God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 603

After an intense bout of passion, a blood-colored rose bloomed on the snow-white sheets.

Guo Yu curled up like a satisfied kitten, before lying on Yue Zhong’s chest as she used her voluptuous breasts to massage him and said: “Master, now that you’re back, are you going to stay here for long?”

Guo Yu looked at him with an expectant look, hoping that he would stay at Long Hai City. As long as he stayed, she would feel so much more secure.

Yue Zhong planted a kiss on her lips, before hugging her tightly: “No! Soon, I’ll have to make another trip.”

Guo Yu’s eyes flashed with disappointment, as she hugged him back, feeling his warmth: “Where are you heading to this time? Can’t you just command the troops from here?”

Yue Zhong rebuked gently: “No can do! I have to head north, and conquer that area.”

Guang Xi had just experienced a huge battle, and their ammunition and supplies were largely expended. In the short-term future, there was no way to organize another battle. They could only embark on minor expeditions to clear the zombies.

Long Hai City had also gone out on such minor expeditions plenty of times, and the total number of zombies they have annihilated was over 600,000. The troops needed rest as well.

If Yue Zhong waited slowly for the laser gun and Energy Converter to be produced, he could take his time to slowly wipe the zombies out before conquering the entire county.

In fact, he had planned for it to be like this. However, after obtaining the 18th Village, now known as the Evolving Temple, he had received the shocking news of what’s to come. He had to find a way to conquer the capital as soon as he could.

In order to conquer the capital, he had to start advancing towards the North, and make use of the strength of the survivors there to subjugate the capital. Otherwise, the moment the 2nd Round of the God and Devil System started, Yue Zhong knew that his faction would be too ill-equipped to deal with it. The death toll then might number in the millions.

Guo Yu asked softly: “This time, can you bring me along?”

She had watched as Chen Yao, Ji Qing Wu and a few of his women join him in battles. There was a strong sense of envy, and she wanted to fight by his side as well.

Yue Zhong directly refused: “No, this time, it is a major operation to take down the North. It’s too dangerous, I can’t risk having you there.”

She sighed lightly, and did not press the issue further. Instead, she raised her head and kissed his lips, and her eyes shined brightly as she said: “Master, let’s do it again! Give me more, I want to bear your children!!”

Guo Yu was a beauty capable of stirring the hearts of many. With such a tone, Yue ZHong was instantly aroused again, and they tousled for the rest of the morning.

Since returning to Long Hai City, Yue Zhong would go around in the day to make his presence known to his subordinates and the survivors under him. During the nights, he would then head to find Guo Yu, Lu Wen, Zhuo Ya Tong, and Tong Xiao Yun to placate and pacify them.

As for Yin Shuang, the life form that had appeared out of the corpse of the Mutant Infected Womb, she was a loveable existence to everybody. However, she was practically stuck to Yue Zhong and was not willing to leave his side for long periods of time.

After 10 days, Yue Zhong boarded one of the Thunder Fighters as he led over a hundred elites towards the North.

It was spring now, yet there was a chill in the air, and it would snow almost every 2 or 3 days. The entire Central Plains was covered in a layer of snow.

Across the snow-white field, there were a hundred survivors in tattered clothes running. Behind them, over twenty men in thick cotton clothes were chasing them as they rode horses. They wielded guns, and they were laughing loudly, while firing their guns from time to time, killing a number of the survivors.

The men in pursuit had the ability to wipe out the entire group of survivors, except that right now, they were treating the chase as a hunt. They laughed as they chased and fired their guns, and the survivors would drop dead one after another.

As the survivors ran, some fell, breathing heavily as they kneeled, hugging their heads while begging to surrender.

However, in response, the men behind just came up and whipped out their blades and slashed at the survivors.

Seeing this, the rest of the survivors became frantic, and began to flee again.

At this time, a number of soldiers dressed in military uniforms appeared in the distance.

One of the survivors saw this group of gun-wielding soldiers and immediately screamed out: “Save us!! Sir, please save us!! As long as you save us, we will do anything!! Please!!”

“Save us!! Save us!!”

“Please, please, please!! I’m willing to toll my entire life for you!!”

Seeing this new group of militants, the pitiful survivors who had been forced to such a state began to scream and shout. It didn’t matter who these people were, since it seemed like they were their only hope.

This group of soldiers were precisely Yue Zhong and his men.

