God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 602

After enhancing his attributes, Yue Zhong then came to the Temple he was unable to enter the previous time.

Inside the Temple, there was a diamond-shaped crystal floating in mid-air, with countless runes covering it.

“Congratulations on gaining the 18th Village. As the controller, you have authority over the following. First: Change the name of the 18th Village. Second: Allow the Village to appear in the world, giving others a clear sight of it. Third: Establish the defense mechanism of the Village, with you providing the energy for the defense. Fourth: Send the Village into the dimension gap, allowing it to shuttle through dimensions, requirement of a single Type 5 nuclei. Fifth: Expand the 18th Village, requirement of a single Type 5 nuclei.

“Please take note, should the central Temple be taken over by any enemy, then the control over the 18th Village will change hands. The method of assault will be transmitted to you, and the enemy would have to occupy the central Temple for at least 24 hours.”

A beam of light shot from the crystal in between Yue Zhong’s brows, as he was filled with a mass of information.

Yue Zhong considered for a moment, before saying: “Change the name to Evolving Temple. Allow the Temple to materialize in this world!”


Within Ning Xi City, a bright light radiated, as a number of structures appear out of thin air. The entire grounds that had been levelled due to the multiple bombardment began to reform under a mysterious light. Soon the village materialized.

Yue Zhong gained control over the Central Temple, before moving towards the Bloodline Temple.

Within the Bloodline Temple, there were various carvings of werewolves, vampires, mermaids, Forest Rangers, wereleopards, giants, mutants, golems, lionheads as well as other strange existences.

A number of metal cocoon-like compartments stood inside the temple, as a diamond-shaped crystal floated in the middle of the temple.

“This temple is the Bloodline Temple. Any Blood Essence that you collect can be stored here, and inserted into the temple. By spending some Survivor Coins, a person can be enhanced to have a Bloodline. Every person can only possess one bloodline, as having 2 Bloodlines at the same time might cause some unexpected effects. There’s a 90% chance of a mutation to occur, turning user into a freak. There are currently 0 bloodlines in the storage.”

When Yue Zhong came to this Bloodline Temple and heard the flurry of notifications, he immediately whisked out a number of Mutant Beasts Blood Essences.

As he inserted them in, the crystal absorbed them all and presented new information.

“You can now enhance the following bloodlines: Flame Bird, Sea JellyFish, Sea Snake…Enhancing the Flame Bird bloodline will require 1 million Survivor Coins, while the Sea Jellyfish bloodline requires 850,000 Survivor Coins.”

Yue Zhong observed carefully and realized that the Type 4 Mutant Beasts bloodlines were more expensive, whereas the normal with no type were cheapest. The cheapest bloodline was the Mutant Sandworm, which only required 200 Survivor Coins.

After checking them, Yue Zhong chose to leave the temple. The results of the Bloodline Enhancement were still unknown, and he didn’t want to dive into it too fast. Even if he had to consider, he would want to acquire a Type 5 Mutant Beast Blood Essence before trying.

After he left the Bloodline Temple, he came to the consumable goods store, and purchased wholesale.

Within the store, there was rice, fuel, bullets and all sorts of consumables. He did not buy these, instead, choosing to purchase in bulk different ammunitions manufacturing lines, and other forms of military equipment production lines.

Currently, Yue Zhong was relying on Yan Zhou and its factories to produce his ammunition, but it was not enough.

This time, the operation in Ning Xi City was smooth because of his large expenditure of his military reserves. He had not hold back on the bombardment, and this helped to kill almost 2 million zombies of Ning Xi City.

However, with such a battle, he had already consumed ⅔ of the total ammunition available in Guang Xi. He was unable to launch another attack on another horde if he had to.

Compared to the valuable skill books, these production lines of ammunitions were not technologically advanced, and hence, they were cheap. A rifle bullet production line would cost at most 100,000 Survivor Coins, while a 122mm cannon production line would require 500,000 Survivor Coins.

Yue Zhong spent all of what he had left on the consumables store, purchasing a large amount of bullets, cannons, optical instruments, energy converter parts as well as other equipment.

The production lines came out in cards, as long as the user willed it, he or she could turn the card into an entire production line, and set it to a location. After mass purchasing a large number of production lines, his military logistics and support had increased tremendously.

After he had done what he needed, he deployed some troops to stand guard over the area, at the same time, he arranged for a huge number of Enhancers to head to the Evolving Temple to change their classes into soldiers, scientists, doctors, priests, blacksmiths, magicians as well as other professions.

