God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 604

The Mongol King Hu-er Ran had warred all over the region, exterminating numerous factions, while taking absorbing power. He had now control over 120,000 households under him.

As for the Huangjin clan that he was from, there were 4 main households, and they were in charge of the 40,000 troops of the Huangjin Clan. These armed warriors were the soldiers trained under Bo-er Zi of the Huangjin Clan. They had just launched an assault on a middle-sized faction, and were in the midst of hunting down these remnant survivors.

Since the apocalypse, the weather had turned even harsher and colder. It was now already early spring, yet it was still snowing everyday. Vegetation could not grow. To the Mongols who raised livestock, it was truly tough. Many of their livestock had already succumbed to the weather. Their rations hence dwindled day after day.

Under such circumstances, Bo-er Zi had therefore ordered a massacre of anybody not of Mongol descent. Corpses were to be brought back, becoming food for the slaves as well as the Mutant Black Stallions.

The mid-sized faction had been forced under these circumstances to flee, while being pursued by those Mongol soldiers.

“Damn! What a bunch of beasts!” Yue Zhong heard the words and his expression turned ugly.

After the apocalypse happened, many people started doing what they liked. It didn’t matter which country they were from, everyone sought to control and dominate others. Yue Zhong was appalled that such things were happening right across the border.

The middle-aged survivors ran up to Yue Zhong and knelt down as they sobbed: “Sir!! Thank you!! Thank you so much for savings us!! Thank you Sir!!”

“Many thanks for saving us!!”

Those survivors that had managed to escape that ordeal began to kneel and express their gratitude and relief. If it wasn’t for Yue Zhong stepping out to act, they would all have died.

Yue Zhong glanced at one of them and asked indifferently: “What’s your name?”

He replied carefully: “Responding to Sir, my name is Xiao Li!”

Yue Zhong then gave Xiao Li an order: “Go and tell the rest, those who’re willing to come with me, we will ensure your safety, and provide food. However, you will have to obey every single command of mine. Those who aren’t willing, I won’t stop, they’re free to go. Go! Let me make myself clear first, those who come with me, yet are not willing to obey, will face death.”

Xiao Li was shocked in his heart, and he replied carefully, “Yes! Sir!” before turning back to the rest of the survivors.

Not long after, Xiao Li returned, majority of the survivors were willing to follow Yue Zhong, after all, it was hard to find food out here in the plains. They wanted to live, and knew how hard it was. Yue Zhong allowed them to follow him, and it was a sort of blessing to them. Of course, there were those who were unwilling, and the 6 of them expressed their thanks before leaving.

“Set off!” Yue Zhong did not mind as he ordered.

This group of over 200 people hence made their way towards the middle-sized faction.

The mid-sized faction was set out in the wilderness, surrounded by only a layer of wooden fence. It was set up to guard against the occasional low-level Mutant Beast and zombies. At one particular area, there were a number of sharp spikes erected, with some corpses stuck on them.

Currently, the base had turned a scene from Hell, with corpses strewn everywhere. Numerous Mongols were atop women, laughing maniacally as they sought their hearts’ content.

War could allow even the most civilized person to turn into the most savage of beasts.

Yue Zhong ordered: “I will charge through the front door. Bai Xiao Sheng, lead 20 men to attack from the north. Tenpyo Saka, you take 20 and attack from the sides. Zhuo Ya Tong, you shall lead some men to stay and guard here. Await further orders.”

This time, Yue Zhong had taken Bai Xiao Sheng, Tenpyo Saka and Zhuo Ya Tong together with him. Both Bai Xiao Sheng and Zhuo Ya Tong had swallowed the pink Snake Birth Fruits and became dual-attribute Evolvers, their powers heightened further. Tenpyo Saka was also one of the top Evolvers from Japan, and possessed terrifying combat ability. As for Yue Zhong himself, he was akin to an entire army, because of his overwhelming strength, he dared to cross the plains to expand.

Yue Zhong gave the order and brought Yin Shuang as he went towards the base.

Within the base, everything was in a mess, and there were many naked women in the grasps of the Mongol soldiers. The prettier the women, the more Mongol soldiers there were around them.