The way towards the capital was filled with dense population. There were zombies everywhere, and no place was suitable to expand their scope of power. Yue Zhong had thus chose the route through Mongolia, where the plains were vast and population scarce. Not long after arriving here, just as he was prepared to launch an assault on a city, they discovered this situation.

Seeing this new group that appeared, the men in pursuit of the survivors immediately became wary. Each of them were riding Level 15 Mutant Black Stallions, and they immediately turned their aim on Yue Zhong’s group.

One of the militants came shouting in a strange language.

Yue Zhong frowned when he heard him, not understanding the language: “Foreign language? These are foreigners? Capture 5, kill the rest.”

“Got it, Boss!!” Bai Xiao Sheng who had been following beside Yue Zhong had a savage glint in his eyes, as he flashed forwards, charging towards the ordinary militants like a gust of wind.

The elites who were following beside Yue Zhong immediately spread out, before charging towards the militants as well. These were all Evolvers of at least Level 40 and above. They had all changed their classes to be soldiers, knights, etc, and they were capable of killing these militants without their guns at all.

Suddenly, a gust of wind surged past Yue Zhong, charging for the militants like a specter, with its speed breaking the sound barrier. A pale fist would appear once in a while, and each time, a militant’s head would explode.

In a second, almost all twenty were wiped out, save for 5.

Clearing over 20 militants in just one second, Yin Shuang appeared in their midst, among the bloodied corpses, without a shred of dirt or blood on her. Looking like an angel, she smiled at Yue Zhong: “Father!! Father!! I’ve killed them all! Father’s enemies have been killed! Praise me!!”

The stark contrast between her angelic demeanor and the hellish scene of the corpses, gave her an innocent yet cruel aura. It was truly strange.

Yin Shuang’s talent for comprehension and learning was terrifying, picking up Chinese in such a short time. She had then started to call Yue Zhong as her father.

“Strong!! Too overpowered!” Bai Xiao Sheng and the rest of the elites watched the scene, as their eyes filled with shock.

Her speed had exceeded even the Type 3 Lightning, and her fists contained an earthshaking might that could cause a person’s head to explode. Not a single one of them dared to take on her blows head on.

“Strong!!” A chill came over Yue Zhong’s heart as well when he witnessed how fast this little girl had killed those militants. Just comparing speed, hers had exceeded Lightning, and reached the level of the Type 4 White-Scaled Tiger. It was the first time he had seen her unleash such a frightening combat strength.

“Well done, Yin Shuang! This is your reward!” Yue Zhong chuckled gently, as he pulled out a lollipop for her. From any angle, Yue Zhong was truly lacking as a parent.

A gust of wind blew, and Yin Shuang had already appeared in Yue Zhong’s arms, before grabbing the lollipop and she sucking on it before smiling brightly: “Hehe!! I was praised by Father!”

“Lolicon!! However, this loli truly is something else.” Bai Xiao Sheng eyed Yin Shuang, and his countenance paled as he muttered inwardly.

When the 5 remaining militants saw their comrades wiped out, their legs gave way from the fright, and were easily subdued by Yue Zhong’s soldiers.

Yue Zhong frowned as he asked them: “Who are you people?”

One of them had savage look as he barked out: “We are soldiers that possess the noble Huangjin blood, from the Mongol Empire’s King Hu-er Ran’s palace. If you know what’s good for you, release us this instant. Otherwise, when the army of King Hu-er Ran arrives, you will all be skinned and torn apart!”

“Huangjin Clan? Another ambitious warlord.” Yue Zhong knew he came across another faction.

The apocalypse had already lasted for a year so far, and many warlords had tried to stake their own claims to various lands. Yue Zhong had seen it all, after all, he was one himself.

“Too much bullshit! Take him away for execution!” Yue Zhong eyed him coldly and barked.

That militant was dragged to one side, and a blade came flashing down, as his head was thus separated from his body. Fresh blood splattered all over the ground.

Seeing that soldier decapitated, the rest of the warriors started trembling.

Yue Zhong then pointed at another militant and said: “Alright! Come over, and tell me all about the Mongol King Hu-er Ran.”

The warrior immediately revealed everything in fear when he was dragged: “Yes!!”

The Mongol King Hu-er Ran was a Mongolian of the Huangjin descent, after the apocalypse happened, he had relied on his claim to his bloodline to influence the people around him to join him as they carved out a faction for themselves.

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