The moment this was done, the entire strength and might of Yue Zhong’s forces increased by leaps and bounds.

It was especially so for the soldiers. Yue Zhong arranged for Masako to bring Hai Lan to go summon a large number of Mutant Beasts into Port Fang Cheng, allowing the soldiers to kill them and increase their levels, before changing their class into soldiers.

At the same time, with the scientists from Japan joining Yue Zhong’s research team, adding on to the Enhancers that switched classes to scientists, the research into the Laser Gun as well as Energy Converter went underway.

Xian Yu Ming was conferred as the Captain of the Navy, and he led the Blue Ridge ships to scour the coastal lines for resources and survivors.

After making arrangements, Yue Zhong then sat in a Thunder Fighter and made for Long Hai City.


The moment Yue Zhong came out from the Thunder Fighter, 2 rows of soldiers greeted him with a military salute.

The upper echelons of Long Hai City, including Chi Yang, Da Gou Zi, Chen Yao, Guo Yu, Xu Zheng Gang, Lu Wen and others welcomed him.

Ever since Yue Zhong set off for Guang Xi, he had expanded largely, and gained the support of over a million people, his expansion surpassing even that of Hunan. However, Hunan was still his homebase.

Yue Zhong came up to Chi Yang and patted his shoulders: “It’s been hard on you!”

Since Yue Zhong disappeared, there have been plenty of minor uprisings from the countless factions he suppressed. Without Chi Yang’s stable but firm grip, Yue Zhong might have lost this base long ago.

Chi Yang smiled warmly: “It’s what I should do.”

Beside Chi Yang, his guards were shocked when they saw him smile. In their eyes, Chi Yang had been an extremely steady but resolute leader, with a fierce stance on the city. They had never seen him smile before.

Yue Zhong chuckled: “I’ve seen Hu Yi. That rascal is still alive and kicking, and has become a Regiment Commander of the Guang Xi’s 1st Regiment.”

Hu Yi had obtained plenty of merits in his efforts to take down Ning Xi City, hence Yue Zhong had promoted him directly.

After all, generals were forged through countless battles. Hu Yi had experienced plenty, and had gained the prestige and respect.

Chi Yang spoke: “What about my mum and dad?”

Yue Zhong became silent, before replying slowly: “I did not manage to find them.”

Chi Yang’s body trembled, and a look of pain flashed in his eyes. He became silent as well. In the first place, he was a man of few words, regardless of how sad he was, he would bear it all himself.

Seeing this, Lu Wen who had wanted to pounce straight into Yue Zhong’s arms also stood quietly, grabbing Yue Zhong’s arms.

“This is the report on everything that has happened all this time!” After returning to the villa that he had left for so long, Guo Yu came up to him, dressed in a neat military uniform, her full bosom threatening to burst out of her shirt, as she handed him a thick file.

Yue Zhong received it and began to read it.

During the time when Yue Zhong was gone, Chi Yang had slowly but steadily expanded their scope of power, annihilating zombies, saving survivors, and even obliterating 2 bases that had over 10,000 people each. They had absorbed their survivors. After all, it was tough for ordinary factions to contend with the military-advanced faction of Yue Zhong.

After constant expansion and growth, their Hunan base had reached over 420,000 survivors, and society had stabilized and began to prosper once more.

After reading through it, Yue Zhong handed it back to Guo Yu and said warmly: “You’ve worked hard.”

Hearing his gentle words, Guo Yu’s eyes turned red, her heart filled with warmth. Her nose turned sour and her tears started to flow. She had been a spoilt brat at home before the apocalypse, and did not know how to do anything. But since then, she had experienced so much, landing in the hands of Wang Guang Hu, almost being tortured to death, in the end, she had landed with Yue Zhong, who gave her the chance to live a life with dignity.

However, he was often out fighting, and would disappear from time to time, with no news whatsoever. This would often cause Guo Yu to be afraid. She was afraid that she would end up in the hands of others, and be toyed with till her death. She had held out for so long, and was exhausted. With this single sentence from him, she was filled with a sense of comfort and strength.

Seeing her sobbing in relief, his emotions welled up as well, reaching out to pull her into his embrace. He then kissed her lightly on her lips.

She responded fiercely, before wrapping around him like a female snake, giving him her warmth, passion and all.

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