There were corpses everywhere as well, belong to both men and women, and the corpses of children were the most. It was truly hell, and the thick stench of blood wafted throughout the place.

When Yue Zhong stepped into the base, he became like a death god, reaping lives with the flash of his blade. The heads of the soldiers fell swiftly, incapable of reacting in any way at their moment of death.

As blood splattered all over the women, they screamed out loud.

The screams attracted the attention of some of the Mongol soldiers, and 7 of them charged towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong shot forwards, his Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade slashing out multiple blade beams, tearing through the 7 Mongol soldiers like they were paper. The copious amount of blood and organs that spilled everywhere was horrifying.

Yin Shuang was like a cat that curled up in Yue Zhong’s chest, absorbing the surroundings with a savoury glance. While the gruesome sight might cause some to be horrified and fearful, she felt it to be exciting and fun.

Against these ordinary soldiers, Yue Zhong didn’t even need to employ any skills, he just swung his blade, and took them out easily.

On the other side, Bai Xiao Sheng, Tenpyo Saka were both Evolver experts, and the ordinary soldiers were not their match at all.

At the same time, the soldiers brought by Yue Zhong were elites that had received special training, and they killed swiftly and silently, not arousing too much suspicions.

Peng! Peng!

After killing over a hundred soldiers, some form of an army finally appeared. They were some of the Mongol soldiers under the lead of Bo-er Zi that did not waste their energy on women. The moment they discovered Yue Zhong, they began to launch attacks on him.

The soldiers were all wielding guns, and numerous bullets rains upon Yue Zhong.

“Father!! I’ll go kill them! Gimme some candy later!” Yin Shuang chuckled at Yue Zhong, before pecking him on the side of his face.

At the next instant, she had transformed into a gust of wind that charged right into the midst of the Mongol soldiers.

Yin Shuang charged through the troops of Bo-er Zi, and their brains exploded one by one in a horrible fashion. It was as though a Grim Reaper had sliced through their midst, collecting their lives.

The Mongol soldiers shouted out in fear as they readied their guns and began firing, however, they missed every single shot.

Within 5 minutes, Bo-er Zi’s soldiers had all been slaughtered cleanly, their headless corpses strewn all over the ground.

After killing those hundreds of soldiers, Yin Shuang was still clean, without a speck of dust nor drop of blood on her. She looked just like a little angel. However, this little angel had just slaughtered over hundreds of soldiers in a span of 5 minutes, with her little pale fists.



By the time Bai Xiao Sheng and Tenpyo Saka reached the battlefield, it was already over. They looked at the hundreds of headless corpses, astonished. They eyed Yin Shuang who was nestled in Yue Zhong’s embrace, their faces full of fear.

The soldiers had followed Yue Zhong through numerous battles, and knew Yue Zhong’s attack methods. The headless corpses were obviously the work of the little loli in Yue Zhong’s arms. If such a terrifying existence had been their enemy, they would be basically defenseless. However, as a comrade, she was truly reliable.

Yin Shuang laughed brightly: “Father! Did I do well?”

Yue Zhong pulled out a lollipop, and ruffled her little head: “Well done! This is your reward!”

Yin Shuang giggled and leapt around in Yue Zhong’s arms, her face full of satisfaction as she enjoyed her lollipop.

Without this Yin Shuang, Yue Zhong could have wiped out the entire base as well, just that it wouldn’t have been easy,

Xiao Li and the rest of the survivors had returned to the base. When they saw the headless corpses of the Bo-er Zi forces, they were filled with shock: “Strong! They’re truly too strong!”

Especially the headless corpses, Xiao Li and the rest immediately thought of the innocent-looking but deadly loli that followed Yue Zhong around. Their hearts instantly turned cold.

With the death of the Mongol soldiers, the entire base fell into Yue Zhong’s hands.

Currently, the mid-sized faction that used to house 3,000-over survivors were only left with a little over 800 after the massacre by the Bo-er Zi’s forces. The number of females outnumbered the males, with over 700 of them, and the men numbering 100. As to why there were so many women left, it was precisely because the soldiers had intended to make use of them.

