God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 599

The Mutant Infected Womb howled once more in extreme pain. It immediately adjusted its body and tried to flee towards the distance. It could feel the amount of danger the White-Scaled Tiger posed to it, it was more than enough to cause its demise.

The Type 4 White-Scaled Tiger flashed through the battlefield like a specter, latching on to the Mutant Infected Womb, firing its unique white light in multiple beams, causing numerous holes on the Mutant Infected Womb.

However, because the Mutant Infected Womb was moving constantly, it was extremely hard to hit its head. While most of the blows caused the Mutant Infected Womb to be covered in multiple wounds, none had hit its head again.

As the Mutant Infected Womb was escaping, its brain was still continuing to regenerate under its sick healing ability. The moment its brain was fully regenerated, it brought up its powerful tentacles and launched attacks back on the Type 4 White-Scaled Tiger like a torrential downpour.

Under the relentless assault of the Mutant Infected Womb, the Type 4 White-Scaled Tiger was once again sent flying into the air, its body riddled with wounds.

Yue Zhong stood on top of a tall building, and as he watched the Type 4 White-Scaled Tiger losing its advantage, he immediately barked an order into his walkie-talkie: “It’s time, begin the assault!”

After giving that order, he then leaped onto Greenie’s back, and they soared into the sky.


Under Yue Zhong’s order, a number of artillery troops on standby began firing from outside the city.

Hong!! Hong!! Hong!!

Powerful shots resounded throughout Ning Xi City, as a large number of cannons lit up the sky when they came shooting down towards the hordes of zombies and Mutant Beasts, blasting them into pieces.

Yue Zhong’s artillery troops had already undergone numerous training and exercises, and they had chosen the locations where the zombies and Mutant Beasts were concentrated. Each time a rocket landed, it would take out at least tens of thousands of zombies.

Under the fearsome volley of heavy fire, a number of L4s that were as large as houses were also not spared.

A large Type 2 Mutant Python was blasted apart by a round of 122mm cannons.

In the skies, 8 Thunder Fighters and the Sky Fortress came swooping over Ning Xi City, firing countless bombs, enveloping the large areas where the Mutant Beasts and zombies were clashing.

Amidst the explosions, countless zombies and Mutant Beasts were killed every second. This was the might of advanced weaponry and tactics of the human race.

The Mutant Infected Womb was also treated as a high-priority target, and the 8 Thunder Fighters fired numerous rockets at it, covering its flesh and body with numerous wounds.

Although the Mutant Infected Womb was terrifying, its effective attack range was only about 30m. Against those Thunder Fighters in the skies, it could only dodge and evade, while screaming out in pain.

The Type 4 White-Scaled Tiger was already heavily injured before, and it was caught in the blast of one 122mm round, sending it flying through the air again.

The loud explosions rang throughout the city, these were the ammunition that Yue Zhong had accumulated in Yan Zhou City these few months. He had also brought in any heavy artillery that they had found in their scavenging expeditions. These were all just to conquer Ning Xi City, and to fully gain control of the Newbie Village.

When Enhancers reached Level 10, through the Job Change option, Yue Zhong could gain a whole load of talents. By selecting soldiers, he could train up an entire battalion of elites. Some could also be groomed as doctors, then he would have healthcare. Some could become scientists, and his research and development team would be strengthened and grow.

Of course, it was not that once they went through the Job Change that they would instantly become experts of their chosen field. However, they would gain the advantage in their growths there. At the very least, they could still become lower-level doctors or scientists, and to Yue Zhong, this was more than enough for the short term.

The terrifying explosions continued without stopping. Other than the huge door with the 2 lights, the rest of Ning Xi City was covered in explosions. Each blast radius was enough to take out hundreds and thousands of zombies. To experts who had to fend off horde attacks, such groups were difficult to entangle with, but to the powerful artillery, they were great targets.

Under the constant ravaging of the artillery, the zombies of Ning Xi City were at a loss. They could not see the enemy, and did not know what to do, only suffering the damage from the projectiles.

As for the other Mutant Beasts, having lost the pressure from the Type 4 White-Scaled Tiger, many started to flee out of Ning Xi City.

Yue Zhong did not deploy his troops to go stop the Mutant Beast Horde, in any case, he had only intended to make use of them to kill the zombies. To truly conquer Ning Xi City, it would still require Yue Zhong and his army.

