God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 597

The speed of the Type 4 White-Scaled Tiger exceeded the Type 3 Lightning. Even after Yue Zhong had undergone so many enhancements, he could not match its speed.

When the Type 4 White-Scaled Tiger moved, Yue Zhong’s Danger Perception was pushed to the max, and a strong threat of death overcame him. With a thought of his mind, a Shield of Light materialized in front of him.

The Type 4 White-Scaled Tiger’s claw smashed into the Shield of Light, and with a ‘kacha’, the shield disintegrated, falling to the ground in pieces.

Yue Zhong was horrified, and he quickly activated the other Shield of Light in front of the Type 4 White-Scaled Tiger.

With another swipe, the other Shield of Light was also destroyed, and only managed to obstruct it for a mere second.

In that second, Yue Zhong activated his Devil Flame, and a powerful flame that could devour everything spread out towards the Type 4 White-Scaled Tiger.

A light flashed past the eyes of the Type 4 White-Scaled Tiger, and it leaped above the terrifying Devil Flame tornado.

Just as it was about to launch another attack, the Type 4 Steel-Armor Bear suddenly appeared behind it and sent a claw smacking into its body, tearing a huge chunk of meat.

The Type 4 White-Scaled Tiger let out a piercing howl of rage, and its eyes seemed to burn with anger. It turned to smack the Type 4 Steel-Armor Bear once, leaving a huge scar on the body of the Type 4 Steel-Armor Bear.

In the air, Greenie turned into a shooting star and shot down, grabbing Yue Zhong, before shooting back into the skies.

The Type 4 White-Scaled Tiger saw this, and bellowed in rage. Its single horn shone with a white light, before firing a single beam of light at Yue Zhong and Greenie in the skies.

Yue Zhong’s face fell, and activated the Bronze Spiritual Bell, covering himself and Greenie.

The white light slammed into the green shield from the Bronze Spiritual Bell, penetrating the protection, and pierced past Yue Zhong’s leg, causing it to disintegrate. The white light continued past Greenie’s body, causing a large hole, as fresh blood dripped.

When Yue Zhong’s right leg was disintegrated by that white light, he almost fainted from the pain.

Greenie howled out in anguish, activating its innate ability, as it controlled the winds around it to reach the speeds of Mach 1.8, sending them towards the direction of Ning Xi City, disappearing in a flash.

The Type 4 White-Scaled Tiger howled out once more, but it was helpless towards Greenie in the skies. It was a tyrant of the land, and while it was a fearsome entity on the ground, it couldn’t do anything to those in the skies.

Greenie bore the pain and landed nearby Ning Xi City while wobbling.

Yue Zhong jumped down with his remaining leg. He saw the gaping hole in Greenie, and was filled with heartache and fear. He had really risked too much, and underestimated the might of the Type 4 Mutant Beasts. Without Greenie’s help, even if there were 10 of him, they would have been killed by the Type 4 White-Scaled Tiger.

At Yokosuka Base, Yue Zhong had met many Type 4 Mutant Beasts, and their strength and power innate abilities had opened his eyes. However, they all had a weakness, which was when they came onto shore, they were not as powerful as in the seas. That was how he had managed to use the opportunity to kill 2 weakened Type 4 Mutant Beasts.

However, the Type 4 White-Scaled Tiger was still an absolute Overlord on land, its speed having exceeded the sound barrier. While its strength could not match up to those Type 4 Mutant Beasts of the seas, it was still something humans still couldn’t contend with. It was a terrifying existence, and Yue Zhong was still lacking.

With Yue Zhong’s current strength, he could easily kill a Type 2 Mutant Beasts, against a Type 3 Mutant Beast, he would still be in slight danger. It was basically impossible to face against a Type 4 Mutant Beast at this point.

Yue Zhong quickly pulled out a handful of Type 3 Nuclei to give to Greenie: “Eat them!”

After Greenie swallowed those nuclei, it curled up into a ball, and focused on recovery. Type 3 Mutant Beasts also had powerful regenerative abilities. It was just that the blow from the Type 4 White-Scaled Tiger had injured it greatly, and it needed to rest for sometime to regain its strength.

Yue Zhong pulled out a number of Type 3 Mutant Beast meat as well as Type 4 Mutant Beast meat and began to consume them.

As the large amount of high-level meat disappeared in his mouth, his Regeneration skill kicked in, and he felt an itch at his right leg. Flesh began to grow back at a visible rate, as a new leg grew out slowly.

