guardian beast of the Novice Village. Seems like I’d have to pay a huge price to attack Ning Xi City.”

A Level 98 Strange Beast was almost on the level of a Type 4 Mutant Beast. Without any heavy weapons, it would be easy for such a monster to kill over tens of thousands of people. Furthermore, compared to a Type 4 Mutant Beast, this Mutant Infected Womb could infect other people, and turn them into zombies.

As Yue Zhong flew around Ning Xi City a few times, he did not discover any place that he could utilize. He frowned: “Is a frontal charge the only way?”

Within Ning Xi City, the numbers of the zombies were really too many. Even if they could win the war, he would have suffered too much casualties. It would impact his other plans.

Yue Zhong’s strategy was to focus the majority of his troops on recovering the big cities, and make use of the resources and equipment in these cities to bolster his forces. Each and every huge city had over hundreds of thousands or even millions of zombies. Conquering each one was no easy task, without enough ammunition or heavy firearm, it would be impossible.

As he continued to survey from the skies, he noticed flocks of Mutant Giant Birds swooping down to swallow some of the zombies.

When a large number of them were gobbled up by the Mutant Giant Birds, having eaten their fill, the aerial beasts took to the skies again and disappeared behind a nearby mountain range.

Since the apocalypse, countless Mutant Beasts had increased in size. The large density of life in the seas had allowed the larger Mutant Beasts to eat their fill. On land, many of these Mutant Beasts treated humans and zombies as their food sources.

“I might be able to make use of those Mutant Beasts!”

Yue Zhong looked at the flock of Mutant Giant Birds flying, and directed Greenie to follow them.

Yue Zhong sat on Greenie and flew towards the mountain range. When he reached, he leaped down, and activated his Second Order Stealth. His body was instantly shrouded in a layer of energy, distorting others’ perception of his.

Under the cover of the night, Yue Zhong proceeded carefully towards the nesting areas of those Mutant Giant Birds.

Within the huge mountain range, there were numerous Mutant Beasts. As he walked carefully through the dense foliage, he could see spiders the size of discs, Mutant Wolves the size of tigers and lions. There were even huge mice as large as buffalos. Many had reached their Type 2 stage.

Under the cover of the Second Order Stealth, he evaded them and proceeded deeper into the mountain range.

The deeper he went, the larger the Mutant Beasts. Yue Zhong had even caught sight of some Type 3 Mutant Beasts. He held his breath, trying his best not to arouse their attention. His aim wasn’t to kill these powerful Type 3 Mutant Beasts.

All of a sudden, he heard an earthshaking roar. At the same time, numerous roars sounded out in succession.

When he heard that, his heart was shaken: “That sound, a Type 4 Mutant Beast?!”

Yue Zhong walked towards the source of the commotion.

In the dense forest, a fierce battle was happening between two powerful beasts. One was a bear-like monster about 6m, its body covered in a layer of black scales. It had powerful fists that could envelop an entire human body. Its claws were 1m long, and it was engaged with a beast that had the head of a tiger and body of a leopard. The other beast was covered in a layer of white scales, each of them incredibly sharp. There was a single horn on the head of the tiger-beast.

Although the bear-like monster was huge, it was incredibly agile. Each movement it made, there was a fleeting shadow left in its wake. Its speed had exceeded the Type 3 Lightning, and surpassed the sound barrier. With each slap, there would be a Mach-1 force behind its fists. Its strikes would punch through the scales of the tiger-like beast when connected, drawing blood.

The tiger-like beast’s speed was even more terrifying. It seemed even faster than the bear-like monster. Each time the bear-like monster drew blood with its fist, the tiger-like beast could launch 2 attacks in retaliation, tearing flesh from its enemy as well.

“Level 95 Mutant Beast: Type 4 Steel-Armor Bear.”

“Level 96 Mutant Beast: Type 4 White-Scaled Tiger.”

“What terrifying Type 4 Mutant Beasts!” Yue Zhong crept past them as he watched them going at each other, his heart full of shock.

The two of them weren’t exceptionally large, in fact, their bodies could not even compare to some Type 2 Mutant Beasts. However, their combat abilities far surpassed any Type 2 Mutant Beasts. If Yue Zhong had to go against either of them, he would not last more than 10 rounds, his defenses would be destroyed utterly by them, before being killed.

Yue Zhong looked at the 2 of them and held his breath as much as he could, not daring to make any rash move while in his Stealth mode.

The recovery of those 2 Type 4 Beasts was simply too sick, each time they dealt blows to each other, their vitality would cause the flesh and wound to recover at an incredible pace in front of their eyes. The battle got even fiercer the longer it lasted.

“Ah! Is that the lair of one of them?” Yue Zhong gazed about, surveying the surroundings, when he suddenly caught sight of a large den about 200m away from the Type 4 White-Scaled Tiger.

Yue Zhong gazed at the 2 beasts tearing into each other in a frenzy, and knew that the outcome wouldn’t be decided so quickly. He decided to go check out the den of the Type 4 White-Scaled Tiger.

He was extremely careful, as both beasts had their attentions on each other, he could make his way towards the den under the cover of his Second Order Stealth.

When he entered the den, he was hit by a strong stench. It was evident that the Mutant Beast lacked any hygienic habits. There were countless Mutant Beast bones littered all over the den. Some were even from Type 3 Mutant Beasts. Yue Zhong’s heart raced and he immediately took all the sharp claws and bones into his Storage Ring.

Such leftovers, if turned into weapons, the sharpness could exceed even the Black Tooth Blade of Yue Zhong. However, the only thing was that those who used such handmade weapons would not be able to absorb the experience from killing any Mutant Beasts.

Even so, their claws and teeth were incredible treasures.

Yue Zhong absorbed over dozens of such claws and teeth before he arrived at the deepest recess of the den.

Within the deepest part of the cave, there was a blood-filled lake, and right in the middle, there was a blood-colored lotus that radiated. There were 4 blood-like lotus seeds budding, as the lotus flower continued to emit an alluring fragrance. It was apparently a precious item.

Not far from the lotus, there was a patch of grass, where a giant egg the size of a human laid. There were strange runes carved all over the giant egg, which was glowing and shimmering ever so slightly, as though it was breathing.

Beside the egg, there was a pile of nuclei. This was evidently leftovers the Type 4 Mutant Beast had set for its child.

Eyeing the blood lotus, the huge egg as well as the pile of nuclei, Yue Zhong’s eyes lit up in joy: “Treasure!! These are all incredible treasures!! I’ve really struck it rich!”

He swiftly got out a glass basin, and stored the blood lotus, root and all into it. He then waved his hands and swept all the nuclei into his Storage Ring, before grabbing the giant egg and making a mad dash for the exit.

The moment Yue Zhong exited the cave, he activated his Shadow Steps, Bone Encompassing Armor, and let out a sharp howl towards the skies. The blood lotus and huge egg in his hands were biological lifeforms, and could not be kept in the Storage Ring, hence he could only escape.

The moment he exited, the Type 4 White-Scaled Tiger could smell the blood lotus. It turned to face Yue Zhong, and leapt through the air, shooting for Yue Zhong with a terrifying speed. It reached out with its claw and swiped at Yue Zhong’s head with the speed of sound.

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