The powerful heavy artillery continued throughout the night, consuming almost everything in the flames, as countless zombies and Mutant Beasts laid charred and dead across the city.

The entire city was currently clear and quiet, and the once-densely packed zombie horde had already disappeared, leaving behind only the charred bodies, some still burning slightly, as well as a few scattered groups that had somehow survived the night raid.

Hu Yi thus led the 1st Regiment right into Ning Xi City.

Under the lead of the 4 different commanders of the 4 Battalions within the regiment, they split up and began to clear the zombies. Many of the zombies had barely just stuck out their head at the commotion when they were already shot at by the soldiers. The evolved zombies were taken out by the Enhancers within the troops.

Just using heavy artillery would not be enough to handle the problem, as there were plenty of zombies that had managed to slip past the net. Thus they had to use the ground troops to wipe them out.

Every soldier of the 1st Regiment were veterans and elite soldiers, even more disciplined and stronger than the 5,000-strong Japanese soldiers of the Takama-ga-hara. They were like a power sickle that claimed the lives of the zombies as easily as cutting wheat, and as they marched on, there was almost no resistance to their advance.

Within the city, the zombies numbered about 2 million, but the majority of the evolved ones had lost their lives during the clash with the Mutant Beasts in the previous night, hence, all that was left were largely ordinary zombies.

Under the terrifying artillery fire, hundreds of thousands were incinerated and blasted to pieces. Even more were reduced from the million that had been left over. Furthermore, since most of the zombie horde was concentrated at the south side of the city, there was not much resistance in the north area.

When Yue Zhong noticed the troops entering the city, he immediately gave an order: “Let Bai He lead the 4th Long-Range Company to assist me.”

The forces that were under Bai He were powerful and elite snipers groomed by Yue Zhong. They were all proficient in the sniper rifles, or possessed the Specialization skill.

Of them, Bai He had the Second Order Enhance Bullet skill, and Level 3 Sniper Specialization. He was the top sniper under Yue Zhong. In fact, he could almost rival the Gun Demon of the Takama-ga-hara. Compared to him, Bai He was just lacking in the fact that he wasn’t a dual-attribute Evolver, however, his sniper skills would not lose out.

This 4th Long-Range Company was one of the trump cards kept by Yue Zhong. They possessed powerful destructive powerful from a long range, and at least 8 of them could shoot down a Thunder Fighter. Every single soldier of the troop could take down a normal aircraft. Their only weakness was close-combat, and they could not compare against powerful close combat experts.

Bai He led his 20 men as they swiftly proceeded towards Yue Zhong’s location.

Meanwhile, Yue Zhong was riding Greenie as they soared through the skies, chasing after the Mutant Infected Womb.

The Mutant Infected Womb had been bombarded by the 8 Thunder Fighters, as a large number of rockets were fired at it constantly. However, it waved its tentacles constantly, smashing the rockets away.

Each of these rockets would explode the moment they were destroyed, and the powerful explosions would cause the tentacles to be blasted apart. However, each time, they would quickly regenerate.

It seemed that the destructive power of the rockets were still far away from that of the Type 4 White-Scaled Tiger.

If they wanted to take down the Mutant Infected Womb in one go, they had to have at least 50 Thunder Fighters firing countless rockets at the same time, bombarding it to death.

However, the moment they couldn’t take care of it in one strike, it would be able to regenerate and resurrect itself. It truly was a difficult opponent.

Yue Zhong sat on Greenie’s back as he flew up in the sky, over the Mutant Infected Womb, as he watched it regenerate time after time. His scalp went num, this Mutant Infected Womb was truly something else, even more fearsome that the Type 4 Flame Bird or the Type 4 Sea Mutant Beasts that he had come across.

Yue Zhong then quickly gave an order: “Ready cannons, co-ordinates XXXX.”

Hong! Hong! Hong!

Under that order, the area of the Mutant Infected Womb was instantly enveloped by numerous heavy artillery, and it continued for a good 5 minutes, covering the entire space, destroying the surrounding construction and structures, causing dust clouds to rise.

As the dust cleared, Yue Zhong saw the tentacles shielding the brain of the Mutant Infected Womb, its body had been damaged badly under that barrage of rockets. Its dozens of tentacles also dropped off, yet, it was still not dead.

The Mutant Infected Womb had truly suffered greatly under that powerful volley of artillery fire, but, its overbearing regeneration was still kicking in, as its wounds recovered at a rate discernable to the human eye.

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