After a day’s time, Yue Zhong’s right leg had regenerated. Greenie had also recovered from its grievous injury from consuming those Type 3 nuclei.

“I wonder who was the winner of that battle.”

After recovering, Yue Zhong jumped on Greenie’s back, and directed it to fly over the mountain range.

“Good! Seems like the Type 4 White-Scaled Tiger won! Quick, lower and fly towards Ning Xi City.” When they neared the mountain range they saw a huge horde of Mutant Beasts galloping towards their direction. A terrifying killing intent was fixed on them, originating from within the horde of Mutant Beasts.

Greenie was also extremely fearful of the Type 4 White-Scaled Tiger. It hurried and flapped its wings as it flew towards Ning Xi City.

Among the beast horde, the Type 4 White-Scaled Tiger let out an enraged roar, and the beast horde increased its speed towards Ning Xi City.

Type 4 Mutant Beasts were considered Overlords on the land, and could control other Mutant Beasts. Having lost its treasure and its child, the Type 4 White-Scaled Tiger was thoroughly enraged, riling up numerous Mutant Beasts in a bid to kill Yue Zhong and to kill the rest of the puny humans.

The horde of beasts continued to charge towards the direction of Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong leaped down from Greenie, and hopped onto his Swift Shadow Bike, before charging towards Ning Xi City. He needed to leave behind a trail for the Mutant Beasts to follow.

At the entrance of Ning Xi City, a large number of zombies were attracted by the blood lotus in his grasp, and they begun to move towards him.

Within the glass basin, there were also numerous Type 2 and Type 3 blood essences, and these were important evolving nutrients for the zombies.

Yue Zhong shot those staggering zombies a look, and activated his Bone Encompassing Armor, reaching out with his right hand, and shot a bone spike into the ground, sending him up onto a building.

The Mutant Beast horde that was chasing after Yue Zhong had also arrived, and as they charged through the zombie horde, they tore the zombies apart.

Yue Zhong saw that his plan was coming to fruition, and began to rush towards the centre of Ning Xi City. He needed to create the perception that he was hiding within Ning Xi City, and cause the Type 4 White-Scaled Tiger to attack the center of the city.

Watching Yue Zhong escape, the Mutant Beasts became furious.

A number of Type 2 Black-Scaled Boars charged through the zombie horde like tanks, sending them flying, as they continued to rush straight for the deeper parts of the city. The rest of the Mutant Beasts also continued forward, steamrolling over the numerous corpses.

With the sudden attack of the Mutant Beast horde, it enraged the zombie controller in Ning Xi City. Numerous L4s, L3s, S4s, S3s and other evolved zombies charged for the Mutant Beast horde.

The 2 mighty armies clash, and countless abilities were displayed from the Mutant Beasts, as both sides tore into each other, the body count rising constantly.

Mutant Beasts were invincible existences to ordinary zombies, but the evolved zombies possessed enough strength to threaten them.

As Yue Zhong weaved in and out on the roofs of the buildings, he was chased by a number of Type 2 Hunters, chasing him while crawling up buildings like lizards.

He had to stop from time to time, waving his Black Tooth Blade to kill them with a single slash. With his current strength, as long as he wasn’t swarmed by them, he could still carve out a bloody path for himself.

Yue Zhong continued to make his way towards the center of Ning Xi City, while keeping his distance from the Mutant Infected Womb. That existence was simply too dangerous. Yue Zhong did not want to be assaulted by that freak.

There was no known data on the attack patterns of the Mutant Infected Womb, and to Yue Zhong, an unknown enemy was too dangerous. If he wasn’t careful, he could possibly slip up, and might lose his life as a result.

However, the Mutant Infected Womb could feel the strong scent of blood from the clash between the zombies and beasts, and begun to move there.

It was large, but extremely agile. Its speed was even comparable to Yue Zhong. It continued forward like a tank, bulldozing over any unfortunate zombies in its path.

The Mutant Infected Womb soon came to the battlefield, and with a swipe of its huge tentacles, a number of the evolved zombies were slapped away, slamming into walls and their bodies broke down, their brains and innards splattering everywhere. It then shot out a tentacle with a sharp barbed spike at the end towards a 7m-tall Type 2 Black-Scaled Boar, and pierced its brain.

With its snake-like head opening its wide jaws, revealing countless rows of sharp teeth, the tentacle brought the Type 2 Black-Scaled Boar towards it, and chomped down on the Mutant Beast, fresh blood flowing everywhere. It munched and chomped, swallowing the Type 2 Black-Scaled Boar in a gruesome and horrifying manner.

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