The Bo-er Zi’s forces that came to attack were about a thousand or so, and with them, there were over a 100 Black Stallions.

These Black Stallions were stronger than the long-distanced horses of the past by umpteen times, and their acceleration at the start could rival that of powerful sports car. When comparing long distances, they could even drag along a car with their powerful limbs. Every single one of these horses was a treasure, and could exchange for a tonne of rations.

After all, there was lack of fuel, there might be many cars, but fuel was scarce. With such a powerful Black Stallion that could replace a car as a form of transport, and could even be used to transport stuff, they were precious to any faction.

Other than the 100 Black Stallions, there were over a hundred lambs, 200 cows, 50 tonnes of rice, 50 tonnes of corn, 50 tonnes of wheat. The total number of vehicles were about 300, and they had 20 tonnes of fuel allocated.

By eliminating the forces of Bo-er Zi, Yue Zhong had also obtained an additional 1000 rifles, 30,000 rounds of ammunitions, allowing for every single person in his group to wield a gun each.

When they were done clearing the place up, Yue Zhong immediately gave the order for everyone to continue moving.

The news of the 1,000-strong force being wiped out would not escape the Huangjin Clan for long, Yue Zhong had to escape as quickly as possible. Right now, his strength was enough to wipe out a force of 1,000 with no problems, but if the Huangjin Clan sent all of their forces, he could not guarantee victory.

The fact that the Huangjin Clan could sit at the top of the food chain out here in the plains represented their strength, and the might of their troops. Yue Zhong was not blindly arrogant to think he could fight them head on with a bunch of a hundred soldiers.

Across the snow-white plains, 900 people left the desolate base, as they continued on in the harsh weather.

“Halt!! Hand over your weapons and rations, and you can cross. Otherwise, we’ll kill without mercy!” Just as Yue Zhong’s group was proceeding, an overbearing shout resounded from a distance.

A burly man with thick eyebrows and coarse skin appeared, riding a Black Stallion, with a large Bronze Bow slung across his back. He was backed by a few other equally burly men riding other Black Stallions, and they approached with rising killing intent.

They were just about to launch an assault, when Bai Xiao Sheng and his elites swiftly readied their weapons, and aimed at the approaching offenders, their own killing intent billowing out.

“Experts!! Shit, we’ve kicked an iron plate.” The burly leader saw the numerous guns trained on him and his men, and a dangerous feeling rose up in his heart.

Yue Zhong eyed them and spoke coldly: “Who are you people?”

The burly man immediately cupped his fists and said: “This brother! I am Divine Arrow Li Guang! I’ve eyes but did not recognize Mt. Tai, and have offended you. Please pardon my ignorance! I’ll lead my men away.”

When Xiao Li heard him, his face changed and quickly went up to inform Yue Zhong: “Divine Arrow Li Guang!! Leader, he is one of the famous bandits around these parts! His archery is truly something else! The rumors are that he had killed a Type 2 Mutant Beast with a single arrow once. All his brother are also powerful Enhancers in their own right, and their combat prowess is strong. They have wiped out a 100-man troop of the Huangjin Clan before.”

As Li Guang heard Xiao Li’s recount, his face revealed a smug expression.

“Oh! Li Guang, I’m in need of talents. You’ve come at the right time. Stay with me and work for me, as for the matters today, I won’t pursue them. If you aren’t willing, this time next year, will be the death anniversary for you and your brothers.”

Yue Zhong chuckled lightly, and pulled out his Stinger, swiftly firing three shots.

The 3 rounds zipped past 3 of the experts by Li Guang’s side, barely missing their hair.

His speed was too terrifying, and before the 3 of them could even react, the bullets had already soared past them. Only Li Guang could forcefully make out Yue Zhong’s movements.

When the gunshots died down, the 3 of them felt their backs drenched in cold sweat, their countenances pale. If Yue Zhong had aimed for their heads earlier, they would truly have died.

“What do you think?” Yue Zhong’s words were like a hammer that slammed into Li Guang’s heart.

He hesitated for a while, looking at those soldiers pointing the guns at him and his brothers, and came down from his horse, kneeling before Yue Zhong. “Li Guang is willing to serve Leader!”

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